Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Angel Visions

I am up extra early this morning it is about 4:30am. I woke with the choking unable to breath sensation. All part of the sleep apnea I suppose. I don’t wake with the same panic I used to but it still wakes me up pretty good. I am so lucky to have the luxury of being able to nap through the day.

Yesterday was a good day, I had my thick head on and off for most of the day but not to bad. something seems to be affecting my balance. I have actually fallen but often find myself doing the little stumble step thing or grabbing on to something. I have to almost laugh as I say this but I hope if I do fall I am smart or lucky enough to find somewhere soft to land. Back before they put me on the medication for the epilepsy, I fell 4 different times. Now wouldn’t you think even just the law of averages would say that at least one of the 4 times I would land on something soft. Nope. Finding myself with my face on the floor of a public washroom had to be the worst. Yuk.

Yesterday, I wrote about visions and dreams. I received several comments on that, all of which I appreciate. One memtioned how it seems we are reluctant to talk of such things until the time is right. That seems to be so true, but so sad at the same time. Now I never have had the priviledge or the honor of having an Angel appear to me or speak directly to me or anything like that. I wonder though, if such a miraculous event were to happen, would I have the courage to shout it to the world. At such an event I should be shouting it to the world “I saw an Angel” or “an Angel gave me a message and this is what it is”. I really do think I would be telling the world or at least anyone that would listen. But then I think, if I heard anyone else saying exactly the same thing, my mind would be full of doubt. I might think that person was either dreaming, hallucinating or even just plain crazy. If I were the one delivering the message I am sure many would think the same of me.

If such a miraculous event were to happen to me, at the time I am sure I would be just bursting with love, joy, happiness…. But then at some point my human mind is going to kick into gear. Would I begin to question what I had seen? My human mind trying to rationalize it, I must have been dreaming. I do believe in Angels, but of all the people in the world, I can’t believe an Angel would chose me. I must have been dreaming. I must have been dreaming so I am not going to go out and make a fool of myself in front of all those other people. Why would I care what so many others may think? I suppose that is one of those special events that you really don’t know how you will react until you actually experience it, if indeed you are so fortunate

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Angel Visions

  1. Irene says:

    Good morning Bill!

    Just finished reading today’s message and it got me to do some more thinking. You said that you’ve never had an angel talk to you and that angels wouldn’t probably choose you. Now here’s an idea: Angels are all around us all the time. They come to us everyday in everyway. Angels are the people around us who help get us through a tough time, give us hope, offer advice, lend a hand, open a door, smile, etc. You see Bill, I don’t think angels run around with wings and fly. I think angels are ordinary people I meet during the day that bother to all those thousand little things that make my day just a little bit better. And if I dare say it, I hope I am someone’s angel today and everyday. What I say to others and how I treat them hopefully will prove that. It sounds conceited but that’s what I truly believe.

    And like it or not Bill, you’re our angel!

    Stay vertical Bill. Peace to you Wiseman,


  2. Saija says:

    in this book that leo and i are reading, “Heaven, better by far” … Dr. Sanders mentions angels … he says that the bible speaks about them over 300 different times … that they are so important to God’s work here on earth … yet we somehow don’t talk about them much in churches …

    blessings on your day, Bill … may it contain a “touch of angels wings” …

  3. kuntrygurl says:

    I think you have angels all around you. I think we all do. I’ve seen one before and I was reluctant to talk about it. I think I have only told 2 people about it and 1 of them believed me and didn’t try to tell me it was a hallucination or side effect from the medication. And she was a nurse.

    I have to agree with what Irene wrote. I look at angels the same way she does.

    Hoping you get some rest today.

  4. Mel says:

    Firm believer in Angels, here….and I agree with Irene, in part.

    Every day I get to hear ‘messages’ by the people placed in my path. They’re ‘angels’ in their own right.
    I trust they’ve been ‘sent’ to bring something to my attention, to validate something, to enrich my life–again. But then again, I’m not a believer of coincidences. I trust there’s purpose and reason, even if it’s not understood or seen.
    Visions of angels–already happened for me.
    I believe.
    Even though the people around me still want to explain it away…I believe.

  5. Vicky says:

    I firmly believe in angels…. I believe that they are in another form and not all of us ever see them. However, if you do.. and you think it was in a dream… you were connected to them. They often come in our dreams. We just don’t remember.

    I am LONGING to see one in real life and to be wide awake when I do… but as Bryan my husband so rightly says to me.. “They wouldn’t dare present themselves to you as you would jump out of your skin| ” He is probably right because I am always so deep in thought and often when he comes into a room and says something to me I do nearly jump outof my skin. So I am practicing to be more aware and waiting for that amazing treat.

    One of the reasons I know they are close is because I might ask .. are you near me? and the next thing I will come across a beautiful feather in a most ridiculous place… like once in the middle of my therapy room.. the doors and windows were closed.. how could it have got in there? and it hadn’t been there moments earlier. That is a confirmation for me. Try it and see for yourself. Sometimes the feather may be the tiniest most beautiful white one, and other times a large grey one. Once my friend Kasthurie found the most beautiful lareg red one in her therapy room .. we don’t have red birds in SouthAfrica. And if there was one with a red feather it would have been a large bird and would it fly inside ???

    As far as Earth Angels are concerned.. yes I believe in them too. Bill is most definitely one. And each and every one of you that share his blog and show how much you care are also angels.

    God Bless you all.

  6. LorriM says:

    I believe in angels, and will freely state it. And, I am sure angels surround your days, in ways you are not be aware of.

    My dad (died in 1960), used to smoke camel cigarettes. Every now and then, when I am on the computer, reading, listening to music, whatever, the smell of cigarette smoke surrounds me. I don’t smoke, my home is smoke-free, and the smell is not smoke from a fire, coming in through the vents, but distinct cigarette smoke.

    I know it is my dad, visiting, watching over me, stopping by, from his realm of life. Those visits are few and far between, but I cherish each one, knowing he is present.

    Sometimes while listening to my music, usually songs from the 40s and 50s, I will feel a brush of air cover my back, like a woosh, of sorts, and just know that it is my dad and mom, dancing to the music…they loved dancing.

    Peace and love, to you, and your family. I am glad to have found you.

  7. Vicky says:

    Lorri M…… Yes that is most definitely your dad close by when you smell the cigarette smoke. Once when I was on an angel workshop, the girl next to me smelt “Youth Dew” by Estee Lauder… Her mum ALWAYS wore this perfume. Confirmation that she was close by I am sure.

    The whoosh you feel is also your Mum and Dad. If you suspect it then MOST DEFINITELY it is them.

    Enjoy those moments.

    Peace, love and light….. Vicky

  8. J says:

    I had an angel come to me and give me a message several years ago. Up until two days ago when I confided in a friend the experience I had never told anyone. I fear that people will think I’m crazy. I question my own sanity regarding the incident. Although I experienced it and it has brought me calm and joy, I’m not convinced that my mind didn’t create the event.

  9. Mary says:

    I have had Angels come into my room! Once I was very distressed as I experienced something that brought my Christianity down a very low ebb…not my belief in the Lord but just the fact how people treat each other (christians to Christian)…it is a long story all I will say is this that I began to cry and couldn’t stop crying i had been witnessing to a youg girl about the Lord and when this shock happened to me I told her this is what happens if you are a christian but it is the evil one trying to stop you …I talked to her for two hours giving her my testimony telling her that if you were a christian to expect these things to be attacked..crying all the time i talked to her….after I went home I could not stop crying the tears came down in huge drops I was in shock i couldn’t believe what had transpired….I cried and cried about 3 or 4 in the morning I was so tired but I couldn’t sleep the tears falling down kept me awake…a light came into my room and the Angels were going up and down a ladder they were saying to me you are going to bel allright you are going to be o.k….I gave a big sign and breath and fell asleep…when I awoke I started up and thought oh my God was that real I knew it was real because the tears wouldn’t let me sleep….that was in 1982 and it is 2008 now and I am alright and I am o.k.and still a believer in Jesus Christ the way has been rough…but I consider it all joy because I know that he suffered also at the hands of his friends and he gave me this to comfort me because that is what the Angels are meant to do minister to us and comfort us in times of great stress…he knew I needed a touch from heaven to go on and he gave it to me !…little me a nothing in the kingdom of God but a jewel to him

  10. Lulu says:

    Blessed be God in His angels and in His saints.

    Amen to that. It is nice to see you back. I hope you got my email.

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