Urgent Prayer request PLEASE – Parents nightmare

Our dear blogging friend Mel and family are going through what has to be every parent/grandparents worst nightmare. It is beyond anything I can even begin to imagine.
My last post was a prayer request was the new born grandchild. Born with 3 heart defects and given very little chance of survival. The little guy has been transferred to a different hospital and will today undergo the first of 3 very delicate and complicated, very high risk surgeries.
I have taken the liberty of again coping and reposting Mel’s post from her own blog (on blog roll).
The pain, the worry is so obvious in her words. Prayers please.
Mel’s post:

There’s something weird about a children’s hospital going by “CHOP”.
The wee fella had his first airplane ride–at 2 weeks of age. Quite the birthday prezzie if you ask me.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided the mom and dad with the second opinion–and gave the wee one a 50/50 chance of surviving the first surgery. He’ll need three (at least) heart operations and, if he survives, a transplant when he turns 12 or 13.
How could you NOT take the chance? The other option was to do nothing and opt for ‘compassionate care’. They took the chance. And the photo is himself arriving at the Philadelphia airport. They were kind and let the mom go with him in the plane. The dad had already left for Philadelphia. In fact, the dad was IN Philadelphia before the baby was.
Mostly because they had the wee fella loaded up and in the plane on Sunday……and decided there was a malfunction with the plane and the equipment necessary for moving the baby from point A to point B. So back they went to the hospital in Iowa City…..and they promised they’d send a different plane and different equipment Monday–which they did. And that’s how dad ended up there before the baby! It’s also the story of how Nana got to spend the night with the wee fella and mom before they departed Monday. It’s also how I managed to make Monday’s departure without falling apart. I did all that on Sunday, dontchaknow……
There was something about seeing the elevator doors closing with the mom and the baby ( along with 5 CHOP personnel), knowing that might very well be the last time you see your grandson….knowing your child was going through all this ‘stuff’ without your physical presence.. *sigh* Still hurts my heart to be here while she’s there contending with everything (not alone, mind you….just without me….).
No tears on Monday.
She asked me to be HERE to help take care of the Bug.
So that’s what I’m doing….that’s what both ‘grandmothers’ are doing.

No tears today. I grabbed soccer shorts, long sleeve shirts and new shin guards for the Bug since she started soccer practice this evening.
So no tears today–just a lot of lovin’ from the 6 year old.

But Thursday….when the wee fella goes into surgery? …..One way or the other, there’s going to be tears.
I can hope and pray for ‘good’ outcomes, but I don’t know what’s ‘good’ in this case. I just don’t…. So I’ll just pray and thank the Big Guy for giving me the time I’ve had with the wee one and for taking such good care of the mom and dad right now.

And I’ll say ‘Amen’
…..but I’ll be meaning “but you KNOW what I want”…..
I’m sassy like that.

And that wee thing–he’s so stinkin’ cute…..


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5 Responses to Urgent Prayer request PLEASE – Parents nightmare

  1. Vi says:

    Mel, so sorry to hear of this heartbreaking time that you are living in. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, and God willing all will turn out. Take care.

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill and Mel – such a difficult time for the little soul’s parents and the family … my thoughts and prayers to everyone and let’s hope he pulls through … all the best Hilary

  3. Mel says:

    ((( Bill and Vi )))) Bless your hearts for reaching out for prayers for our family. G-d hears, I know. The wee one made it through surgery and is beginning his lengthy recovery. No, he’s not out of the woods yet, there are three other surgeries–but we’re closer to seeing what might be an edge of the forest. (we have hope!)

    I’m amazed at the strength He’s given the parents and the determination He’s given the wee one. And I’m humbled at the way He’s been there at every twist and turn to this saga to date.

    So–from me and mine to you and yours….and everyone who extended well wishes, prayers and support… “Thank you” seems such a small thing to say, but since it’s what I have to offer, it’s what I extend to all of you. Thank you..and Bless your hearts.
    We’ll continue to fight the good fight. We won’t do less than that. He didn’t make us that way.

    *huge hugs*,

  4. J. Shryock says:

    My first read on your blog – I am going that this darling baby is doing well now. In May of this year, my second daughter was born one month early at the same hospital in Iowa City, which compelled me to write a comment. I wish you and your family the best. Good vibes coming your way from the Shryock family!

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