Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Visiting

June 26, 2012

This seems to be a nice place to visit so full of kind, caring and loving people. it seems to have been so long since I last posted that it does almost feel as if I am visiting. I do thank all for all the kind and supportive comments left over the past bit, each and everyone does mean a lot to me. While I may not be posting I do check in to read the comments, again I thank all.

Health wise I am doing OK. Breathing is my biggest issue. Heat and/or humidity greatly reduce my mobility.Here in Winnipeg it seems like we have had about a month of rain, (humidity). The past few days the heat has been turned up outside. It is just way to hot for me. Hey, this really shows I am Canadian. One of our favorite pass times seems to be talking and complaining about the weather.

Vi is in Toronto for another week so I am living the wild bachelor life, kicking up my heels, lol. It is only in the past few days that her blood pressure has normalized, thank God for that. I actually suggested she get away for a while to let the new blood pressure medications get into her system and kick in. There are times when just getting away for even a few days, remove yourself from all the stressers in life can give you time to recharge your batteries. You can return and face them re-energized and hopefully a lower blood pressure as in her case.

Seeing her all stresses does affect me causing me to become stressed, I have to retreat to my mediation chair. As I know really there is nothing I can do about it other than try to be supportive. I do feel bad knowing that my health is a stresser for her. This last few months though she has been hitĀ  with a whole whack of things that have nothing to do with me. Prayers please.

I do hope to be getting back to the key board more often in the near future.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Life’s curve balls

June 14, 2012

Sorry to all my dear blogging friends. With my absenceĀ it was certainly not intended to cause concern or worry. I have written about travelling down the highway of life, sometimes the highway is smooth while other times it is a little bumpy. This past few months it has been really bumpy with curve balls seeming to come for everywhere. It is just one of those times that I know will pass and sort out, it is just while you are in the middle of it, it keeps you jumping.

Health wise I am doing OK, could be a lot better but then could be……..

I ask please for prayers for Vi, she is stressed to the max. Her blood pressure has risen to very dangerous levels (been in the hospital) and they are having trouble balancing the medications to get it right.

I ask please no one worry but prayers would sure be appreciated.