Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Cardio Echogram

I think all Winnipegers are getting tired of this weather, I heard -37 with the wind. I just know it is COLD out there.It is the sort of day I would prefer to be just hunkered down at home wrapped in a blanket or something. Was not to be the case. I had a scheduled appointment at St. Boniface Hospital for an echo cardiogram of my heart. With my recent heart attack the timing of this appointment was excellent. Actually, this test had been scheduled by the Heart Failure Clinic prior to my heart attack but the timing is perfect. A cardiologist will be reading the results of the test today and will forward them to my doctors.

I wish to thank the 2 M’s, Maryanne and Margaret. Maryanne for kindly phoning me (memory guy) yesterday to remind me of the appointment and Margaret for cheerfully greeting me on my arrival.

Plus, a big thank you to Kerry the young lady that actually did the test. It is an ultra sound of the heart. Again I was in a position in which I could see the monitor she was watching, all very interesting. Kerry was very professional and was kind enough to take the time to answer some of my questions about what I was seeing on the monitor. It is interesting seeing your own heart beating away. Kerry, I thank you for your professionalism, balanced with a kind, sweet manner.

Let me tell you this heart business can be pretty tough on a guy, just imagine being “stuck” in a room for about 1/2 hour with nothing to do but look at a pretty lady as she did her work. I may have said this before but I am a lucky man.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Cardio Echogram

  1. Mel says:

    Oh, you poor thing…….stuck in a room for 1/2 an hour with a pretty woman to watch.
    What a miserable time.. 😉

    Sounds to me like you were well taken care of–and for THAT…..I’m beyond grateful.


    Ah, what can I say. THere are some thing is life you just have to endure. LOL

    Ya poor thing! LOL

  2. clary says:

    Glad to hear you look for the positive in what you go through, with that attitude you will get far.

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