Still here and apologize to my dear blogging friends

August 4, 2016

I have read the touching words of concern left by my dear blogging friends. I really should have been more considerate in posting updates.sorry for any worry I have caused.
Over all I am doing OK. Have been hospitalized a a few times but it was nothing the Good Lord, doctors and nurses were not able to deal with. I am such a lucky man, blessed in so very many ways. I really have come to realize how important it is to be able to recognize and truly appreciate the blessing we all have in our lives. We all have then but often but so often let our busy lives get so in the way, we don’t see those blessing, appreciate them and realize how lucky we are.if you get right down to it the simple act of being able to breath freely is a blessing.
It took a little time for me to realize at some subconscious level I was beginning to see myself as a dying man. I needed to change that. I am NOT a dying man. I am a living man, dealing with some medical issues.
I needed a break to get my head straightened out. That is still a work in progress.
Again sorry for any worry I have caused. Will do my best to keep all my dear friends better informed.
A big thank you to dear friend Samantha for giving me the pike I needed to get back up and moving, even returning here.