Thank you for the input – night in hospital

I thank all that have answered my request for comments on quality of life. I have read and appreciate each one. I welcome any additional thoughts from all.
I had planned a post with my thoughts for today but got side tracked.

Ended up in the hospital last night. Spent the night and a good part of the day today. I am home and fine just very tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night at all.

Wicked chest pain prompted the trip to the hospital. Chest pain the nitro spray couldn’t deal with. Morphine did the trick.

Soon after I got to the hospital and while still in the pain a doctor asked how far I wanted treatment to go. Meaning, if necessary the inserted airway, shocks to the heart etc.. I simply told him no heroic efforts, none of all that sort of thing. It was only later when things were under control (the pain) that I thought of that conversation.

Will try to post something tomorrow

3 Responses to Thank you for the input – night in hospital

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – ‘no heroic efforts’ sound right. My mother didn’t want to die after her strokes so she had a PEG tube fitted (feeding tube) and lived for another 5 years or so – bed ridden. She decided to come back … as she hadn’t finished with life.

    We had some good times … lots of talks – not personal really, just interesting, educative, eliciting repartee from us both … and she said she couldn’t have coped without me being around. The staff said she was always animated or peaceful and trusting when I turned up … really what more could a daughter ask.

    I don’t think she regretted her decision, though it was a long haul and I was lucky to be able to drop everything and be with her … I don’t have a family per se – so I could do that. Her brother-in-law, who lived locally, became ill too and I was able to help him a great deal …

    I now visit a lady who’s been bedridden and in the same room for over 10 years … awful – with no family, and a not very happy life … the thing I find difficult is when she can’t hear – that’s been sorted now, til the next time and ultimate loss.

    Also with another person you don’t have that familiar relationship – my mother and uncle would know what I was inferring … by my talking, body language, or showing … so I do write out things of interest for this lady to tell her what’s going on etc …

    Take care and all the best to you both – Hilary

  2. lypenner says:

    Been thinking of you and Vi Bill. Prayers were said for you both today on my Saturday visit to the river, as I do every week. I plan to write something on your last question, still thinking…It’s a good question you posed. Have courage, Lydia

  3. Mel says:

    Like Lydia, I have to give thought to the previous post. But like a few folks answered, I think my answer would be always evolving and undoubtedly be connected to the relationships I have with others.

    I’d like to believe my Creator would let me know when it was time to go home to Him.
    At one point in my life I was tired of fighting the good fight and He made it abundantly clear that I wasn’t “done” yet….and I’ve been able to experience things I never believed I’d experience. I think of all these 24hours that He’s graced me with and I look at them as bonus time. I hope to not lose that perspective. It’s something I’ve watched you do time and time again–hang on to that perspective/attitude. It really has been a gift to enjoy these bonus 24hours, yaknow?

    I send heaps of love to you and Vi. Being asked what extent you want others to go to in the event of a medical crises is a sombering thing. It definitely would put the exclamation mark on the circumstances. You can have that conversation with your provider so they can honour your wishes, and I hope you do–answering in the midst of the crises isn’t necessarily what your wishes are once the crises has passed. By now I’m certain you and Vi have had that “hard” chat. It’s tough whether you’re in a long term relationship or not. It’s those hard conversations that bring peace to everyone– But being asked that question today would yank my “mortality chain”. I get lost in the days commotion and drift away from the realities. That question would put me straight. So I pray for your patience and acceptance….and for your wisdom.

    My thoughts go to you and Vi–you’re both loved HUGELY.

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