Long past due update

October 8, 2015

Hadn’t realized how long it has been since I have bee on the blog. Time seems to be just flying past. Not sure how I keep busy doing nothing. Napping most of the afternoon does speed the day by. I know I am napping to much as it is causing me to be up later in the evening.
It was a good summer, got to spend some time with both daughters and families. Love my little princesses.
By my standards it was too hot with high humidity far too many days. Breathing is much more difficult when it is like that.
Medically, not a lot has really changed. I am scheduled for another heart ablation on Oct. 23. That though is dependant on getting my blood work in line. I take warfarin to thin my blood, reduces risk of a stroke. For the ablation if blood is too thick greater risk of major stroke, too thin greater risk I’d bleeding out.
I am hoping they can go for it. Had an ablation in I think April, at the same time one of the heart meds was increased. Not sure which to credit or a combination of both as made things better. In one way nothing has changed in that I still have my episodes almost nightly. Light headed dizzy, wonkie head, falling, heart acting up. Improvement is everything while being the same the severity has lessened. I am more careful in getting up so yes I have fallen but I guess I am more prepared. If I fall now it is back on to the bed or back into the chair. Haven’t actually hit the floor in at least a couple of months.
The light foggy head thing is more frequent but also not as severe as times in the past.
Realizing more and more, this body of mine just doesn’t have the energy it once did. The constantly being tired, no energy, lethargic is getting to me. I am in God’s hands what better place could I be