Having lots of opportunities to grow as a person

I just realized the date. The summer has just flown past. Not sure how I can seem to keep myself so busy doing really nothing.
Other than a couple of trips to the ER and various doctors appointments summer has been pretty uneventful. EXCEPT for the amazing time spent with family. Am I a proud Dad and grandpa, oh you bet I am. Picture me strutting around the room with my chest puffed out so much the buttons might pop. I really was in grandpa Heaven.
Medically, things have improved somewhat. The metoprolol has been increase twice. That has not removed the problem but certainly eased the symptoms I experience.
I do also though realize, I have learned to adjust and adapt to my new reality. Once you can do that, come to that level of acceptance. It becomes easier to deal with, it seems for me anyway. In the past month or so I have only fallen, hitting the floor once. A couple of others but I landed back on the bed or into the chair I had been sitting in. What can I say, memory guy. I forget, jump up to do something, do it to quickly and down I will go.
It is not that complicated to avoid this. If I am laying down, slowly push myself to a sitting position. Just sit for about a minute. I then stand but turn as I do so I am standing bent over using the bed to hold me up. I then stand upright again turning to hang on to the dresser. It is a nuisance but really not all that bad when you get used to it. I am getting better at remembering.
Medication has helped reduce resting heart rate to around 95. Heart still seems to have a mind of its own. There are times when it will just take off beating over 200 beats a minute and become very irregular. The heart monitor they surgically implanted a couple of monthes ago shows the heart often kicks into high gear early in the morning, waking me up. Possibly I am dreaming, unfortunately it is very rare for me to remember dreams. Hey, I am a guy so I am going on the theory it is very hot, sexy dreams. Lol. Just wish I could remember them.
I am on the October rooster for another ablation. That is all I know at this point.
Life has its little bumps in the road. I know I will get over each bump, it just seems to sometimes take me longer to adjust. Once I do life is back to being great.
Recently read something. Not sure where or due credit would be given. It was something like: ” I have never met a strong person that that has not had troubles in their past”.
It is through the bumps in the road that we grow as spiritual being, grow to be stronger better people.
At every bump we are given a choice: grow and become stronger or let it side track and destroy us.

3 Responses to Having lots of opportunities to grow as a person

  1. Thanks, Bill. You sound like a pro at riding those bumps. I am going to try out your attitude.

    Hello and welcome. Give it a try what have you got to loose. Popped over to your site, great stuff you have going there.

  2. gail goss says:

    Hi Bill, i am pleased to hear that things have improved medically and the symptoms have eased. You talk of adjusting, adapting and acceptance, attitude is everything and yours is incredible. Love that sense of humour, unfortunately i don’t think any of us remember the good dreams. Lol
    Good luck with the ablation, i hope it is not too painful for you.
    “I have never met a strong person who has not had troubles in their past”…so true. These little bumps as you say are sent to try us, keep up the good work, grow and become stronger. You see the positive in every situation, you help and inspire others, and me, thankyou for that.
    ….Gail (Australia)

    Hi Gail. I think the little bumps in the road are God’s way of giving us opportunities to grow as people. If the highway of life was perfectly smooth with no bumps, turns or detours we would be come very complacent just speeding through life. We need those bumps to make us slow down, look at our lives and hopefully grow as spiritual beings.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – how wonderful to have the family around and for you to be able to enjoy their company or their communication .. that’s great and a good boost to life.

    Hope the medics can continue to help you through .. and as Gail says keep your pecker up (as we say here in the UK – make of it what you will!!) …

    Cheers Hilary

    Hi Hilary always great to hear from you. Having the family here was great. Have more news about the next procedure due Oct. 23rd.
    Will be putting up a post soon.

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