Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Eye update.

Argh, avast me maties, it is pirate Bill. But,  I don’t get to wear the pirate mask until bed time when I am sleeping. At that time a plastic eye patch is taped over my eye to keep me from possibly rubbing my eye while asleep. Through the day it would be easier I think wearing a patch but they don’t want it so I don’t and just try to keep my right eye closed as much as possible.

This whole thing is really not much fun. No pain or anything like that just well kind of boring.

The doctor outlined 3 different procedures for re-attaching my retina to the eye. But apparently because of a tear in there only one was viable. Now this is as I understand it.

The retina is right behind the eyeball and can become detached in a variety of different ways. With needles inserted in the side of the eye the retina a repositioned. A gas bubble is then injected into the eye. The idea is to keep the eyeball expanded or almost like stretched out to make proper contact with the retina. Now here comes the tricky part. It was explained to me that the gas bubble is like a helium balloon in that it will always rise. Now for that gas bubble in my eye to rise towards the back of my eye, I must be lying face down.

This is the boring part. Picture yourself lying flat on your stomach, your head face down between 2 pillows. There is not a lot you can do.  Having to stay in that position all day long with only 5 or 10 minute breaks here and there makes for a long day. Have been told to continue doing that until next see the doctor which is next Friday a week from now.

There was more to the surgery, drain blood out of the eye and some jelly like stuff.

Still no vision but it will come.


9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Eye update.

  1. Patti says:

    OK Bill, this really sounds yucky. And, I totally understand your definition of BORING! Can you get some audio tapes while you’re going through this period of time?! I hope so! Either that or an extremely interesting conversationalist who will hook you up with some adventurous tales!!! Take care my friend. All will be well. Patti

  2. Betty says:

    Wow one more week of tummy time until you see the doctor……hopefully your recovery will allow more upright time after Friday. Thank you for using your break time to update us on how you are doing. Happy healing.

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. can’t say I’d fancy that – but needs must. Can quite believe it’s boring, to put it mildly, let alone cramp inducing etc .. Good luck for the next week and being a good patient … Hilary

  4. Lenore Diane says:

    Ugh. I like the idea someone suggested about audio tapes. Books on tape are still available. Though maybe the books are on CDs, now.
    May the tummy time pass quickly. Aargh!

  5. souldipper says:

    The human being is so capable of phenomenal feats. A few years ago, a woman who presents a growth program called “choices” asked me if I would give a sentence that depicted something about me. I said, “Discipline is the road to freedom”. The room fell silent. I felt alone, embarrassed and shy. Finally, she said, “I can now retire. I’ve found someone to facilitate this program.”

    I know you understand perfectly!

  6. lypenner says:

    Bill, the public library has tons of books on tape… or maybe put the TV on the floor facing up? Maybe Vi can take dictation as you dictate your blog posts! Well, however you spend your time this is what patience is all about as you deal with the curveball sent your way. I will pray for the air bubble to go where it needs to for healing to happen! And for patience as you wait. More grist for the blog!

  7. Priya says:

    I came here through Linda’s, very moved with the list of things people would want to have done differently in their lives.

    I hope the bubble has reached its destination, Bill. And I wish thee well.

  8. Mel says:


    .-) (pirately smile, dontchaknow)

    ON the tummy? ALL DAY LONG?
    Definitely dictate to Vi. LOL What an excellent idea! Audio books…..okay idea–but dictate to Vi!? *laughing* That could be great fun!!

    Definitely not fun to be face down ALL DAY LONG. Sheeeeesh. That sucks. But, if it does the job–good ’nuff.

    I’ll hoist the flag and salute you, sir.
    Notsomuch the plastic, taped on patch……I think ya got ripped off. LOL But you talk like a pirate, so it’s all good!

    ((((((((((((( Pirate Bill )))))))))))))))))

    I’m gonna be hopeful that bubble’s darn close if not arrived.

  9. rangewriter says:

    Jeez. I hope you had a good supply of books on tape laid in. Good luck healing.

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