Dying Man’s Daily Journal -Chat room update

A big thank you to our dear blogging friend, Mel. Our talking about the potential benefits of a dedicated chat room, prompted Mel to go on the search and she has located several sites. None though have a room specifically dedicated to the terminally ill. I sent an email site hosts and hopefully we can get the ball rolling.

Had planned a big post asking favourite things random acts of kindness,but I am just not feeling so spry. That will have to wait until tomorrow. I do though ask any that may read this to look to the top of this page just before the text begins. There spread across the page you will will see the titles of other pages I have created as part of the blog. Please check them out.

Please read the page titled “Spirit within Me”. consider joining my little club

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal -Chat room update

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill .. hope you’re feeling easier .. I have been over to your new page and I’ll be back to read more and explore other areas … congratulations on your efforts at achieving those dreams .. and offering a way to help others … there’s not many Meg’s in this world that we get a chance to find out about and appreciate the loneliness of the dying person … and your take on this and your open-heartedness will give many hope and an understanding if they wish to take it in … with thoughts – Hilary

  2. Mel says:

    ((((((( Bill )))))))))

    Rest when weary, eh? I hope you know how it touches people’s hearts, this ‘above and beyond’ willingness you extend to be available for others. And yes, I know it does your heart good, as well.

    While I might have done some nosing around (yes–I have the circumstances today to do that courtesy of a bit of a ‘mishap’ with ice…..oy…LOL) it’s you who’s doing the ‘work’ to bring it all together. If it’s what you discover isn’t doable–that’s okay. Back to the drawing board, I say! Discovering the lack of resources for ‘conversations’ for the terminally ill via this medium made me sad. You’d think more would be out there. But I suspect, because (as you oft say) death is such a ‘personal’ thing, that folks have either shied away from it–or it’s not been pushed out there or given a lot of attention–and simply hasn’t ‘survived’.
    You’d be saddened at the number of posts in forums I ran across that asked about ‘chat’ availability for the dying person. Saddened me to read the questions and the answers. Very few existed and the ones that were linked, were no longer active. Forums, yes. Chat rooms, no.

    And I’m looking forward to the upcoming post! As soon as you REST! :-/

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  3. Sally says:

    I am not sure where is the best place to leave this info. My husband died at 42 from a long illness. The booklet that helped him so much at the end of his life and helped me is “Hard Choices for Loving People” by Hank Dunn. Order one from amazon you will not be disappointed. The author has another book called “Light in the Shadow”. Please spread the word about these books they are very helpful. My best to you — thanks for sharing your journey!

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