Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My Niece

Yesterday was both a wonderful day and a tough day both at the same time.

Wonderful in that it was my daughter, Billie’s birthday. It was like I was able to somehow go back in time and relive the feelings of the time. The panic, the excitement and the ultimate feeling of love that came with that day. That was wonderful.

Yesterday afternoon I was bless by a visit from my niece Sara. We chatted the afternoon away, so nice. Sara, has an amazing maturity for some one so young. We often get into very deep thought provoking conversations. She is a young lady that has a lot of depth to her soul and to her thinking. In the middle of September Sara will be leaving us. She won a very prestigious scholarship to attend a university in Germany. I am very happy for her, but sad for the rest of us, her family as she will be gone for the entire school year and will be missed.

Here is a picture of my nephew Eric (jr), my brother Eric and niece Sara.

My nephew Eric has just taken on a new career as a forest fire fighter. I will definitely be writing more about him in the near future.


As I am typing this a thought has just popped into my head. In some ways, Sara leaving as she is could be an analogy for what I have expressed as my thoughts about dying. We are all happy about this big adventure Sara is going on, something she has always wanted. But we the ones left behind will be sad and mourn her absence. Huh, when you think of it that way, it is a pretty accurate comparable.

With all of this going on, how could it have been a tough day? When the humidity is high, in the past I have heard people speak of the air being thick. At the time i really couldn’t understand what they meant. Now I do. Here in Winnipeg, we have had so much rain over the past month. In fact there is a thunder storm going on right now.

With all of this moisture, when we have a warmer day the humidity get unreal. The air does become what feels like as thick, so difficult to breathe. If I go outside on a day like that and even just sitting down I am gasping and panting within a minute or two. Ah, what am I complaining about, it gives me an excuse to sit inside the nice air conditioned house and be lazy.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My Niece

  1. pradapixie says:

    It is so obvious how much you love all your family Bill, it’s a joy to read.
    And i think your analogy is really good.

    I was thinking about you ill you are and the thought came to me that have you prepared for someone to tell all of us. Cause although you might not be around i think your family would like to know how much people in blogland love you and would appreciate our tributes to you, and what you have meant to us.

    Sorry to be quite so in your face on this one , but one of the things i have to do is, have a living will ,for if something happens to me, then who who will tell my clients and what care will they get as a result.

  2. Simonne says:

    Lovely post Bill. The analogy is a good one and very thought provoking. What a wonderful family to be proud of that you have.
    Have a nice day in the cool house watching the storms.
    Much love,

  3. DJ Kirkby says:

    The bit you worte about the humidity brought back some memories. I have another blog where I wirte about my childhood as a ‘wild hippie child’ and one of those posts mentions the humidity. I described it a being similar to trying to breath through a wet towel.

  4. mel says:

    Wow…..what a proud uncle you must be. Dunno how you could be anything less.
    Congratulations to Sara, again! And to Eric and Eric.
    What a beautiful family.

    The humidity is high over here, too.
    87% this morning and climbing.

    It’ll make for some fantastic storms. (which I welcome, quite honestly) (inside the safety of my little air conditioned house on the corner…LOL)

    Stay cool, Bill!

  5. almeda says:


    Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My Niece | Dying mans daily journal

  6. uckimi says:

    Thinking of you, Bill, and your family.

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