Dying Man’s Daily Journal – One more prayer request.

Up extra early this morning. The choking sensation woke me. No big deal, a little scary when it is actually happening. So my nights sleep was cut a little short, I have the luxury or being able to nap when I want, I will be wanting today.

I am today asking for prayers from all. On Saturday, our dear friend Grant suffered a heart attack. Thankfully he seems to have been stabilized and is currently in the CCU of a nearby  hospital. He is today awaiting a battery of tests possibly including an angiogram. All that will provide the excellent doctors with the information they need to know how to proceed. The possibilities of how they may proceed covers the whole spectrum, from just sending him home with medications to open heart surgery. All will depend on test results today.

I ask for prayers please.

Grant’s wife Renee and grandson 2 year old Riley arrived last night and will be staying with us during Grant’s hospital stay. I ask for prayers again please for the entire family.

Grant is a good friend and as such word of his heart attack would normally be upsetting. Grant would be the typical last guy you would ever expect to have a heart attack, healthy, active…… I think back and realize that for years Grant’s job with the the Government kept him active and outdoors much of the time. I think it was about 2 years ago that Grant accepted a promotion and his work environment changed to an office setting and a management position. I don’t know and can’t comment on the stress levels that may be associated with this position. I assume there was stress as here we are 2 years later with Grant having a heart attack.

It was on Saturday night we learned of his heart attack and of him being flown by air ambulance from their home in The Pas to here in Winnipeg. As all of this happened on Saturday, we wouldn’t be able to visit him until Sunday, yesterday. There was no question I would be visiting him, but I found myself really uncomfortable about it even dreading it to a degree. I really couldn’t understand this and did a lot of soul searching. I realized my dread went even beyond Grant to facing some of my own little demons. I would be returning to the same large room in which I had literally almost died twice. It was conjuring up some bad memories and images in my mind. I dreaded the very thought of just going there.

But, last night, I put on my big boy pants and off I went with Renee. I certainly am glad I did. Firstly, it was so nice to see Grant and see that he seems to be doing as well as can be expected. For me it somehow went far beyond that.

It may have helped that the hospital has under gone renovations and the cardiac unit has been relocated, so I wasn’t actually in “the room”. I am not even sure what it was but something changed my thinking, and I am so glad. Suddenly somehow, I no longer saw the cardiac unit as the terrible place where I had almost died. I suddenly saw it as the wonderful place where I had survived the heart attacks and the open heart surgery. For a moment the doctors and nurses almost seemed to take on an Angelic glow. I am not sure what brought the change but I am very glad it happened, it was a wonderful feeling.

Prayers for Grant and family please.

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – One more prayer request.

  1. Dear Bill, I will pray for your friend. Love Nita

  2. Mel says:

    As will I, Bill.

    And I’m glad you pulled up those big boy pants and got to have a different experience.

    (((((((((( Bill )))))))))))

    It’s not always easy to do ‘the right thing’ but the payoff’s are way beyond comprehension.

  3. Bill, I have nominated you for a Thinking Blogger Award. xoxo Nita

  4. Jo Hart says:

    Many prayers to Grant, Renee and his family. I believe the angels walked with you into that hospital to give you the strength you needed. I don’t think I told you this, but a simular experience happened to my mum the night Terry died. She had gone 48 hours without a wink of sleep, Terry had been moved to the bed (as he loved his chair) and mum could not keep her eyes open. She had sent his wife for a sleep while she sat with Terry. She said that she was struggeling so hard to keep her eyes open and dozed off. She was not sure how long she had dozed for, but she said she awoke with this almighty shove off the chair. She said she actually felt herself as if someone was pushing her off it. She said from that moment, she did not feel any tiredness, Terry had woken and was in discomfort, and she went and sat behind him, holding him until he took his last breath. She believes that Grandma came that night and gave her her strength to get through the night. She says she could hear grandma saying, plenty of time to sleep later, I am here to help you. I believe that our angels and loved ones do give us the strength to do things that we think we can’t do. They will always walk by our sides. This is my belief and I love having the knowledge (my knowledge only not proven, except to myself) that we are always comforted at times of need.

  5. Jo Hart says:

    Hey only 4095 more hits and you’ve hit the big 100,000

  6. RubyShooZ says:

    Hiya Bill,

    Of course I’ll include Grant and his family in my prayers.

    I’m glad you got a chance to go and meet him. The end of your post you talk about going to that very room where you had been treated brought up some memories for me that struck me cold.

    What happened in my life is that I was going to marry this wonderful man named Bill and I came downstairs one morning to find him on the couch having suffered a heart attack. He was already dead I’m pretty sure but I called 911 and an ambulance came and the EMTs started working on him within minutes. He was rushed to the hospital and so I rushed there as well and they put me in a little waiting room for families while they worked on him.

    While I was there I had to make some calls to make arrangements about my children. They finally came in about an hour later and told me they had done everything they could for him but couldn’t save him. I went in and sobbed over his empty body for him and what we’d miissed and told him I loved him. Then I had to call his sister and brother-in-law and tell them. I had waited to call them because I had been clinging to hope.

    A few years later I’d married my present husband, Aaron and I got a call around midnight one night and they told me that Aaron had been shot and was in the hospital and could I please come. I went to the hospital and it was the same hospital, and Aaron was in the same rooom being worked on that Bill had been in. I had to go in there and this time, Aaron was alive. He’d been shot in the chest and had a collapsed lung and they were getting him ready to operate on him. He told me he was going to be okay. Then they put me in that same little room I’d had to wait in when Bill was being worked on. I called my mother and we made arrangements for the children and she was able to come and be with me.

    Aaron came out of the operation in critical condition, but alive.

    I just had to share that after what you said that sparked that memory. All I can say is I hope to never have to go to that hospital or those rooms again and that I am so grateful today that Aaron is healthy and alive.

    I hope that Grant comes through okay and I’m glad to hear that it was different for you when you went to visit. (I mean your feelings were different)

    Much peace today. ~ RS ~

  7. Bill Howdle says:

    Hi Nita, I thank you so much I am honored by your nomination

    Mel, I thank you. I am glad I experienced it as I did. It almost felt like a release of something.

    Hi Jo, I also believe our Angels are with us constantly. Not only our Angels but pre-deceased love ones watching over us and ready and willing to lend a hand when needed. I thank you for sharing your story of your mum’s experience. I am sure it was indeed your grandma there to give her the support she needed at that time.
    I noticed the number of hits, all I can say is I am amazed.

    Ruby, my friend you went through such a tragic time. I really can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must have been for you. It does clearly show the tremendous internal strength you have. I am so glad Aaron was alright. I thank you for sharing this deeply personal moment in your life. I hope and pray you are never again forced to be in those rooms again.

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