Miracles at both ends of our human journey

Over the years my thinking has not changed a whole lot. I have been thinking of this whole “miracle” of death idea. Now first let’s be totally clear, any of my thoughts here do not extend to such things as suicide. Only the natural death we all face when the Good Lord takes us by the hand and leads us home.

I think we dread the thought of dying for many reasons but I believe the 2 big ones are fear of the unknown of what lies on the other side, even is there anything awaiting after this life. The other is the dread at the mere thought of leaving our loved ones. I think the second is the biggest for those left behind. They face a life forever changed. A life with a big hole in it.

Personally, I do believe in an afterlife. Exactly what that is I don’t know, I like to believe it is straight to Heaven. That belief has helped me deal with so much over the past years.

My last post was on the “miracle” of death. I had never exactly thought of it in exactly that way but close. I went back and found a post from the very first week of this blog. My feelings even way back then were pretty much in line.

This is from that early post:

Came across an interesting thought the other day. I am not sure I must have read this somewhere or something. I don’t remember, maybe having so much time to just think I maybe dreamed this up all by myself.

This requires a little use of your imagination. Now try to imagine this. Imagine if we could talk to an unborn baby, a baby all safely tucked away in its mothers womb. We could tell that baby about all the wonderful things that are waiting for it after its delivery into this world. We could tell the baby about the loving parents that are awaiting its arrival, of how much it will be loved by sibling, by grandparents and lots of others. All, just waiting for the baby to arrive. We could describe the wonderful world the baby will be coming into. The marvels of growing up, maturing and starting a family of its own. Oh, there are just so many wonderful things we could tell the baby about.

Now lets use our imaginations again and try to imagine what might be going through that baby’s mind. Fine, it is being promised it will be greeted by many people that will love it, care for it and nurture it. Fine, it is promised a world filled with wonderful things, but try to imagine what might be going through that little baby’s mind. All it has ever known is the safety and wet warmth of its mothers tummy, where it is nurtured and cared for. Do you think the baby might be reluctant, inspite of all the promises, to leave the comfort and safety of the only home it has ever known. Do you think, maybe that baby would be just a little scared or nervous about entering this world. From the stories I have heard of the difficulties, some ladies have in labour. It almost seems like some babies don’t enter the world to willingly. Almost like they are fighting to the end, to stay as long as they can, in the safety of that womb. But, fortunately for the human race, after about 9 months God and mother nature step in and the baby is forced into this world.

I like this thought and take comfort in it. I think our time on this earth can be compared to the time the baby is in the womb. We are comfortable here and don’t want to leave. We are reluctant, inspite of all the stories we hear of the loved ones, that will be waiting for us and all the glories we will see that are beyond our imagination. Most of us are like that difficult child birth, fighting to stay where we are for as long as we can. We fight to stay, until God steps in, and ultimately forces the situation.

5 Responses to Miracles at both ends of our human journey

  1. rangewriter says:

    I’ve heard and experienced the process of death as sort of a reversal of the birth process. I believe you have taken the idea one step further and deeper.

  2. gail goss says:

    You’re right Bill, we do want to stay here as long as we can, we feel safe and fear the unknown on the other side. I like your imagination in that a baby feels safe inside the mothers womb. I like to think that just as a baby comes into a world of joy and love in life that the same will happen at the other end of life when God comes to take us home to the love joy and peace of heaven. Your thoughts make sense and i am glad you take comfort in them. Thankyou for sharing. Gail

    Hi Gail thank you for taking the time to leave this comment. With this human mind of mine I often try to come up with a human comparable to help me understand things. I realize possibly the “magical” baby is a bit of a stretch. But for me, it illustrates the point I am trying to make.
    This does give me great comfort, facing what I know to be coming.
    Thank you again.

  3. rosesforourselves says:

    Hi Bill,

    I’m a new blogger and I was just browsing through my recommended blogs when I came across yours. I’ve read a couple of your posts and honestly my perspective on life has changed. Your reflections and thoughts really hit home. As a young adult, there is so much I am learning from you and your life experiences. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts and I wish you all the best.

    I thank you for your so kind words. I popped over for a quick visit to your site and think it I wonderful what you are doing. I wish you every success.

  4. Mel says:

    Oh yes, I do remember this. In fact, you refer to this a number of times on this web log. Funny how we forget (or maybe it’s “misplace”) our own wisdom.

    That fear deal robs me of all sorts of things. My brain tries to keep me “safe”. But there are times I need to tell my brain to take a hike and pay attention to my gut and my heart instead. I’m at work when it comes through my brain….G-d’s at work when it comes through those other two places. LOL–that’s just true for me. Was a time where Wise Person In My Life was praying for G-d to ‘remove her brain’–he swore I wasn’t using it. And then he realized it was a case of ‘overthinking’ everything — and he still prayed the same thing. LOL. Yes, I still have my brain. It kinda comes in handy sometimes. 😉 But!! I’m clear about where to listen when my Creator has something He wants me to hear. So I really try not to give all that ‘power’ to my brain (cuz it lies to me all.the.time!) and I try to listen to my heart.
    My brain tells me to fear what I don’t know or understand. My heart tells me to stay open to new experiences….to trust the process I’ve been through time and time again. I learn and grow through experiences, it’s that simple for me. That fear deal kicks in, the brain grabs it and runs with it and I stay stuck where I am. I don’t know about you, but while I might like wallowing for a while, I don’t like being STUCK. And while the unknown has some fear attached to it, it isn’t going to keep me stuck. I know too much today–and I don’t want to miss an experience that I get brought to. (Not that I could avoid death! I don’t think I’m exempt.) I don’t have to approach experiences with prejudices. I don’t have to adopt an attitude because I feel out of control–(I’ve never been ‘in control’ anyway.) I can lean into what my heart says and trust the experience. If I’m wrong….what have I lost, yaknow? If I’m right…. WOW!!

    I look forward to that “supremely happy” in that “next lieftime”, though I’m not chomping at the bits to get to it. People matter to me in this lifetime. But I know there’s more past ‘here’ and ‘now’. And at some level, I think you ‘know’ that, too. It’s that darn brain of ours, I’m tellin’ ya! LOL. 😉
    (((( Bill )))) Lean into what you hear in your heart and in your gut. He’s taken very, very good care of you, yaknow?

    Ah, Mel my dear friend. You have so much wisdom and such an eloquent way of wording it. You have a very powerful message here, one that I needed to read, think on and digest. I have done that and do feel better.
    I realized I was confusing even myself, here I am prepared for facing the day Our Heavenly Father calls me home. Compared to that surely anything else that may come along should be small stuff and I don’t sweat the small stuff. Well apparently that is not necessarily how my mind works.
    I am far enough down the highway of life, the end destination is almost in sight and it is a smooth right right to the end. Suddenly the highway got a little bumpy and I could deal with that. An unexpected detour through me off balance. All these electrical issues with my heart carry their own symptoms. As my heart was, I was able to accept the fact there is nothing more that can be done. This electrical problem is totally separate and there are some options to treat the symptoms.
    These treatment options are invasive and are only designed to help improve quality of life, not quantity. Naturally, I want the best quality available.
    I accept time is limited, how much am I willing to put my body through to improve the quality of that limited time. Particularly as Gos has directed, shown me ways to adapt to these newer symptoms.
    I have prayed about it, placed myself in God’s hands, asking that He direct the doctors to come up with the best treatment option. I trust that is what will happen. I have just let it all go. Now I just sit back waiting with interest to see what the future brings.
    Take care my friend

  5. Hi Bill! I was resurrecting my old blog from many moons ago (Romancing The Crone), which sent me on a journey down memory lane. I followed one of your old comments and here you are! I’m glad to see you’re still posting and pondering the meaning of life. Blessings to you and your family, MW

    Mother, it is so good to see you back and you have been missed. Hope to hear more from you. I visited your site and love the posts.

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