Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Focus on big picture

Really haven’t been feeling to spry this past while. Seem to have this continuous chest cold thing going on. There are times when it is very obvious and it seems to clear up and I feel better, but never seem to totally get rid of it. Saw my doctor yesterday and talked about it. He says it is syptomatic of my over all condition and there is nothing that can be done. Now that really sucks but then over all when I think of what so many others face on a daily basis, the fact I have a chest cold seems pretty insignificant. Always have to keep reminding myself to look at the big picture and not on just what is happening now. Looking only at the now can give such a distorted picture.

I am still stuggling to find the words to thank everyone for the wonderful birthday gifts I was given here on the blog. Each so wonderful in its own way I am struggling to find individual responses so as not to just be repadative in what I say. I will get there.

***** Dear blogging friends, I ask for special prayers for a young lady who left me a comment from EU. It is in the comments on the about page. EU is 23 years old and is dying. Her understandable pain is so obvious in her message. I ask for prayers please and if you could add a supportive comment to her, I am sure it will be appreciated. Please and thank you*****


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Focus on big picture

  1. Laura says:

    Thoughts to all who are in pain–whether small or big, because for each of us, pain is pain, and as much as we try to consider others and their pain, ours still causes us to ache directly. Perhaps it is our ability to feel our own aches that we are able to find the compassion for others in pain.

  2. babychaos says:

    You know, I’d be pretty fed up if I had a cold all the time… Lots of BC sympathy coming your way!

    Take care you



  3. Ash says:

    Was just going through some 9/11 footage and had a concept of a possible film I could make in the future, you know, where a man stuck somewhere would be making calls to random people from his phonelist before death finally caught up with him. typed in stuff in google to see if the concept had been explored and there you go, your blog springs up.
    lots of love from India Bill… atleast you have this medium to talk to the world right? i wonder what people over the ages dying would have wanted to share… maybe their notes are in some dead corner of the world…
    anyway, take care.. you rock.
    p.s. what are your views on life after death etc… what do u think is the meaning of all this?

  4. Mel says:

    Well……if this is the whining corner, I’ll know where to sit my rearendus.

    One can get sick and tired of being sick and tired.
    (I know…..I personally arrive at that spot in my life.)

    The trick for me is, indulge….and then move on.
    Sometimes–I indulge just a bit too much and find myself ‘stuck in the muck like a duck……’.
    The good news is, I have people around me with big feet. LOL

    A good ol’ kick to the hindendus seems to work for me, sir.
    Thinkin’ you mighta just given me one.

    Now…..if I MOVE from the muck and mire—

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