I am setting this aside as a separate page. A page where we all can recognize and acknowledge the Earth Angels that are among us. I believe each and every one of us, in our time will be exactly that an Earth Angel to another. Literally every single person could at times be listed on this page.

Here though I want to recognize those few, and we all know the ones I am referring to. The ones that are always the first to offer assistance where needed no matter what the circumstances. Those that always go the extra mile to help out. Those that will just as quickly offer aide to a stranger as quickly as a friend. Those who’s hearts are so full of love and compassion for their fellow man, it seems to almost burst out of their being.

It seems in our world today, recognitions is only given to those that make one huge contribution. This is where I want to recognize the millions that just go about their days making their own small contributions towards making the world a better place for all. Our unsung heroes, that don’t even see themselves as doing anything special. But they are special and deserve to be recognized, it is the millions and millions of small acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in daily. Please tell me who it is you want to recognize.

18 Responses to Cheers/Salutes

  1. Henri says:

    Andre, Melany and Sandy of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (seven oaks) as well as the fifth floor unit 1 of Seven Oaks Hospital, are individuals within the health authority that have gone far above their job descriptions. Care and compassion are not prerequisits of the health care profession. However, these individuals made getting through each day a little easier. When Andre came to bathe and shave dad, he spoke to him in a way that made dad smile. Melany was so gentle in her tough job of wound management. Sandy, Sandy was always there in her position as manager. What ever we needed we usually got it that same day. And always with a determination that dad receive the best care possible.
    Unit 1 of Seven Oaks Hospital, professionals with a heart I seen every day that dad was there. When dad passed, they all came to say good bye. They all had tears and wonderful stories dad’s strength in suffering in silence.
    He is gone now, he touched so many lives.

  2. Melany Lowen says:

    I was my pleasure and privilege to care for Mr. Chevillard in his last months. The real heroes are his family members. Karen and Henri showed strength, love and devotion rarely witnessed by this nurse. It was wonderful to see a family taking such exemplary care of its patriarch Mr. Chevillard must have been a very wonderful father to have such wonderful children.

  3. Lily Myers says:

    Dear Bil-
    Today I was trying to leave a post on a website calling Caring Bridge. It’s a place where family can post daily updates on someone’s serious or terminal condition and family and friends can send messages. We have a client and friend who is dying of cancer and I stopped short of saying, “Have a Happy THanksgiving”. Although the whole family is devoutely faithful, and they (as we all do, have much to be thankful for, it just seemed inappropriate. Rufus is having extreme breathing difficulties and can’t hold down any food. So, I was looking for words to say that and went to the internet. It was then that I found your site. I couldn’t stop reading. I am at work and so that puts a damper on what/how much I can write. However, I had to let you know that you lhave left such a profound and indellible mark on how significant life, living, and who we are really is! You and Vi and your family are inmy prayers today. Never forget that God still does miracles/

    Dear Lily, welcome to the blog and thank you so much for your very kind comment. I am so sorry to hear of the difficult time being faced by Rufus and family, they are in my prayers. So often, it is so very difficult to find the appropriate words, that can express feelings in any given situation. Your loving heart and caring attitude will have been noticed and really appreciated by all. A loving caring heart shows through beyond any words.
    How ever you came across my site, I am glad you did. My attitude towards life has changed so much over the past several years. This change has been a wonderful thing for me to experience. It is my hope that by simply sharing my experiences, my thoughts and feelings maybe, just maybe someone may view their own lives in a more positive manner.
    I hope you will visit again and comment often.

  4. lwayswright says:

    On monday it will be one year since my mom passed away. She was and always will be the angel that was in my life that watched over me. I miss her every day. We are going to have a little get together to laugh and celebrate her life as a family monday evening. I have so many great memories of times with her laughing until we cried, and just being together as mother and daughter. My one hope is that I can have that same kind of relationship with my kids that I had with her!

  5. Pia says:

    Padre Salvatore Renna, a missionary in Brasil who passed away on April 8. I have often posted about him and his work at my blog. He is not just an angel, he’s a true saint and though I miss him dearly, I feel his presence by my side all the time now.

  6. Amy says:

    Dear Bill,
    I am sorry for what you and your family are going through and pray that God gives you the strength to face whatever troubles you have.
    I came on here looking for words to help my Uncle. I found out exactly 2 weeks ago tomorrow that he only has a few weeks to live. He has liver cancer.
    The day I found out, I cried, as he is the closest relative to be passing after my Grandparents. He is just a great Uncle and great person period.
    He was just given the news he was dying on that day, so I had to see him and wondered what I could get that might be of some little help.
    I stopped at a Walgreens because I know they have some inspirational books there.
    I picked up a few, skimmed through the pages and came across a book called “God’s Promises” by Max Lucado. He is an excellent inspirational author.
    Anyway, I’m going through the pages and came across one that said, “Saying Goodbye” It gave examples of people going off to war saying goodbye, people saying goodbye at airports and goodbyes before death. But on that page it asked Why does God give us Families if we just have to say goodbye? The answer –Because he knows that Eternity is so close that Goodbye really means I’ll see you tomorrow. I got goosebumps when I read that and that is what I picked up for him. It had a ribbon that I could mark that page for him too.
    I left the store and was crying but knew I had to try to get some composure if I was going to stop up at the hospital to see my Uncle.
    I got in the car and through tears, wrote these words to him.
    Dear Uncle Edmund,
    When I count life’s blessings I have always considered you one of them.
    I know that God has held your hand in your Journey through Life. I hope he now holds your hand a little tighter and, if needed, carries you in his arms to Heaven.
    Love always,
    PS If there are any lakes in Heaven I know where you’ll be.
    (One of his greatest loves is fishing, so I had to throw that in)

    I did fine up in the hospital and kept my composure. I did not give him the book until right before I left. My Aunt and him really liked it.

    I talked to my cousin today and she said
    he is going downhill fast. He has no control over going to the bathroom and he could at least do that 2 weeks ago.

    She said she is having a hard time saying goodbye, and that she knows she will regret it later if she doesn’t. I told her she didn’t have to use the word goodbye. She could
    just tell him she loves him and will someday see him in Heaven. It somehow doesn’t seem as harsh and it is true, God willing.

    I am going to bookmark this site and again I will pray for you and your family. God works in mysterious ways, just look at what you are able to do with this website and how many lives you are touching.
    God’s blessings to you,

    Dear Amy, I am so honored and touched that you would chose to share you story here. My heart goes out to you, your uncle and entire family.
    You are facing such a sorrowful time. I do indeed wish I had some words that could ease your pain and sorrow. It is obvious that you love your uncle, that he is a great man and will be missed in your life. One of my favorite sayings is “mourn not what you are loosing, but celebrate what you had.” Easy to say but so hard to do when in the midst of what you are going through.
    I am so glad you found the book that you did. I do hope you can find some comfort in the message it contains. Saying good bye to a dying loved one, isn’t really so much saying good bye as it is saying, “see you later”. Our physical life time when taken in perspective with all of eternity, does make the physical life seem like but the blind of an eye. You will see your uncle again, undoubtedly at one of the lakes in Heaven.
    The personal message you wrote to him is just beautiful. So well written with so much heart felt feeling contained within it. Your uncle is surrounded by God’s love and by Heavenly Angels just waiting to take him home when the Father decides the time is right.
    Everyone deals with a pending loss such as this in their own way. You in yours and your cousin in hers. I think that you are right when you say your cousin will regret it if she doesn’t say “see you later” to your uncle. But that is an individual choice.
    I am attaching a link to hospice. This is a site that has much helpful information to help all in a situation such as yours. Please check it out you may find some comfort in what they say.
    You, your uncle and entire family are in my prayers.
    I hope you don’t mind but I have already sent a personal email directly to you.

  7. Jo Hart says:

    Amy, many prayers to you and your family.
    What a very touching thing you did for your uncle. That would of be so hard, but what a beautiful way to say goodbye.

  8. Amy says:

    Thank you for your kind words. As you have found out, my Uncle passed away about 28 hours after I wrote the posting.
    Fortunately, he did not have a lot of pain but was uncomfortable. God was loving in that regard to spare him that.
    The family is doing well considering. I think so much was coming so fast that my Aunt hasn’t really had time to take it all in yet. With relatives coming, and doing so much for my Uncle and her own son who had recently had heart surgery, she was just plain busy.
    She told my father she hasn’t cried yet, I think because she is trying to stay strong for the whole family as she has now been passed the torch. I’m sure too that she was strong for him. She did tell him it was ok to go, that she would be fine. The family is very supportive. We will all make sure she stays active and busy. She only lives about 4 miles from me so I will see her as much as time allows.
    I am very sad, but being a Christian I have the Hope that Jesus has given us to be with him in Heaven.
    In the bible it says In Life and in Death we are the Lord’s. He is with us continuously. I just find that so amazing, that we belong to Him. I love the feeling of belonging don’t you?
    If you ever get the chance read the book 90 minutes in Heaven, it’s very interesting.
    Thank you Jo for your kindness and prayers. I’m happy for him, but sad he’s gone.

    Hi Amy, my most sincere condolences to your aunt, to you and entire family.
    I both respect and admire you for the strength you are showing through all of this. Your strong faith and beliefs are helping you much as mine are helping me. That is wonderful. There is no doubt what so ever that your uncle is in heaven, having the time of his life fishing at a spot unlike any he has ever seen before.
    Your aunt sounds to be a wonderful and very strong woman also. It must have been unbelievably hard for her to tell your uncle it was “OK for him to go”. Such a wonderful loving act. Everyone deals with their own grief in their own way as she will in her own way. Possibly, there is so much going on right now, all the family being there and all, that she is sort of operating almost like on auto pilot. I am so glad to hear the family is being so supportive. She may very well need support, though she may not even realize it. It is good that you are close by. Love each other, support each other, be there for each other. Try to remember that all grieve in their own personal way and give them room and time to do that.
    You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

  9. Amy Klinka says:

    Our first Xmas without my Uncle. There will be an emptiness in all of our hearts which will be filled by our many happy memories of my Uncle. That’s how he would have wanted it.
    To celebrate, love each other and to make the most of our time here. I hope all is ok with your family. I listened to the song by Aaron Schust My Saviour loves, My Saviour lives.

    I am not skilled to understand what God has willed what God has planned,
    I only know that his right hand stands one who is my Savior……

    It is such an awesome song. No matter what your point in life. It’s beautiful.

    That he who lives to be my king,
    once died to be my Savior,

    That he would leave his place on high,
    and come for sinful man to die……..

    Sums it all up…
    Christmas a time of Hope, the biggest gift we will ever receive. The promise of Heaven to those who believe in him.

    You have to get the Lyrics to that song.

    Thank you for your very kind thoughts, prayers, and words Bill.
    My Aunt is doing fine, most lonely at night, but believing my Uncle is in Heaven and
    she is putting all her faith and hope in God.
    Best wishes, and God’s Blessings to you and your family.
    Amy Klinka

  10. Ash says:

    Feel really heart-broken when I read what others in the world are going through. It seems unfair that just ‘cos someone is born in a different place, he/she doesn’t have equal opportunity as many others. What was his/her fault? Wish we could all live in a land where everyone could love each other.. everyone could be there for each other.. wonder what the future of the globe will be.. wonder what me being young today matters in the bigger scheme of things…wonder what me.. a dot within a globe..which is a dot in the cosmos.. which might be a dot within something else.. has to do…
    ahh..all of you are in my prayers.. keep me too.. i hope one day i will be “big” enough.. to talk about all this and people actually listen.. pray that i can do that…

  11. Paul says:

    Hi Bill, it was a pleasure to talk to you today, as I read your story, it reminds me of what’s the most important thing in life. I admire your strenght and determination, and I will share your story with the other Logitech agents at work, and with my wife.

    God Bless You.


    Logitech Agent

  12. Paul Bennett says:

    Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to let you know that I shared your website with a lady who’s husband is dying. She was looking for word’s of comfort for him, something to say at a difficult time, perhaps something inspirational. I told her about you and how this was an opportunity for him to blog or journal some important thoughts and messages. A chance to say things that you may not have time to say or be able to think of as that time approaches. Your journaling is important, an example of how to die bravely and with dignity and accomplish something that others may never have. I’m thankful, (for once) for the Internet, and that it provides you with a medium to express yourself and share with your family, friends, even strangers in a similar situation. God Bless you, I know that you go to a better place and that you will leave behind a powerful legacy in each and every word you write.

    Your virtual friend,

    Paul Bennett

    Hello Paul, welcome to the site and I do thank you so much for your very kind words. I would encourage your friend and her husband both to start writing, blogging about their experiences, thoughts, what ever. It has been the most wonderful experience of my life, with the exception of the birth of my daughters. If they, eiither or both should decide to blog, please let me know their site name. I will most certainly visit it.
    Please also let them know they are most welcome to visit this site and leave any comments or thoughts they should chose to. This site has grown past the point of being mine alone. Many share their stories, all are welcome in a totally loving and non judgemental way. I would welcome reading anything they may wish to share or anything they may even just wish to vent about.
    I am going to contact you directly by email. Just a very short note to give you my email address. You are welcome to pass it on to your friends and they may contact me directly should they wish.
    I am still off line awaiting the arrival of a new key board and pop over to my brothers ever 2nd or 3rd day to check for messages,as I am now. I would respond to them as quickly as I can.
    Thank you

  13. I would like to salute my mother, she doesn’t like to be made into a big deal but this woman is a hero, if it weren’t for her I doubt I’d be able to handle my own situation right now.
    At age 20 she fell sick, she had meningtis and was in a 3 month coma and woke up needing walking sticks.. She went on to have 3 kids and raised us very well, she spoiled us. When I was in high school she stopped using walking sticks and started using a wheelchair but that didn’t break her.

    Though my mother is sick she never complains, she didn’t even complain when she had to spend 6 months in hospital starting february this year.

    My brave mother finished her degree against all odds, watching her everyday shows me true bravery, I love her so much and I’m proud.

    She deserves a medal.

  14. Mr. Mike says:


    I happened apon your blog and just wanted you know that I admire your courage. Your life – your experience – is a true inspiration…

  15. dave says:

    Happy birthday Bill , I did my random act of kindness in tribute to you today !

    Thank you Dave. Would you consider sharing with us what it was you did. May help me with ideas for myself to do.

  16. I am very inspired by Bill and his story and his comment section. The readers are inspiring me as well. I had my real mom die when I was five and the positive thing about this is: I would not be the woman I am today without that blessing. 🙂 Bless you BILL and Bless All the readers. Check out my new blog if you want I am new to this: stayingpositive2010
    Jackie Paulson

  17. K says:

    Would you be willing to share more about your brain tumor with me? I too have a brain tumor. I have a slow growing begign tumor that is in a dangerous location. It would be helpful to just hear your story.

  18. Veteran says:

    Sorry to heard about your situation.You are in my thoughs. I too have a Meniginoma that was found by accident literally. I went down on a motorcycle and recieved a concussion. During the examination (CT scan) I was not only found to have two bleeds on my brain but a tumor at the base of my skull.
    It is truly amazing how God has allowed me to go through life doing crazy things that a lot of people didn’t make it through. I feel I have gotten a heads-up and time is limited, get ready.
    I am 61 year old retired helicopter pilot that has seen and done more things than most folks. I never gave a thought at the time just how close I was to my demise.
    I was your typical fast driving, acohol drinking,uncaring teenager that ended up in Vietnam hanging out a helicopter door as a crewchief door gunner. I thought at the time I was bullet proof one minute and the next, who cares if I ever come home. I couldn’t see living a normal life after that ordeal even though I had a wife and family that loved me and were praying for me everyday. I did come home and was able to cover up (I thought) all the horrors and thoughts of the war for 45 years. I ended up having many problems both health and mentally from that war. I continued my flying career and was finally grounded with numerous service connected disabilities. During that time I know I cheated death numerous times. I now realize it was not my time.
    The point that I am making is that I somehow realize now that God was not through with me and will only call me out of this life when I have done what he has put me here for. He has blessed me and giving me the opportunity to make things rights, if in fact, this is the beginning of the end. I hope that I can keep this thought even if the process is slow and painful. My hope is that it is a quick as it would have been by getting a bullet while I was hanging out that helicopter door in Vietnam. I know now that I am not bullet proof.

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