Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Happy Halloween

October 31, 2009

I love halloween. It is such an exciting time for the young ones. I enjoy going to the door, seeing the various costumes and handing out the treats.

I pray it is a fun filled, happy and safe time for all.

Well tomorrow is my big day. It is the 6th anniversary of the date the doctor told me I might have 2 years left and that was if I was lucky. Now that is a big reason for me to be celebrating.

Another reason to celebrate is I realize it is just over 3 years that I have been poking away here, sharing my rambling on this blog. A third anniversary, another reason to celebrate.

Plus, I see we are zooming in on 220,000 hits. Yikes more than I ever imagined that would be possible.

I do hope many will be joining me as I celebrate my life. It is my hope that as you join me you will be seeing it as a time to celebrate your own life. Life should be celebrated every day is a gift not a given.

Let’s please celebrate the wonders of our own lifes by going out and specifically performing one extra act of kindness. For whom the act is performed doesn’t matter, what the act is, how big or small it is doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we do something that comes straight from the heart a gesture of love and good will towards another.

As I think of celebrating the wonder experience this past 3 years of blogging has been. It gives me one of those reality checks I seem go get or maybe need every once in a while. I know I have written about my memory, it sucks and seems to be getting worse. I am embarrassed to say I even look at the contact list in my email and there are many name I just can’t remember. I know there have been so very many special times here and I also know so many I have forgotten. If you have any special memories please share them with me.

My tomorrows post I hope to have up later this evening. I will be on line from 9:45 until noon my time. I am not sure if it will work with time delays etc. but I hope we can celebrate together even if we are thousands of mile apart.

At exactly 10:00am I will be saying my prayer of thanks and drinking a toast to the well being of all.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirits from the after life??

October 28, 2009

This is a little bit of a different post. Some very unusual things have happened since we began the kitchen reno.

I have written of how “I” undertook the task of demolishing and removing the existing cabinets and counter to prepare for the new. I put “I” in quotations as I did have a “little” help.

The existing cabinet were beautifully hand made by a real craftsman. The work, the detail that went into them was far beyond anything you would get today. Hours and hours of pains taking labor went into the construction. The problem was they were worn and tired after 60 years of use. It was time to replace them.

As I began to take them down, strange things began to happen.

Because of the way they were constructed, it was impossible to take the cabinets down in sections it was a board by board process. As I approached the cabinets, hammer in hand to take down the very first board, I suddenly felt an extreme chill and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I could have sworn I heard the word NO coming from somewhere. I looked around and saw a near by window was partially open. I put it down to being a gust of wind coming in and carried on. Now I am not so sure.

It is now a day or two later. Ladders and I do not get along well together. My balance is way off and I have been known to take the super speedy way down from a ladder. I want to get up to kneel on the counter top to give me better and easier access to the cabinet. I had my left foot on the second rung of the ladder and was in the process of placing my right knee on the counter. As I am doing this, I felt a distinct tug on the back of my belt. Not a violent tug but one strong enough to throw off my balance and put me back on the floor. At the time again I just put the “tugging” on my belt as being my imagination and that it was my balance that put me down. Except:

Now first off I have to explain. I was wearing what I call my work jeans. They are a little big on me and I have to wear a belt. If I am not wearing the belt they tend to droop way more than I am comfortable with.

OK, when I came off the ladder, I realized I had put in my 5 minutes of work and was huffing and puffing like a steam engine. I needed a break to catch my breath. I decided to go out on the front step. As I get there though, I realize I have my droopy drawers thing going on. I think I just need to tighten the belt by one notch.

Now this is the strange part. I found my belt was completely unbuckled which explained the droopy drawers, how it got unbuckled I don’t know. Wearing these pants I would definitely have noticed this before. What was even stranger was the belt buckle itself. I am not sure what it is called but the tine, the little stick thing that sits on the top, goes through the hole in the leather and rest on the top of the metal part. It had reversed positions. It was not longer on the top of the buckle it was not underneath it. Try as I might I could not get it back to the top, I twisted it and did everything I could think of It would not go. Now if I can’t force it back into place when I have the belt off, how did it manage to change  position while I had the belt on????

Also, twice now the radio has turned itself on. Now it is just a plain radio, no fancy timers nothing like that. The first time it happened was in the middle of the night. I didn’t actually hear it, when I am asleep I don’t hear much of anything. It was loud enough that it woke Vi, who then went and turned it off. The next morning she was telling me about this and of how strange it was. Right then almost on cue the radio again came on and was quite loud. There was no one else in the house and the radio was in an entirely different room than the one in which we were sitting????

Things that make me go, huh.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Day to celebrate/appreciate life

October 27, 2009

Every day we life is a gift, not a given. It is something we should realize and appreciate everyday. The the human body, the human mind is such an intricate design it is beyond belief. It is so durable, so reliable we take it for granted. It is so durable, yet life can be so fragile and can be gone in a second.

Daily we hear of people killed in automobile accidents or in hundreds of bizarre or unexpected ways. When those people awoke those days, do you think anyone of them could have imagined what was instore for them that day? I some how don’t think so, instead I imagine they just took it for granted they were taking life for granted.

As we rush through our busy lives we take so very much for granted. what I think is the most sad of all is taking health and family for granted and we are all guilty of that. There are thousands of other things in our daily lives. I could go on with an almost endless list, but instead will give just one example that I hope will illustrate the point I am trying to make. If you are realing this you are on a computer. I am not even going to get into how amazing computers or this whole internet thing are. I am going right to the basic, you have electricity.  It is an essential to our lives, it heats our homes, lights our homes, allows us to cook our food……. We have it and take it for granted and not appreciate it for one of the gifts we have in our lives, we are the lucky ones, a large portion of the world’s population don’t heve what we take for granted.

Now, as I see it, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to appreciate the wonders in our lives. Now I am speaking only for myself here. For me in the past usually Thanksgiving was nothing more than a gathering of family and sometimes friends. Now that in itself is wonderful. As I think back I realize for me, it was more a party with family and again that is wonderful. But, the “thanks” part, the gratitude part was missing at least in my heart. Often someone would say a prayer giving thanks just before the big meal. Usually, even during that my thoughts were elsewhere, on the meal itself or things I had to or wanted to do while we were all together. Why did I have to hear the words, “you are dying” before my heart was seemingly able to be truly grateful or for my mind to appreciate all that is in my life.

I remember a few times when someone would call on us all to say something that we were grateful for on that day. I think most if not all responded with it being family and again I think that is wonderful. That was always my answer and I meant it. Why is it that so very often it seems that recognition and gratitude of family seems to only last for those few short moments?

In my ususal rambling way I have finally reached the main point I am trying to make in all of this.

I am a very lucky man and I know it. The Good Lord smiled down on me when He gave me the family I have and all the people I have in my life, that most certainly includes all of my dear blogging friends. I am so very grateful for and do appreciate eveyone and every thing. (even electricity).

Let’s for a moment assume you are aware of and do appreciate everything you do have in you life. Again, let’s take it back to the most basic thing of all. Everything I have talked about are things in your life, they are not your life. Have you ever given any thought of gratitude for the basic fact that there is life in your body. Without that spark of life, you simply would not be here to enjoy or appreciate all of the rest.

On a daily basis life is a gift not a given.It is the most wonderful gift of all for without it nothing else matters. Again, it took hearing the words, you are dying before I could come anywhere near realizing or appreciating that.

If we could somehow come to realize and appreciate the value of this wonderful gift, the gift of our own lives, would we live it differently?

The ideal is obviously to be able to appreciate life while in good health. Poor health cam make things so much more difficult but does not mean we have to stop living or appreciating life.  As long as there is a spark of life left in this body of mine, I will appreciate it and live it to the fullest.

Please help me celebrate our lives on November 1st.

Dying man’s Daily Journal – What it feels like to die

October 25, 2009

Here on the blog I can read the words that various people have typed into a search engine by which they have found me. So very often there are words searching for information on what it feels like to die. What the experience will be like, the passing from the physical to the Spiritual Worlds.

Now that is something none of us will ever know for sure until we actually do experience it. Obviously, I have never experienced it, but have come close several times. So close that well after the fact I learned later that the doctors had not thought I would make it.

My second heart attack was a big on that resulted in open heart surgery. It was a very cold evening in 11/94. Back in those days I was physically in good shape, was actually out power walking with my ex.. The heart attack put me down on the icy side walk, ironically right in front of a police station. Now it is not that you get to choose where you will have a heart attack. Now if you could, in front of a hospital would be first choice. Wouldn’ t you think though that being in front of a police station a pretty good spot in which you could get help. WRONG, I will get into that someday or maybe I already have, can’t remember.

Anyway, most of it I don’t remember as I suppose I was in and out of consciousness. I was on the ground for about 45 minutes. There is though an event that happen twice or maybe 3 times. I remember lying on the ground having chest pain, but my biggest issue was breathing, I couldn’t seem to get my breath. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye that all changed.

I was still lying on the sidewalk all the pain was gone, breathing wasn’t even a thought. A wonderfully peaceful, serene indescribable feeling came over me. Now I did not see any lights or tunnels or anything like that. Now my ex was kneeling over me. What I did see was her face seemingly start to float away into the distance. I remember hearing her screaming at me to breathe but her voice was sort of echoy of something. Almost like it was coming through a steel drum or something. When I heard her voice I focused more on her fading face and when I did that suddenly boom. Her face seemed to come flying back at me and with it back came the pain and difficulty breathing.

How do I explain that, well I really can’t. Was I teetering on the doorway that separates the physical and spiritual worlds? I don’t know this for sure, but I do believe I was. In discussing it with her later I learned that each time she had screamed at me to breath it was because I had stopped breathing.

With my usual reminder that I am not a doctor, nor a man of the clergy, I am just a man sharing his personal thoughts and beliefs.

What the dying experience will be like “according to Bill”.

As we approach our final days, hours, minutes will there be pain? That will be determined by the illness, disease or condition that has taken us to that point. Our physical body feels the pain of what ever disease or injury that has brought us to that point. Our physical bodies are merely that which “houses” our souls, our spirit during our time on this earth. We are spiritual beings and the very second our spirit leaves the physical “housing” all pain and suffer immediately ends. At this point we begin to experience the ultimate beautiful experience.

I believe there is a short “transition” period. It is during this time that people that have experience near death experience talk of floating through tunnels etc..  This short time I believe will be one of awe and wonderment.

I need a physical reference to enable me to visualize it in my mind. I see it almost a stepping through a doorway. A door way from one world to the next. The stepping through the door way is what I refer to as the transition period. The physical disease has led me to the open doorway. In my case it is my heart. I see myself standing in front of this open door. As I step forward, my first step puts my foot on the edge. Possible even just my toes extending to the other side. This is the time at which all physical pain will be gone and the journey begins. In this it is like I see myself moving in super slow motion as I take that step totally through. It may take a couple of minutes to get completely through. But, at this point time is irrelevant to me as I feel no pain just a wonderful feeling of peace and love. It is during this time that back in the physical world the doctors may be zapping my chest to restart the heart. I see this interference from the physical world as possibly disrupting an other wise beautiful experience. This is why I have signed a DNR.

PS. Please check out my Oct. 19th post, I am still looking for gifts.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Liquid diet – geesh

October 23, 2009

Saw my doctor yesterday. He seems to think I have some sort of “nasty intesinal thing” going on. Tests being done.

That part I can handle no problem. Where I may have a problem is he wants a clear liquid diet for the next week, geesh. Clear liquids only for a week, hmm.

That destroys a “vision” I had in my head. Over the weekend the fridge and stove will be moved out of the kitchen for the reno. Now this is hopefully only going to be for a few days. Now the refrigerator has to go somewhere.

This was my vision. Picture me in the bedroom lying relaxed on the bed. Refrigerator stocked with goodies right beside me, what could be better than that. Oh, what would be better, picture coffee pot on the other side of the bed.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am alive celebration thoughts

October 22, 2009

I hope everyone joins with me in my “blog” party idea. What could possibly be a better thing to celebrate than “I am Alive”. I want all when they read that to see the word “I” as refering to themselves. We join together to celebrate we are alive.

I have been wracking my brain cell. (pretty sure I must only have about 1 brain cell left) How do you actually have a party when your guests are scattered all around the world in I don’t know how many different time zones.

So far I have come up with the idea, if we can’t be together physically, we can at least do something together, at the same time. That being that we all join together at the same time to say a short prayer, thanking God for the very fact we are alive. Life is a gift, not a given. Then to drink a toast to the health, happiness and general well being of all of mankind.

I have asked for any other suggestions on what I could do. My dear blogging friend Martha had a great suggestion. Invite all to send a picture of themselves. It would personalize it much more if we knew what each other look like. My picture is already up, on my about page. Please give it some thought.

Here is another “Bill” idea. I am not sure if am able to see comments posted in real time or if there is a time lag. Like wise I am not sure if my reply to comments would appear instantly as I post them or if there is again that time lag.  I will commit to being on line from at least 9:45am until 12:00 noon. Using the comments can we turn the blog into a temporary “chat” room, I don’t know, but we can try.

Any other ideas?

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Why stress myself or others

October 21, 2009

For reasons only known to our Heavenly Father, I have been given some “extra” time on this earth. I am at least trying to use some of that time to grow as a person. I had better quickly add that when I say grow I am talking of spiritual and emotionally. I can just hear family and friends jumping in saying:”Bill” take a look at your waist line. Are you sure you want to keep growing?” It is a struggle but I use the keep trying approach to it. Keep trying, keep poking away at it and results will eventually begin to show. Spiritual growth is not easily measured without some sort of an event or happening against which I can gauge my response today over what it likely would have in the past. I had such an event a week or so ago.

I was in one of those big stores that sell everything you could possibly need for any sort of home improvement or renovation.

Now I should explain I have always had what I suppose is a fascination with numbers. Maybe better put would be to say I like doing straight forward math in my head. Sort of a hobby I suppose. It was like a challenge, as I am standing in the check out line, I mentally add up the purchase and try to calculate the sales tax. It was like a challenge to see how close I could come to the actual total cost. I did get to be pretty good at it. Well, I often still try to do that. lol. I find of late my accuracy level has dropped a “bit”.

OK, I am in the check out line at the store. I have done my math. The total I know is about $60.00 add the tax and I am thinking it will be something less than $70.00. I am surprised when the cashier tells me it is $112.00. My thought is geesh was I ever out on that one. With the way this head of mine works these days miscalculations do seem to be the order of the day. I pulled out my debit card and paid for the items but as I did I commented that the total caught me by surprise, much higher than I thought. Now to her credit, the cashier immediately checked my sales receipt, even before giving it to me.

Now this is where the sage begins. The very first item I am being charged for is a can of paint. That is fine, except I didn’t buy any paint. The guy infront of me in line had purchased 3 or 4 cans of paint. Here is what happened. The scanners at the check out are very sensitive. As this other guy was picking up his paint he must have accidentally moved the can in such a way that the scanner picked it up again and registered it as my first purchase.

I am thinking” “oh well, things happen, it is lucky I am still right here in the store.” The lady was so nice and so very apologetic as she explained that as the transaction had been completed there was nothing she could do at her register to correct it. I am thinking: “huh, I have to go over to the returned items desk. To get a refund, I have to “return” a can of paint I never purchase in the first place”. Hmm.

The cashier phoned over so the lady at the desk was expecting me as I arrive sales receipt in hand. She is also very nice and very apologetic for the mix up. The first thing she asks me is, how would I like to receive the  refund? Funds deposited back into my bank account or by way of an instore credit. I would like the money deposited back onto my bank account or cash. I really don’t want an instore credit for something I didn’t purchase in the first place. She understands that and sets to work and work she did. Many times she tried to process it at her computer, she tried at other computers, she got others involved. Nothing they could do seemed to work. It seems the computers at the return desk don’t recognize a sales receipt from a transaction that happened only minutes before.

As I think of it maybe it is some sort of safe guard built into the system. I suppose it could be a little suspicious someone returning something they purchase mere minutes before. I don’t know about that. In my case I wasn’t actually returning anything. I wanted a refund after being charged for something I hadn’t purchased to begin with.

Now, there was a day and not all that long ago that I would have been really fired up over a situation like this. “YOU KNOW I DIDN’T BUY THAT DAMN CAN OF PAINT YOU CHARGED ME FOR. I WANT MY MONEY BACK”. That was the old me.

How did I react. I felt sorry for the poor young lady at the return desk. She was doing her best, she was really trying. I knew it wasn’t her, it was the computer system that was denying my request. I also saw her as a young lady, at work doing her best to get through her day. I could see her glancing at me every once in a while, a little nervously, like she feared I might explode in anger over it all. Now, I think why would I get upset with her? She was just doing her job as best she could. She isn’t responsible for store policy or the manner in which to computers are set up. She is just there trying to do her job to get upset with her would have been both unfair and pointless.

Was I in the slightest upset, no. Did I question store policy, yes. In the grand scheme of things how important was it. I knew it would be sorted out so I would be out no money so why sweat it. I could see this lady was stressing over really nothing that was really all that important.

I thought really this doesn’t have to be such a big deal. At the time she was at a different desk working away. I called her over and told her not to worry about it. She had mentioned several times she could give me a hand written instore credit. I realized if this wasn’t worth getting myself stress over, why should I stress someone else over it.

I got the credit, I know I will be back there within a few days, so what is the big deal.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Never stop trying

October 20, 2009

I have another appointment to see my doctor on Thursday. It has been over 2 months now that I haven’t been feeling so spry with this flu like thing that seems to have gotten a hold of me.

Still poking away at the kitchen reno. Finding I am not actually able to go at it everyday as I had thought I would. It seems I need to take every second day to rest up. Today is a work day and I am just going to give it my all. It seems my work day is about 30 or 40 minutes spread out over the entire day. Today maybe I will try for 45 minutes, not that I actually time myself.

I realize “I” get a lot more work done on the weekends. I assure you, that it is merely coincidental that this is the time when my brother Eric, brother-in-law Henri and nephew Eric jr. arrived. Each one an Earth Angel, helping me so much, for which I thank you so much. I am a very lucky man.

It is when I tackle a physical challenge that I get a dose of my reality, of my diminished capacities. It is a hard thing to accept. This kitchen thing is a huge job, much more work involved than I realized going into it. I my mind realizes I am not as young or healthy as I once was but is having a hard time realizing what my limitations are. I suppose I saw the project and realized that in the pas, all of this is something I could have done myself in a couple of hard and heavy weekends. Now, surely what I could have done in a couple of weekends, I can still do in a month, slowly poking away at it a little each day. My reality now is I bit off way more than I could chew or handle. I thank God for my Earth Angels.

I was asked, “with your health why would you even consider taking on any physical task?”

Well there are two big reasons for that. One is the simple fact, I AM NOT DEAD YET!!! If I am not dead yet, I must be alive. As long as I am alive, I am going to keep trying. Trying to do what I can, where I can and when I can.

I have said this many times before. I do not believe God expects us to be perfect as we are only human. But He does expect us to keep trying . That is what I am doing in all areas of my life.

I caught about the last hour of the Rocky Balboa movie last night. I have seen it before I like those movies and watched it again. Hey, I am a guy and like that sort of movie.

For any that may not know Rocky is a boxer. I think there are 5 Rocky movies. I particulary like watching the fight scenes, I find them to be inspirational. How so may be asked? Well typically Rocky takes a terrible beating but no matter how bad the situation is or may seem, he just never gives up. He just keeps getting back on his feet and trying again and again. Usually, this pays off and he is triumphant.

Last night there were a couple of lines that really caught my attention. I give much credit to the writers.

Rocky, (Sylvester Stalone) is explaining to his son what I suppose would be his phylosophy on life. Hey I am memory guy so I am not sure if I am paraphrasing or just giving my take on what I remember him saying.

“To be a winner in life, it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit. Life is sometimes going to hit you hard. To be a winner in life what matters is how hard you can get hit and still keep moving forward.”

Just think about that and let me know what you think.

Dying man’s Daily Journal – Please gift me with random acts of kindness

October 19, 2009

So far for my anniversary celebration, I have asked people to join me in prayer, join me in a toast to everyone else and to change the world by making it a better place. Hey, I am a greedy guy, enough is never enough with me, I still want more.

Prior to the day, I am asking every one to perform a random act of kindness. I know everyone performs countless acts of kindness on a daily basis inspite of our hectic lives. Most such acts we just sort of stumble upon, perform and carry on without a second thought. This is wonderful.

What I am asking is for everyone to specifically look for and then perform just one more. For whom the act is performed doesn’t matter, the size of or even what the act is doesn’t matter, tha amount of time it may take doesn’t matter.

What matters most to me is that we carry in us an awareness of looking for opportunities to help another. Speaking for myself, I know I spent most of my life very self absorbed, so busy trying to get through my own day that I so often failed to even notice those around me. There is a wonderful world out there. We just need to see past our own little worlds to see this wonderful world around us. Contained withing the hearts of people all around the world is so much love, so much kindness, it is beyond anything we could measure. The love the kindness is there we just have to find a way to put it to use. Love and kindness are like renewable resources, the amount available is unending, we just need to put it to use.

At the top of this page is a row of titles, each of these represent a different page I have set up to accompany this the main blog. Please click on the one titled “spirit within me”.  here I ask people to put 5 minutes a week into their busy schedules. Now I don’t care how busy your life is if you honestly feel you can’t fit in 5 minutes a week you are fooling yourself.

Why am I asking for these acts of kindness? There are 2 reasons. The first is obvious. You have lighten the load, brightened the day of the one you have helped. To me, just as importantly or even more importantly you have helped yourself.

How have you helped yourself? The acts of kindness I am asking for are ones that come from the heart. No reward or recognition is expected or wanted and will even be declined if offered. We leave that situation with such a warm glow in our hearts. We leave it knowing, I just did something, not because I had to, not because it was expected of me. I did it just because I was there and I wanted to, I am a good person. This warm glow in your heart is the nicest feeling you can have. It actually grows and increases with each sucsessive act. I grow inside as a person as I come to realize I am a good person. Please give it a try.

Here we are I finally get to my last request.

Please join with me on November 1st. as I celebrate the very fact that I am alive. As I hope you are celebrating the fact that you are alive on that wonderful day.  Join me in saying a prayer for all of the human race, drinking a toast to the entire human race. I wrote more about this yesterday where you can check it out if you wish.

While you are here visting, please leave me a short comment telling me what your act of kindness was. It will not be seen as you seeking recognition for your act. I will instead be seen as a further act of kindness. A further act of kindness first to the whole world. Reading of what you did may spark and idea in someone else causing them to do the same thing or something similar. It may also lift the spirits of many causing them to realize, kindness is real, it does exist in this world. This world of ours is not just the doom and gloom we are generally bombarded with in the news. Good people are out there and I want to be one of them. I want to do my bit to make this world a kinder and better place.

Lastly, I ask that you leave me these comments for myself I realize it is selfish of me to ask for something for myself. I would consider reading these comments as an act of kindness. Just to let me know I am doing some good with all of this.

I do hope to see you all here on November 1st.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My celebration plans pt1

October 18, 2009

We are quickly approaching November 1st. a very special date in my mind.

A doctor told me I had 2 years left and that was if I was lucky. On Nov. 1st. it will be 6 years since I heard that and I want to have a party with you, my friends. You are scattered all over the world or I would invite you over to the house. So how do we have a party with people scattered so far and wide. So what can I do to bring us all together at the same time?

I have come up with an idea to bring us all together at the same time, even if it is only for a minute or two.

At exactly 10:00am my time, I am going to say a short prayer. A prayer to thank Our Heavenly Father for this wonderful gift of life. To say thank you for blessing me so very much, with the people, the friends that have come into my life. To say a thank you for all of the love, beauty, joy and kindness that there is in this world.

I am then going to raise a glass, saying a toast to every single being on this planet. The toast I will be saying is: “May the very best day in your past, be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future.”

OK, the glass I will be raising in the toast, will actually be a cup of coffee but it isn’t the beverage of choice that counts.

I hope every one will synchronize their times to match mine. If we all can’t be together maybe we can do this one thing together.

I went to google and tried to copy a map to post it showing the various time zones through out the world to help with the synchronizing of watches. BUT, being the high tech guy I am not, I couldn’t get it in a readable form. Maybe someone could help me with that. I am in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I hope many will join with me Hey, if you can’t do it at 10:00 my time, really anytime is fine, it is more the thought that counts than the actual timing.

I pray that all hearts will be filled with nothing but love and joy of live, even if only for those few minutes.

Hey, I am not finished yet. I am asking each and every person that may read this to go out and change the world. An impossible task many may immediately think. To that I reply: No it is not, it is quite easy in fact. Positive change can come in all sizes, forms and from the most unexpected places or ways. Many might think that to change the world, it would take a monumental task, bringing about world peace, finding a cure for cancer or something such as that. Now, for sure something like that would be wonderful.

I am just sitting here wondering. I wonder how many have the idea that to change the world would take a monumental feat far beyond my capacities and since I can’t do that, I am not even going to bother trying to do anything. Or, that anything I could do would be so small and insignificant that it wouldn’t matter or make any difference. I wonder.

I believe the Good Lord, sees us all as being human and therefore subject to all the normal weaknesses and frailties that come with being human. As such, He doesn’t expect us to be perfect. I believe He does expect us to keep trying to improve ourselves and the world around us, in what ever ways are available to us.

OK, what ways are available to us as just average people to make the world around us a better place. There are millions of ways. I realize I am rambling as I always do. To keep this shorter, I will give but one example to I hope get my point across. What if I recycled even just one glass jar. The glass is reused instead of sitting in a land fill site for a gazillion years. With that one small act did I make the world a better place, YES. By doing that did I make a huge difference, maybe not but I did make a difference.

Really, when we get right down to the bare bones of the matter, every single person on this planet is exactly that, a person. Race, color, faith, sex we are all people, none are any better, none are any worse, we are people.  Can this be something that could unite us all as people in which we are able to put aside other differences. As people we each can do our best to make this world a little bit better every day.

Geesh, I got on such a long winded ramble, I have tired myself right out, just as I was heading for the random acts of kindness. I will try to get that up later today or tomorrow.