Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Cardiologist and Neurogist

September 18, 2014

Been a busy week with doctors appointments.

Good news with the neurologist. Had an MRI done on my hear about a month ago. Got the results on Monday. Well the tumour is still there but hasn’t grown which is good. Way back about 14 or 15 years ago, they believe the tumour triggered epilepsy. I was having seizures until they put me on Dilantin. I have been seizure free for 11 or 12 years. They are considering trying to reduce the medication level. Great if it works.

Cardiologist, not quite so good. Heart is still in A Fib. Very irregular beat and still in the 120’s while at rest. They are planning a different procedure to shock the heart back into rhythm. Use the defibrillator paddles. A good jolt could shock it back to normal.

Feeling fine just very tired with very low level constant chest discomfort

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Thank you Trent

September 10, 2014

New medication seems to having some affect.  Chest discomfort has gone from constant to often. Heart still thinks I am running in a marathon, beating fast and crazy. But, I am feeling better. Back to see the doctor next Tuesday.
Have to keep busy so “I” have taken on a new project, building raised flower gardens across the front of the house. There is some digging and a lot of hard work with heavy lifting. “I” am doing a very good job and it will look very good when finished. That is my story and I am sticking to it.
Now my nephew Trent may see things a little differently. His story may well be a little different. He may actually claim he is doing all the work while I in fact just sit there giving instructions.. We all know there are always two sides to every story.
Trent you are a good man, doing a great job and we are so appreciative.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pacemaker?

September 6, 2014

Had another appointment at the Heart Failure Clinic. I really have to commend and thank everyone there. All are so professional, so friendly and encouraging. A really nice group of people. I was going to joke that it is almost worth having this heart failure issue just to be able to visit with them. But, naw as nice as they are I would still much rather not be going there.
Medication hasn’t worked and dosage has been again increased. Heart rate still seems to think I am running hard all the time. There is almost constant chest discomfort but a manageable level.
Overall feeling pretty good. Getting my mindset back in line and that feels good. How many times have I stressed the importance of mindset and a positive attitude. I allowed that to falter but am getting it back.
For the first time a pacemaker was mentioned as a possibility. That will do nothing about the overall heart failure issues but help with this additional discomfort and most importantly reduce risk of a stroke.
It is a good day.
Still waiting on word about Vi’s surgery. Her pain is getting worse with physical limitations increasing. Based on pain level she is much worse off than I am. I hope and prayer her surgery will be soon.