I Fooled Santa

December 28, 2013

When Santa was checking his naughty and nice list. He either wasn’t watching me that closely or cut me a lot of slack. It has been wonderful. My entire family was here. Both of my daughter and hubbies, PLUS all three of my beautiful little grand daughters, my little princess. What more could I possibly have asked for.

Received some wonderful gifts no doubt about that and I do thank all.

Now though there were in fact 6 very special gifts that I admit in my heart rose above the others, each in turn just melted my heart. Each of the girls presented me with 2 Christmas tree ornaments. The first one was one of the plain glass ball type ornaments. Each was personalized as they each decorated there own with paint and glitter. They are beautiful each in their own way. They will remain among my most treasure possessions.

Now I can’t remember exactly how this started. About a week ago I was Face Timing with Billie, Sage and Emery. It must have come up that that when mummy (Billie) and Auntie Shauna were young I often allowed them to put polish on my nails. Well the girls were all over that, excited about putting nail polish on Grandpa. The day arrived any yes my nails had polish put on them. To be fair 8 year old Sage and 5 year old Emery alternated fingers. The finished product looked so good I had to have a picture. I had planned on even posting it here. Computer guy here can’t figure out how to do it.
You have to know the hug stealing game was was on. According to the official score keepers I am sure I lost the game, I came away such a big winner. Life is good


December 25, 2013

To all I wish a very Merry Christmas. Please remember the true meaning of this day. Use it as a time to appreciate what we have. Use it as a time to reflect back on the wonders of Christmas’s past.

My wish for all is for both today and throughout the New Year ahead:

“May the very best day in your past be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future”

Merry Christmas

Vi and Bill

Christmas Cheer/Stress

December 22, 2013

Now this may be just the way I see things going on around me and I could be wrong. It is just that it seems to me the Christmas season is becoming more and more frantic, more and more stressful. I am not trying to say this applies to all but to most to some degree at least.

I have even heard a few comments along the line of “I just can’t wait to get it over with”. I hear that and just think how sad is that. For many it seems the holiday spirit, the loving joy associated with this time of the year has been replaced by the stress, the worry about buying just the right gifts and fighting through the massive crowds at the malls. For some they will be hosting a joyous, loving family gathering. Wow, then there is the added pressure of all the cooking, the pressure of making the meal the perfect Christmas feast.

For so many the days, weeks or even months leading up to Christmas become such a frantic “panic”, we are to exhausted to even enjoy and appreciate the time. The big day comes and in the blink of an eye it is gone for another year. No wonder some are left wondering was it all even worth all the effort?
My simple thought is NO, it is not worth the stress, the effort and particularly the expense we put ourselves through.
First off we are missing the whole point of the season. It is to celebrate a special birth, that is a big deal to me and I will be writing about that. But, that is not the purpose of this post.
I am thinking of the gift giving. There are times when the best gift is a no brainer but usually not. Now suppose you knew a spouse a sibling or really anyone was stressed, exhausted out searching for that perfect gift for you. What are you likely to tell that person: “relax, don’t sweat it, anything is fine.” Do you think they may feel the same way about you getting all stress.
I could ramble on here forever but need my nap

Funeral/memorial Service

December 22, 2013

Several months ago I wrote of the passing of my dear cousin Joe. For very understandable family reasons his Memorial service was delayed until this past Friday. Physical distance prevented us from attending. Speaking to other family I am told it was a beautiful memorial befitting the man Joe was.

I ask for prayers please for the family as they head into this first Christmas without him. Personally, I believe that while he now resides in Heaven, there is someway in which his Spirit will be with the family. Knowing Joe, even while in Heavenly form, he will be beside himself trying to provide comfort and support.

Merry Christmas Joe, you are so missed

Being a grandpa is wonderful

December 16, 2013

I really can’t speak highly enough of the wonders of being a grandpa. They just bring such joy to the heart. i had been talking to my daughter Shauna now as it turned out last weekend they were having a Church Christmas party. Now somewhere in that conversation it came up that possibly granny Vi and grandpa could come for the weekend and babysit young Princess Malieka. We were all over that like white on rice. Took a little rescheduling, Vi’s doctors appointment on Monday but we were off. Normally, I am not a big fan of being out on the highway when temps are in the -30’s and 40’s but there are times when you just have to do what you have to do. This was one of them. A chance to spend time with the little princess takes president over all. We were so happy and excited about the idea, Nothing was getting in our way. Had a great time with Shauna and Jake. I won’t tell them but it was the little Princess that stole the show.

The skin on her cheeks and forehead may have even been worn a little thin from all the kisses. There was a lot of hugging going on. She is a little to young to understand the hug stealing game, hey that doesn’t stop us.

Shauna and Jake, thank you for the wonderful hospitality and for sharing time with the little Princess

My Birthday

December 14, 2013

Well another birthday has come and gone. I am sure it was a wonderful day, I slept through most of it. Morning nap, long afternoon nap and then early to bed. The parts of the day I saw were really good. Lynelle (stepdaughter) came in with Sadie and Seth. Having young kids around just brightens any occasion.

The kids and I have a hug stealing game going on. Catch the other off guard and steal a hug. Poppa here likes this game. I feel like a winner no matter which way the “stealing” goes. Any game has to have rules. Ours are simple. Hugs can be stolen at any time except if you are in your bedroom, the bathroom or at the table eating. Score keeping, keeping track of who has stolen the most hugs, is left in their hands. How those records are calculated can sometimes be a little mystifying, to the point it is a fore drawn conclusion that based on their reported scores I am destined to loose badly. With all those hugs going on I can’t help but feel the winner

It’s my birthday – looking for gifts

December 13, 2013

Here it is my birthday. I never imagined or saw myself reaching this milestone. It is but by the grace of God that I am still here. I don’t have the words to express my feelings of gratitude. I am here with a reasonable quality of life, enjoying life and appreciating every moment of it. Doctors have but written me off so many times I can’t help but feel the Hand of God must be at play here. For which I daily say a prayer of thanks.

it is 10 years ago, I got the words: “two years if I was lucky” and here I am. I am a very strong believer in the power of prayer. Over this blogging time prayers have been for me all over the world. I do thank all for each and every prayer, it has and still does mean a lot to me. I know those prayers were /are heard.

As has become what I suppose you could call my birthday tradition here on the blog I have flat out asked for gifts to help me celebrate. Here I am at it again.

What gifts am I looking for. Random acts of kindness. The size of the act doesn’t matter, for whom it is done doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we take but a few minutes, even a few seconds out of our day to do a random act of kindness for another. The only thing that matters is that it comes from the goodness, the loving kindness contained within our hearts. We are not looking for any sort of recognition or reward.

Should our act be noticed we accept no reward or compensation other than we request it be passed on.

it is my hope many will leave comments for me here, telling me of what you did. It will not be seem as bragging, boastful or any such but instead more as encouragement for others to join in. Share ideas of even the smallest things that can be done. Who is to know what we see as a insignificant act may have a much larger impact on the receiver of our act than we can image. Please

Canadian’s Hearty or Crazy

December 10, 2013

Just watching the news. Yesterday, the temp. here in Winnipeg factoring in the wind was a balmy -43. Temperatures like that are a little brisk. No, temperatures like that are damn cold.

the news story I just watched was on how, us Winnipegers don’t let anything get in the way of us enjoying the outdoors. The news article showed clips of families out and about going for walks. Kids playing in the snow………

I am obviously not in the hearty Canadian category. We are hiding in the house.

To visit the dying

December 7, 2013

I often see comments left by those struggling with the idea of visiting a terminally ill person. It may be struggling with the thought of going or looking for suggestions on what to say during such a visit.

I have said many times I am not a doctor, nor therapist, I am just sharing my thoughts from my own experience and my thoughts which most certainly not apply to everyone. Every situation is unique as every individual is. These are my thoughts as they apply to me.

Firstly, should you call/visit. My answer to that would be a big YES. Geography may make a visit impossible but I think it is fair to assume most have access to a telephone.  Recently I have written of the sad passing of my cousin Joe. I spoke to his wife Ev, she spoke of how the telephone was constantly ringing off the hook. She said it was wonderful as it showed how much people cared. I think that is wonderful of all that are showing that caring.

From that I am going to take it one step further. If calling or visiting can show how much you care. Could not the same be felt if you do not call. Now I know I am over simplifying and maybe over stating it, or am I. Calling shows how much you care, not calling shows how much you care. A terminal patient is aware you know of their condition. If they don’t even get a call, what are they left to think?  Do you think they could get the impression they are not important enough to you to even warrant a simple phone call. Now think about that. Yeah, yeah, I know hundreds of excuses will instantly pop to mind. Try to think of it from the patients point of view.

What to say or talk about. For me that is easy. I am still the same person I was before the doctors came up with their prognosis. My likes and dislikes are the same, I enjoy the same things. Talk as we “normally” would. Reminiscing is always good, take a trip down memory lane. If you want to ask about my health, go ahead and I will answer your questions. I live and breathe all of that on a daily basis. A pleasant distraction is much more appreciated

Please, help me celebrate my birthday

December 3, 2013

Wow, somehow time has really slipped away on me. This past month seemed to just blur past almost in the blink of an eye. I realize it is less than 2 weeks until my birthday. I will be 61. I just don’t have the words, no one myself included really thought I would reach this point. But, here I am and I want to celebrate and I am flat out asking all my blogging friends, an that may read this to help me make it special. How can you help me make it a special day. That answer is easy, send me gifts. What kind of gifts you may ask? The very same gifts I have asked for, each and ever birthday since I first started the blog, RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS.

Now just to clarify one point as we start. Each year as I have made this request, I have received requests for my home address. People thinking of sending me things. I have always declined such requests in what I hope was a sensitive and tactful way.  No where on the blog have I ever revealed my home address other than I live in Winnipeg. That being for the very reason I am not seeking any material gifts for myself.

i am asking for all to perform random acts of kindness. I know everyone already does thiS countless times each day. I am asking that one more be done.
These random acts of kindness, the size of the act or for whom it is done, does not matter.
All that matters is that from the love and kindness contained within our hearts we did something to help or make the lives of another better or easier even if it is by just the slightest little bit.
It is each us taking that little extra step just because we can. It is the little extra bit that makes the difference.
The random part means it can’t be something we are expected to do. Nor can it be something for which we expect recognition or reward. If by chance someone does try to reward our act, we kindly decline. Instead just ask that it be passed on in some way.
I just noticed my birthday, Dec. 13th. Happens to fall on a Friday this year. Some may even at least partially think, Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. Let’s turn that thinking around for this year and make it a day that is just even a little bit better for someone, anyone.
I could go on and on about the wonders of giving and I will be in upcoming posts. For today I have rambled long enough, my pillow is loudly calling my name