Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I feel honored

Not having a very pleasant day today. For a while there has been this nasty chest cold/flu bug going around. I guess it finally found me. We all know the type, chills one minute, roasting hot the next, hurts to breathe and soar throat. Nothing serious just gives me something to whine about.

Today is being a huge ego boosting day for me, a moral booster a generally inspiring day.

Several months ago, I am not even sure how, but I came across the blog of Sister Julie. Her blog, A Nuns Life, is listed on my blog roll on the right hand side of the page. I wish I knew how to insert links right into my post. Please visit Sister Julie’s site, a good read every day. She discusses her beliefs but also goes into the general life of being a Nun. Sharing personal stories and experiences.

I was absolutely awed this morning reading her post that Sister Julie was thanking me. I have left her various comments at different times as she has done here on my blog. I have never met Sister Julie but she has become a friend via several emails. Through these emails she has helped me with several personal issues. Sister Julies help to me has gone beyond that, to right here to on the blog. Often leaving comments directed specifically to some reader that has left their own comment full of pain, and hurt.

Sister Julie, we seem to have a role reversal going on here. It is I that thank you. Even as I am just sitting here typing this a realization has come to me, with the thoughts of the comments you have left here on my blog directed to others. This is something I have almost stopped doing myself. I always have an excuse or reason to tired or what ever. But that is stopping today, will I say I will be able to respond to ever comment, maybe not but I can sure try.

I was also honored today by a message I received from Sirrion. I did not know there even was such a thing as the bloggers choice award. But, if find there is and am honored that my blog has been nominated under several categories, health, education, stuff and even best blog ever. Wow, what an honor thank you Sirrion, I really appreciate the thought. Not really sure I deserve any of it but thank you. I had to chuckle a little though when I visited the site and saw the total number of votes I have received is 0. That may be a little more in line with my own thoughts.

Now, I am honored when I looked at the blog stats today. That is something I have gotten away from doing much in the last little while. Almost 50,000 hits, I am honored, touched and awed by the very thought of that, so much more than I ever dreamed possible. Thank you to everyone.

15 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I feel honored

  1. ceeque says:

    me has landed here on 49,773 which is pretty close!! Lol! šŸ™‚
    You`ll have to now try to stick a link up to Sirrion and maybe we can all go and vote for you!!!
    Sorry to hear you`ve got a bit of a bug going on, always a drag, you take it easy and get the rest you need eh? Hope Vi is ok too?

  2. WishBoNe says:

    There’s a chain link when you compose a post. Just highlight the text you wished to put a link to and that’s all to it. šŸ™‚

  3. hudds53 says:

    Thank you WishBoNe, where do I find this chain link

  4. hudds53 says:

    Hi Charles, thanks for the good wishes, I am not all that concerned about the votes, but thanks

  5. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill, hope you get well soon. Sending you my prayers and well wishes. Lots -a – love.

  6. radiantwoman says:

    You are getting just what you need Bil, all the praise in the world by more than one source. Keep up the good work!
    The link-button is where you type your text. Suppose you want to link to the page of wordpress.com. You then type wordpress.com. Next you select the text and it gets blue. Then click the button link in the lefthand side of the row of b i link b-quote.
    Drop me an email if you can’t find it.
    Take care and have a magical weekend!

  7. Hi Bill,
    At number 49878 I may just come back 122 times today! I hope you are feeling better. Congratulations on your successes today! You deserve joy in your life, and the satisfaction of jobs well done.

  8. WishBoNe says:

    It’s actually a chain link icon, highlight the text and click on that icon during compose and paste your URL in the field provided. You should have a link in your post.

  9. mel says:

    49901…..close! VERY close!

    (no cigar though, dangit!)

    Feel better. And here’s hoping Vi escapes the ‘dreaded lurgies’

    And wow that you’ve been nominated! šŸ™‚

  10. sirrion says:

    Bill of course you deserve it buddy!!!!!!

  11. Irene says:

    Hi Bill!!

    Haven’t stopped by for the last few days…lots has been happening…Sorry to hear about the flu bug “infesting” your home–it’s vicious, so take care of each other.

    I was appalled by what happened at Viginia Tech not only because of the shootings, but also by what happened before the crisis. Here was a guy in obvious psychological trouble, but nothing was done, or else nothing could have been done. I’m not placing blame on the survivors–God knows I would have done precisely the same as them. It’s unfortunate though that he “fell through the cracks” and decided to make his statement in such a lethal way.

    A lot of times I think if we could all just be amazed with the ordinary, lots of difficulties could be avoided. If we could all stop long enough and be in awe of the small things, the everyday things (a flower, our breathing, each other, babies, a blade of grass, etc.) we would appreciate each other and respect each other much more.

    Peace always, Wiseman.

  12. hudds53 says:

    sirrion, I am feeling flattered at the nominations for the bloggers choice award. I have to admit I wasn’t even aware of such a thing until now. I usually click on all sites listed on the administrators site under refers. Which is how I came upon it. As I haven’t heard of it, can you tell me any more about it or even how I find my way back to the site.
    Thanks buddy

  13. hudds53 says:

    Hi Irene, nice to hear from you I have missed you. I think you are so right. If we could just take time to enjoy life, even the small things around us, we could be so much happier. Not always striving for something more and missing out on what we have.

  14. robdarrow says:

    Enjoyed reading Sister Julie’s blog that sent me to you. So, just wanted to say hi and if you refer to someone’s blog, we’ll be able to find it. Thanks for your inspirational thoughts.

  15. HelloWorld says:

    Peace people

    We love you

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