Dying Man’s Daily Journal – End violence against women and children

There is no way I can know if many of the readers of the blog limit themselves to just reading my post or if they also read all the wonderful comments left by so many others. I would certainly encourage all to read the comments left as they so often contain wisdom far beyond any that I can come up with. Please read them. Often I get behind in responding to comments but I so much appreciate every one and will respond, just be patient with me.

In the recent past I have done several posts on abuse and of how I detest any that inflict abuse of any sort on women and children. I say flat out to all males if you abuse in anyway a woman or a child you are not a man, I am actually not sure what you are but not a man. A comment I read this morning has me all wired up on this topic again. It is a comment from Henri, he says:

“Hi Bill and your readers.

There are a group of grandmothers walking from Vancouver to Ottawa. They are calling attention to the more than 3000 missing and murdered women & children in Canada.

Many of them have lost a loved one. I am asking if your readers pray for these walkers.
They left Vancouver, June 21 and are currently near the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. They will be passing through Winnipeg on the last day of the month.

One in Particular, you will meet. Her name is Gladys Radek. Her life is sadly, typical of most First Nations Women of her generation…Residential school, horrific abuse as a child, followed by years of self medication, culminating with the loss of her left leg above the knee. Her 21 year old niece is one of those missing. Gladys is clean and sober now. Strong and determined. I pray that she stays that way. And, that her and the other walkers are met along the way with people of like minds.

Violence against women and children does not recognize colour or socio-economic status. It affects us all…It must stop.”

Henri, I thank you for bringing this walk to my attention I was not aware of it.

I checked the distance out on map quest 2,721 miles. Grandmothers are walking almost 3,000 miles to bring attention to a tragic situation. I wonder how many young people would have the strength, will and determination to take on a walking trip like this. For myself I sadly admit that even back in my younger and healthy days I would never have been willing to take on such a challenge. I just can’t help but admire GRANDMOTHERS that are willing to do this. Ladies I tip my hat to you, I have nothing but admiration for you and what you are doing.

Henri is asking for prayers for these courageous walkers. My prayers are certainly going out and I ask please all to join with me in this. My prayers go out for the health, safety and well being of these couragous ladies but also that they are able to accomplish their goal in bringing attention to the plight of so many in our communities.

When I hear of what these grandmothers are doing i can’t help but feel a little embarrassed and even ashamed of myself as I think many of us should. It is so easy to talk about how something needs to be done about a situation. Let’s face it talk is cheap if that is all that is done. How many of us have the courage, the strength, the will to actually stand up and do something about it. It is so easy for me to sit here and spout off about how things must change, things must be made to be different. Yet sadly that is all we do, talk about it. These GRANDMOTHERS are taking it a step further and are doing something about it. What will they accomplish with their walk, I don’t know, a lot I hope. Largely, what ever they accomplish is up to each one of us. They are out there walking to bring attention to a tragic situation about which something must be done. They have and will continue to do their part, they have brought it to our attention. It is now up to each of us individually to do our part, not just talk the talk but start to walk the walk. What can we do as individuals? That I pose as a question to any that may read this.

I know on Monday morning I am going to be on the phone to all levels of Government. We are the people that elected them into office, they will listen if enough of us call. What else can we do? Suggestions please? I know what I am writing about is happening here in Canada, but I can only imagine the overall situation is not that different in other countries. Where ever you are please do your part.

To the grandmothers out there on the highway walking today and everyday, I so admire you. Henri says you will be in Winnipeg on July 31st. I will be out there somewhere to cheer you on.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – End violence against women and children

  1. Mel says:

    Wow……what an honourable thing to be a part of……and my hats off to Gladys who does herself proud!

    Thank you, Henri…..and thanks for giving us the information, Bill.
    I don’t know what I can do–but I’m sure willing to make some calls come Monday!

    Thanks Mel, every call will help

  2. Jo Hart says:

    My Prayers for all the Grandmothers out there. What a very admirable thing to do, in what is only tragic circumstances you are doing it for. I send you all the strength to continue on this journey.

    Jo, I thank you prayers and support are always appreciated.

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