Grandpa Heaven

For the last 4 days I have been in what I would describe as grandpa heaven.
I was both blessed and lucky enough to have both of my beautiful and wonderful daughters visit. With them came not one, not two but all three of the most beautiful little princesses imaginable. OK, I may be a little biased as they are my granddaughters. Only one son-in-law was able to join us but Jake your presence added a lot. I thank you all for giving me such a wonderful weekend. I really am a lucky man. My only regret is I was just to tired to really join in the activities, those water slides looked like a lot of fun.
When my daughters were small, they loved making me “pretty”. That included putting nail polish on my fingers, putting clips and bows in my hair (yes, I had hair back then) and on occasion the make up came out. I was made “pretty”.
In the past year or two that tradition has been revived and grandpa gets his nails done and done in a very special, professional manner. I was looking pretty darn fine, 10 nails, 10 different colours.
I have to commend Uncle Jake for being such a good sport he joined right in and had his nails done in the same professional manner. We were both looking pretty snappy. That polish stays on for the duration of their visit. I get a bit of a chuckle sometimes when I see someone giving me a bit of an odd look. An old goat like me wearing nail polish. I just smile and think, if you had the chance to get your nails polished by a beautiful princess, I bet you would get them done. If you don’t you are missing out.
Well all good things must come to an end as did the visit. Now I am a sad grandpa.

5 Responses to Grandpa Heaven

  1. lypenner says:

    Bill, I think you need to figure out how to add pictures to your blog. I think the world needs to see those multi colored nails! Sounds like you enjoyed your visit in fine style, and what a blessing you have in these sweet kids.

    Hi Lydia, they are a blessing. I know that and am so appreciative. During one of their past visits I did get a picture up showing my hands in all their glory.
    Nice to hear from you.

  2. gail goss says:

    What a wonderful time you must have had with your family. I’m sure your grandaughters would have enjoyed every minute of their time with you & Vi, as would your daughters and son-in-law. I would say there was a lot of laughs, joy and love over the lasts 4 days between family, it is always sad when they go home.

    Hi Gail, it was wonderful. Spent a lot of time at a pool and water slide. It is amazing how just watching them running and playing tired me out.
    Great visit.
    See you back over on the Words site.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – lovely memories though … sounds fun – I like the idea of you wandering around town with ten shades of nail colour … or even the hospital – that’d cheer everyone up. Hope you have lots of photos to remind of this special weekend … so lovely they all could get there … and great that you had another man, Jake, around to join in with you! Cheers Hilary

    OK, maybe I don’t wear nail polish and maybe it came off as soon as they left town. But while they were here, considering who had applied it and the professional job that had been done, I wore it proudly. It got me a few smile and a few funny looks from strangers. Still getting a “I’m not so sure look about you” from an elderly neighbour. A man wearing nail polish??? I just smile and treasure the time.
    You are so right about Jake a good sport, a great guy.

  4. Bill, this was truly heartwarming and delightful to read! I wish you would’ve posted photos of your painted nails for us to enjoy. You have blessed everyone reading this post. I’m sure your grandchildren would agree, you’re the best grandpa ever! Uncle Jake is the cat’s pajamas too!!

    Thank you. I enjoyed and treasure the time. You are so right about Uncle Jake.
    Have lots of pictures, they show the nails but not clearly. Went back found a picture of my done up hand from the last visit. Will try to figure out how to get it up in a post.
    Great hearing from you.

  5. Mel says:

    *chuckling* I’m looking forward to them doing your toenails! Hahaha….but their talents would get covered up and the world wouldn’t get to smile along with you. Better the ten fingers, then!
    Gotta wonder how many were reminded of times with their own kiddos/grandchildren–you get to touch lives and bring smiles everywhere yiu go, Bill. I hope you realize how special that is.

    I have to confess that I was terrified to be a grandparent–reading this reminded me of that….and man, being the Nana is sooo cool and sooo flipping FUN!! Talk about ‘borrowing trouble’. She’s now six years old and she’s grandad’s favorite person in the whole wide world. I think she’s kinda spiffy myself. LOL
    You can feel sad, grandad. Heck, I get sad when ours visits and has to go back home–and that’s a mere 90 minutes away. šŸ˜‰

    Mel, my dear friend so nice to hear from you. You are right. From me being a grandpa is the coolest thing ever. I am so lucky, so blessed a thankfully just wise enough to know and appreciate it. Mel, toe nails were planned, just timing didn’t work out.
    Take care my friend

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