Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Father’s Day

Vi and I are back home after spending a wonderful week end with my daughter Shauna and her hubby Jake. Every weekend we spend there is just as wonderful. They have a small acreage just outside of Altona. It is always so peaceful and serene. As always we were treated like royalty.

I hope all fathers had a great day yesterday. But I hope all fathers instead of just looking at as a day in which to be honored by family, also took it as a day to look at themselves. Take a deep look inside of ourselves, think of the job we are doing as fathers. Bask in the glory of the day but also celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes in the past. Vow to be the best father I can in the upcoming year and MEAN IT.

Saturday night, Jake showed his mastery of the BBQ. Both chicken and ribs done to perfection.

Jake’s parents Abe and Mary joined us together with his 2 sisters Judy and Susan together with Susan’s 3 wonderful children Bradley, Vanessa and Kristen. Such a nice family time. Notice how us guys get the credit for a wonderful job on the BBQ and the resulting taste. When in fact all we do is stand in front of the BBQ watching it cook and turn it over once in a while. Shauna did the real background work preparing the meat and baked potatoes. Us, guys we do the easy part just standing in front of the BBQ and claim all the credit. Shauna it was excellent.

I did indeed get to drive the riding lawn mower, having so much fun I even just lapped the yard a few times before I lowered the cutting blade.


They have a 4 wheel all terrain vehicle, sort of a motor cycle but with 4 wheels. Shauna took Vi on a couple of rides and I think Vi has become a really motor cycle babe.


Jake showed us how a GUY ride the 4 wheeler.


Shauna and Jake took Vi fishing, which is something I love to do. I just had to pass being just to tired. Fish weren’t being cooperative but they had a good time, I had a good nap.

It was really sad for me saying our good byes this morning but off to work they went and homeward bound were we. Arrived home in time for my nap and here I am now.

I have been absent from the blog for a few days and will have to do a lot of visiting other sites to get caught up on all my friends.

This morning though I quickly checked for comments and was surprised by one. Actually there were 2 comments one obviously spam, which I deleted and the second I quickly read and thought it was just nonsense and I deleted it also. Now I am sorry I deleted the second comment. Now being memory guy I am not exactly sure of the wording but it was something to the effect “your blog is nothing but a waste of time on the internet, why don’t you just die”.

Now I am wondering, did I just automatically delete it as I didn’t like what this person had to say. I have been thinking about this, now I am not bothered by the comment. I would just reply. If you don’t like my blog, DON’T read it. I have been thinking about it because it just really confirms a life lesson to me. This was actually something I learned quite a while back, no matter what, no matter how hard you try you are never going to please everyone. The sooner we accept that the better off we are and the happier and more content in life we will be.

11 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Father’s Day

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi Bill
    sounds like you had a fantastic time away! and evidently enjoyed the lawn mower!!

    I cant believe that someone would write a comment like that- I personally think that your blog is great! It’s good that you deleted it-you dont need their negativity- and your response was perfect- we have a choice about what we read!

    keeping you and Vi in my prayers
    God Bless
    love Rachel xoxo

  2. reggiehudson says:

    First and foremost thanks for those kick *ss pictures. Glad to see you had a pleasant time at your daughter’s. Brother don’t fret over the deleted message. There are those in this life who can only find comfort in evoking responses from people. They have no true course to follow in life. An empty….. lonely ……life. Their only accomplishment in life is knowing they’ve evoked a response. Don’t worry about feeding the emptiness this person feels. Having said that though, it breaks your heart knowing that someone is reduced to this level of self gratification.


  3. Catherine says:

    My dad always told me…….”you can’t help someone, without helping yourself, and you cannot hurt someone without hurting yourself.” This guy who posted that comment must be in a world of pain.

    I’m so glad you had a great time with your family. A father’s love is a beautiful thing.

  4. RubyShooZ says:

    Welcome home my “blogging buddy”. You were missed. I’m so glad you had the chance to have a beautiful visit with your family and to ride that mower around…I wish someone would be so happy to come and ride one around our lawn. 🙂

    About that comment: You are the king of this blog and I agree with the above sentiments concerning that comment and the commenter. I wondered if you had the hold comments for moderation enabled…it’s worked pretty well for me.

    I have wondered why you named this blog what you did – I wonder about alot of the blog names though. It seems to be from what I’ve seen that you are a living man and writing a living man’s daily journel.

    Don’t ask me why I named mine what I did – it just sorta fit at the time.

    So glad to see you home again and I imagine you are going to have to do some resting up from your trip like I usually have to do.

    Rest easy my friend.

  5. hazeldell says:

    pray for that angry poor soul. Good to hear you had a fine dad day!

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill, I saw that there yesterday when I had my guess on spam. I had to admit I was quite shocked that someone who thought this would even bother to take the time to write it. So I did my guess Plus one, which was his comment.
    I agree all with what everyone has says. Some people seem to find joy in making others miserable, but hey, at the end of the day his hasn’t succeceded !!!!!!! Glad you had a great weekend with the family, love the pics……….. Sounds like an awsome weekend.

    Talk soon. Love Jo

  7. Hi Bill,
    I am so pleased that your Father’s Day was a good one. It really looks as though you had fun driving.
    As for the comments, you are right. You can’t please everyone. There isn’t any poin t in trying to either. You have to be happy with yourself, and the cards will fall as they may.

  8. Great pics! Glad you had such fun.

  9. mel says:

    *sending prayers for the angry one*

    WOW……what fun all of you look to be having in the photos. Smiles all the way around –and wheelies!
    (and what lovely smiles, I might add)

    Belated Father’s Day wishes, Bill.
    And welcome back!

    (Vi looks like she was having all sortsa fun on that four wheeler….wheeeeeee!!!)

  10. Simonne says:

    Hey Bill, nice to have you back. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, you rock!
    It’s so true that we need not worry about what others think of us. Sometimes I think we’re sent messages to be reminded of this, so maybe that’s all it was. But it sure was brutal.
    I love the title of your blog (I love yours too Rube!), we’re all dying from the minute we’re born. You’re choice to focus on it is personal and brave and honest. Take care, talk to you soon,

  11. Jake Giesbrecht says:

    Hey there Big Daddy, glad you enjoyed your stay over at the Giesbrecht B&B. We really enjoyed your stay aswell, and can’t wait till the next time. Love you and mama Vi like crazy and hope you get yourself all practiced up on your new games. Next time we’re in the city your getting put to the test. Love you Dad, ttyl.

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