Dying Man’s Daily Journal – GOD’S WILL/my will

Feeling better and better everyday.  Some medications can cause side affects, usually I am not bothered very much by such. Had a new medication introduced into my daily system. One of the listed side affects if flu like symptomes. Well I either had that or a case of the flu that has lasted for 2 weeks. lol. I am thinking it is the side affects and my body is slowly becoming accustomed to the new drug.

I write often of how much I appreciate all the comments left hear for my on the blog, I read and cherish everyone. Occasionally, I get a comment in which someone doesn’t agree with all of my thoughts. I welcome these comments as they cause me to pause and think, which is always a good thing. What I share is all “According to Bill”. Now “Bill” has never claimed to be right on everything or really on much of anything. I will never again allow myself to be drawn into defending my thoughts as this is my blog and my thoughts are my thoughts, but I so welcome others to share theirs. Similarly, I will never try to put anyone on the spot by asking them to defend their position if shared. That is unless you are family. lol.

Many times I have written that I do believe our Heavenly Father has a plan in place for all of us. This is actually a topic I have pondered on, meditated on many times trying to come to an understanding of some sort that make some kind of sense in my own mind. I see seeking the truth, seeking answers is a life time quest of all. I also see that the answer or the truth may appear different to each and everyone of us, hence “Free Will”.

What do I believe or maybe better put what makes the most sense to me?

I believe each of us come into this world with lessons to learn, lessons to teach and missions to accomplish. It would be so much easier if we in fact knew what these were but we don’t, and don’t need to know. Just accept we are here for a reason.

In my mind, it makes perfect sense. Maybe it is the word plan that confused what I am trying to say. The word “plan” may seem as something more detailed than I mean. Maybe if I referred to it as a broad outline may clarify it. I do believe there are certain times when we are predestined to be at specific locations to interact with specific people to either learn or teach lessons in life. The condition we are in, be it physical condition, emotional, mental or spiritual is left up to us and our free will. We can learn life lessons from absolutely everyone as can they from us. We just need to have our hearts open to give and receive.

Someone may ask: “I am a physical, emotional, spiritual wreck what lessons could I possibly have to teach?” Specifics for anyone individual, well obviously, I do not know. I do know there indeed are things I can learn from every single individual on this planet, and that means you. Just as I know I have something I can share and teach. Every day as we interact with others, who knows what subtle little life lessons we are passing on. The recipient of our lesson may well not even realize it either, but it is lock away somewhere down in the sub conscious to be possibly drawn on at some point in the future.

God, is All Knowing. To me it is ridiculous to think there could ever be something I could say or do that would, “catch Him by surprise”. That applies to all of us. I believe according to the “plan” we will be placed in situations from time to time where we can indeed learn to become strong better people. This is where out individual free will comes into play. We will be placed into situations or encounter people from whom we can learn and grow as people. Here that choise becomes ours. We can learn and grow as spiritual beings or flounder and wallow.

I see it that, God, recognizes we are just human, with human weaknesses and shortcomings. He does not expect perfection but just for us to keep trying. Trying not to just get through life but to use this physical experience to grow as spiritual beings. He loves us and wants to help us to learn and grow just as any parent wants for their children. To help us, there comes the “plan”, in which we will continually be presented with growth opportunities. We are not presented with problems in life, we are presented with learning, growth opportunities.

For me, I am obviously a slow learner. Time and time again, I seem to be presented with the same type of leaning/growth opportunities. I will continue to plod away, utilizing my way as the right way.

What are your thoughts on this?

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – GOD’S WILL/my will

  1. Mel says:

    There are few things that I know for certain–but one of the few things I DO know is that we’re all G-d’s kiddos and we each have a right to be here.

    That said, I did a ‘G-d love ya!’ and backspaced to delete the discertation I launched into when there was a ‘challenge’ to what I’ve experienced and what I know to be true. LOL Might as WELL just tell the truth, huh?…Bust myself out and admit it–get it over with..LOL
    I am an opinionated gal with some things. But I DO know which battle to fight and when…..sometimes I just ignore it and do what I wanna anyway? *laughing* Go figure, eh?
    I don’t have to be ‘right’. I just have to know what’s true for me based on my experiences and based on my relationship with the Big Guy.
    We all grow at our own pace, learn our own lessons in our own time…
    Heck, some folks even get to have those ‘growth opportunites’ without PAIN associated with ’em (lucky people!!!).

    All that said, I’ll TRY to refrain from going into a discertation today! (any bets? LOL)

    I’m very clear I have free-will!
    (And LOTS OF IT.)
    And I do believe the Master has a Plan for my life. Thankfully, He ain’t done with me yet…I’m pretty convinced I’m on this planet cuz of His grace. Medical science can’t explain why I’m on this planet still……that’s not proof for me, but it does add to the ‘argument’. (not that I’m arguing!….I trust what I know…)

    I love G-d.

    It’s inarguable that He loves me.
    He’s G-d.
    That’s a given even if I tried like the dickens to discount that fact of G-d’s existance. I was more worried about me being ‘unloveable’ than I was about the power and glory and grace of G-d.

    What’s been arguable was my love for Him.

    Imagine being MADE to love someone.
    Is that how you’d want love?……cuz someone MADE you love ’em? No choice, no decision, no partcipation–just ordered and made that way? Just another widget on the assembly line of G-d…

    G-d passed on that idea, too.
    Cuz He’s G-d…and He’s smarter than me….LOL
    I’da taken it–less work on my part! (I can be lazy, I admit it!)

    Being a parent doesn’t guarantee the love of a child.
    And being a child doesn’t guarantee the love of a parent.
    If we say different, we’re not really being honest.

    Free will is a great thing, even though I curse it from time to time.
    I get to choose love.
    Or not…..

    The Master’s Plan?
    He’ll wait…but wouldn’t it be awesome for His kiddos to choose love–to KNOW everlasting love without conditions and without fail? To know THAT and be able to GIVE that?!
    Sometimes (for me!) it’s just about pulling up my big girl panties, seeing my part in it (or not!), getting over it and choosing to love anyway….when things don’t go my way, when LIFE happens, when human beings do what human beings will do….AND STILL CHOOSING LOVE.

    HOLY smokes!!!

    What an awesome plan….what an awesome thing to want for your kiddos to get and give and get again and again in their life.

    The Master’s Plan.
    Wanna know Peace and Contentedness and Serenity?
    There ya go!

    More than a wild guess–but I don’t expect some folks to rest knowing it’s that simple.
    I certainly didn’t.

    Chess piece in a game of ‘life’?

    Master’s Plan–definitely.

    (((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

    Go into your day knowing how deeply and fully His commitment is to loving YOU.

    (*laughing* I TRIED to keep it brief, really!!!!)

  2. psychscribe says:

    This is beautiful, Bill. I have no thoughts to add because you’ve said it all for me. Blessings.

    I thank you so much

  3. Cat says:

    “I do believe there are certain times when we are predestined to be at specific locations to interact with specific people to either learn or teach lessons in life. The condition we are in, be it physical condition, emotional, mental or spiritual is left up to us and our free will. We can learn life lessons from absolutely everyone as can they from us.”

    I absolutely agree. Sometimes even just a brief encounter with someone you’ve never met before and will never meet again can teach you a valuable lesson right at the moment when you needed it. I believe people often come into our lives just when we need them to and stay for as long as is necessary to share whatever it is we need to learn from them.

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