Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Poppa bear

August 27, 2010

It is amazing how fast the summer seems to have slipped by. We have been blessed to have just about non stop company. Wonderful, yes, but at the same time tiring. We have had a lot of very hot and humid days which do seem to suck the energy right out of me.

I had the occasion to learn of an area within myself that I do need to work on.  I guess it goes to the saying once a dad always a dad. Given the right set of circumstances an angry “poppa bear” can come to the surface.

I plan on being on the computer more regularly in the future. Part of what comes with family visits that include teenagers is reduced access to the computer. lol

I am doing well, feeling fine and thank all for the comments left.

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Visitors

August 11, 2010

This past few weeks has been wonderful but difficult all at the same time. Wonderful in that we have been blessed to have a lot of family visits, I really am such a lucky man. Difficult in that we have been experiencing a heat wave that is breaking all sorts of records.Over the next bit I am sure I will be writing of the individual visits. so far the visits have been from my family. Next week Vi’s family visitors start to arrive. We are looking forward to the arrival of 2 of Vi’s grandchildren along with her great grandson. Hey that makes me a  GREAT grandpa. Well, I already knew the great part (lol) it is just now everyone recognizes it (again lol)

The difficult part for me is in not being able to keep up with the physical activities, the outings and all that the family are going on. Now to be clear I am glad they are going on these outings. This is their vacation and I do want them to have a great time and not in anyway feel limited or held back by me and my limitations. Maybe I am just a little envious of their energy.

Having a great time.