Thank you for the support

Well back at it. Realizing I need to give myself more of a push to keep life going. It seems somehow my days all blur together and just fly past. It seem human issues, health issues, lack of energy caused by both and a bit of plain old laziness has been keeping me down.
I have to push harder, well here I am. This is me pushing.
There seems so much I have to catch up on, especially responding to the beautiful heart felt comments.
My heart goes out to our dear blogging friend Mel with all the struggles faced by her and family. Been away for so long, being memory guy, can’t remember how to do the link thing. Will work on it.
Next few days will give update on health issues. Things pretty much following expected path. Bigger threat of a stroke scares the crap out of me. But will get into that.
Am planning a series of posts. A while back I was asked to write about what I have learned from this blogging experience. Simple answer is a lot. Far more than I expected or even dreamed of, such a wonderful experience.
Needing that push I am going to commit to at least weekly posts. As I get rolling who knows maybe more often.
I want to thank all my blogging friends. You have been wonderful your living support, your prayers have kept me going. Thank you


2 Responses to Thank you for the support

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Delighted to hear from you Bill! A belated Happy Easter. 😉

  2. hilarymb says:

    Well done Bill … it’s good to see you again … and it will certainly be very interesting getting to read your thoughts on the various issues … take care – all the best – Hilary

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