Dying Man’s Daily Journal – heart still whacky

Had the appointment at Heart Failure Clinic. New medication hasn’t worked as hoped. Explains why am not feeling any better. Dosage being increased. Being referred for a different type of procedure used to stop at atrial Fibrulation. Heart rate while at rest still in the 120’s. It speeds up, slows down with very irregular beat. Beat twice, miss one, beat 5 times miss 2, just can’t seem to decide what it wants to do.
This new procedure they are scheduling me for is different. I have never even heard of it. I am reading up on it and will post more about it. Cardiac ablation.
Our hearts as do our entire bodies are run by electrical impulses/messages sent by the brain, telling the particular organ what to do. The wiring in my heart is shorting out. This is an added wrinkle to the existing condition. Not dealing with this greatly increases chances of a stroke.
I will post more as I get a better understanding. But in a nut shell, they go in and actually destroy some of the healthy heart tissue. This being done to regulate the electrical impulses part of the heart, regulating the speed and regularity of the beat

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  1. M T McGuire says:

    Wow! you’re lucky to be offered this. My Mum and Dad both have similar things, Dad has affibrilation, Mum has a flutter. They’re the same kind of thing but different.

    So as I understand it, it’s like a stent op in the way they get in. They put a thing in your arm, it goes up to your heart and then they watch it being erratic and plot which sections of pacemaker cells are firing when. Basically, they then blast all the ones that are out of sync so that the ones that are left are all firing more or less at the same time. That solves the problem.

    God bless and all the best with it. 😉


    I am sorry to hear of the struggles your parents are going through. It is not a certainty I will get the procedure. I am being referred to that clinic. They will decide if I am am acceptable candidate. Although both cardiologists I have seen feel I will be. Thank you for the explanation. I will be getting more information today and then an in detail account once I am accepted. Have no idea about timing

  2. Cat says:

    Wow! I thought from your post that this sounded like a very scary procedure, but from M T McGuire’s comment it sounds like magic! I hope you will be able to have the procedure and that you’ll have excellent results, Bill!

    My older brother had a heart…. thing…. last month, just a week or two before his 50th birthday. He was returning to his office after lunch when he felt chest pain and had severe difficulty breathing. He was able to call 911 for himself and was admitted to the hospital. They didn’t classify it as a heart attack, but they did keep him in the hospital and do many tests over the next two days and finally did a heart catheterization where they discovered a 40-50% blockage of one artery. They opted not to place a stent and instead to manage it with medication. He was released from the hospital later that day and so far is doing well, just more tired than usual.

    Hi, you are right our friend MTM did an excellent job of describing the procedure as I understand it. I am not sure what the qualifying criteria is for it.
    I am sorry to hear of your brother’s issues, please give him my best. Here anyway, I understand a blockage must be at least 80% before they will do the stent.
    He has received a warning I hope he heeds it.

  3. Mel says:

    A lot of this stuff is ‘every day’ stuff for folks. Ain’t so much ‘every day’ when it’s you having it done. Just sayin’. 120 resting heart rate isn’t exactly ‘resting’, and that’s an understatement (says the woman who works to get hers at the suggested 60!). I’m hoping they find something–you and your heart must be really tired of everything being such a chore.

    Hey Mel, I go back to the clinic on Thursday, I am sure they will figure something out

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