Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dreams/Visions

Yesterday was a good day. I certainly got my share of sleep. It seems no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired. Each time I sleep it seems to be getting longer and longer. It was after 10am when I woke this morning, totally unlike me at any time in my past. I really think I am going to start using the alarm clock, I am sleeping to much of my life away.

A couple of days ago I invited questions anyone may have about this whole process I am going through. I received a question from Mimi. The question was, as your life on this earth draws to a close do you see visions? Good question.

To this point I can’t say that I have had any visions. But I do firmly believe that I will, as will everyone. I am not sure if it will be in the final hours or maybe even just in the final moments before passing. But I believe that at that time we all will. As our physcial life is ebbing away and we are sort of teetering on the edge of the physcial and spiritual worlds, we will be able to some extent to see into both worlds. What I will see obviously I really don’t, I just know I will see something or someone. An Angel, the spirit of my mother maybe a light. There will be something to guide me on that journey to Heaven. I think as we near passing it will be like standing in a door way. From that position we can see a little of both rooms.

In my heart I believe it will be more than just a light. I do not believe I will make that final journey alone. There will be someone or something there to guide me. To put it in terms of the physical world. I see it would be comparable to setting out on a long drive in your car. You know what your destination is, but you have never been there before and are driving over unfamiliar roads. There will be road signs along the way that will ultimately lead there. But, wouldn’t the trip be so much easier and more enjoyable if you had a companion along, that knew the way.

So visions no, but I have had several dreams or at least I think they were dreams, very confusing and hard really to tell. First off it is very rare that I can remember my dreams. Maybe it is because Vi and I talked about them right after I woke up, that I can remember these. When I say confusing, I don’t mean confusing as in some wild outlandish dream that just doesn’t make sense. No, these were very simple very short. In each case it was as if I awoke in my own bed to see people standing either at the foot of my bed or beside my bed. Twice my mother was standing at the side of the bed just smiling down at me and I think it was twice there were 4 strangers standing at the foot of the bed just smiling at me. Each time I saw them my reaction was just sort of ahh, isn’t that nice. This is the confusing part wouldn’t you think even in a dream seeing strangers standing at the foot of your bed is going to alarm you. It didn’t.

It is almost ironic or something looking back now. It was after these dreams that I actually did have someone standing at the side of my bed. This was an intruder that broke into the house while I was asleep. He came in and actually stole my watch of the bed side table, so here he was literally at my bedside and I slept right through it all.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dreams/Visions

  1. kuntrygurl says:

    Your post reminds me about a book I read a few years ago and again for the second time earlier this month. “Embraced By the Light” By Betty J. Eadie. She wrote about her experience of dying and what happened to her while she was technically dead. Obviously, she did survive and remembered most of her story to write the book. It is abeautifully written book in simple terms. I loved it.

    Also, when I was sick with a major flare up of Crohns in the hospital, I had a vision of sorts. My mom says I hallucinated from the pain meds and the high fever I experienced at the time. For some reason, I do not think it was that. I call him my visitor. I’ll have to blog about it one day.

    You are one of the most couragest people I know. You show so much dignity. I’m glad I met you and hope we can become friends.

  2. missprofe says:

    Hi, Bill!

    Just stoppedd by to check in.:)

  3. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,

    Dreams are interesting things, aren’t they? I often wonder what exactly their purpose is. I know there’s supposed to be some psychoanalytical reason for dreams but there’s got to be a more useful purpose for them than that. Thoreau said that dreams are the touchstones of our character. Obviously, from what you said about your dreams, that statement has to be true. Man, I’ll bet your Mom is proud of you!! I hope my Dad meets up with your Mom in heaven and that they can have a great cup of coffee together talking about us kids down here. I live my life hoping Dad is bragging about me to someone up there. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet your Mom when/if I get to heaven. We’ve got lots to talk about…

    Praying for you, Wiseman. Peace always…


  4. hudds53 says:

    Hi Kuntrygirl. That book sounds interesting, I will have to look for it. I would enjoy reading your posting about your visitor.
    I feel I can never have to many friends, I would be happy to consider you one.

  5. hudds53 says:

    Dear Irene, you have struck a real note in my heart with your comment. Nothing could make me happier than to think I might be making my mother proud. I am sure we will all meet in Heaven one day to share that cup of coffee.

  6. ceeque says:

    Hi Bill, that is such an interesting post about visions! I certainly believe in them now especially as 2 family members have recounted their stories of visions. It seems these things are never mentioned til the need arises does`nt it?! I totally believe that we will all be met on our passing by loved ones on the other side. I remember a medium told me things from my son that only I knew about..and he was with my father at the time!! It was so comforting to know that he was alright and in “good hands” so to speak, I sincerely believe this to be true.
    It was scary to hear of your real-world visitor though!!! Did you awake at the intruder in your room?? That sounded very frightening!!!!
    Strength and Love to you all Bill!

  7. Mel says:

    Wow–someone slipping in that close without my knowing would leave me spooked, even with the comforting dreams of strangers by my bed.
    Perhaps that was the blessing? If one could find comfort with four strangers by the bed–there’d be no reason to be alarmed with one?
    Intruders react when they’re caught in the act–sometimes violently. I’m grateful you slept through the event given that fact.

    And I’m hopeful my mother’s enjoying every moment of peace she’s getting with me down here on earth. 😉

  8. babychaos says:

    Visions. Tricky. Very personal and usually quite precious to us therefore very hard to talk about, it’s like talking about it will exorcise the magic.

    I’m interested by what you say. Here’s a similar story. My mother in law was very ill once and she always says she knew things were getting serious when, as she lay there on the floor, she saw her father. I hope I remember this correctly but I believe he was speaking to her, she could see his lips moving, but there was no sound and she couldn’t hear the words. She felt very peaceful, even though she knew she was in big trouble and was saved by my dad in-law who chose that day to come home for lunch for the one and only time in his working life.

    I have read accounts from Doctors, since, which suggest that seeing a vision of somone close who has already died is an event which crops up quite regularly when people who have died and been rescuscitated give account of what it was like.

    For what it’s worth, at the beginning of a very difficult period for both myself and my family I dreamed about my grandfather. He wanted to “go on” where to I’m not sure, he asked if I would be alright. He said he would stay if I liked. “No you go on” I told him. “I’ll be fine.” It was as if I was telling him I’d be ok and he didn’t need to come in with me and hold my hand at the dentist’s or something. A few days later I told my Mum about this. She said she had the same dream.

    I’d lay bets we’re all a bit psychic and that one day quantuum physics will explain all. Until then, if anyone does tell you this stuff sounds like cobblers ask them if it’s any harder to believe than Schrodinger’s cat theorem – I hope I’ve got that right an d it is Schrodinger’s cat – well, anyway, it’s the quantuum physics thing where you stick a cat in an air tight box and leave it over night. In the morning, when you open the box, whether or not the cat is alive depends on whether or not you expect it to be.

    Intriguing stuff. I’m very sorry to hear about the real intruder though. That’s grim.



  9. Great blog, good job getting it all together 🙂

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