Prayers Please

This is a comment left yesterday by our dear blogging friend Lydia. Lydia, is one of the very few friends from here on the blog that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person.
Lydia is struggling and asking for our prayers..
I ask please for prayers please. Prayers asking for relief from the physical pain and for help for her to regain her internal peace and calm

Yes, I think I’m due for a smooth section coming up soon too lol. I guess we all feel that way with our “lots in life”. Mine doesn’t seem bad compared to what others have to deal with, but I still feel kind of gutted out by this persistent problem. I don’t feel like I exercise much faith to tell the truth, but it is still my hope. I believe that God takes these crooked and bumpy roads and fashions them into something beautiful for a greater purpose, but today I just feel like I don’t know how to cope with the bumps. And yet, it doesn’t escape my notice how God sends mercies along our path, like compassion from others, or a good word, or remembering all the provisions in place to give us meaning amid the struggle, or even just the simple things like physical provisions. I’m grateful for the compassion on this blog. I ask for your prayers today Bill.

3 Responses to Prayers Please

  1. lypenner says:

    Thank you so much Bill for your prayers and sharing my request. June was worse for headaches for some reason and yesterday had been quite a low day, where my frustration seemed to put me in a tiny box with no way out. It helped so much just to “put it out there”. I feel that God answered the prayers because I received some good insight into the “why” of the headaches lately, emotionally speaking. A good friend gave me some feedback. I still woke up during the night last night with one, but the frustration was gone and peace came in its place. Thank you God. Now we’ll see how tonight goes, but hopefully the skies will clear a bit more for July as I start to let go of some of the anger I hadn’t been aware I was carrying.

    I wanted to share a blogpost I wrote today if anyone is interested in reading more about it. We all deal with limitations in some way, I think that’s what brings all of us back to this blog, since we relate to you and the challenges you face, in our own ways. So your spiritual practice is very helpful for us all Bill.

    Anyways, here’s my latest blogpost, on the topic of “pruning”.

    Thanks again. Wishing everyone peace.

  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – thanks for the update and news re Lydia .. yes you both have my thoughts … so challenging for everyone.

    Lydia’s post on pruning aspects of our life, to help retain our own clarity while we progress … I can appreciate that.

    All the very best – Hilary

    Thank you Hilary

  3. Mel says:

    As asked, I pray and continue to pray. I struggle to “accept hardships as the pathway to peace” and life as it is, today. I hear what Bill says well and I’m reminded that it’s ‘easy does it’, it’s a process, and troubles shared are troubles divided. Sound like you remembered that as well. It’s what keeps me sane. I’ve learned to surround myself with people who will tell me the truth. As smart as I am (LOL!!) I can delude myself and narrow my vision to see only what justifies my ’emotions’. In my case, I tend to omit facts/truths. Those people who care about my life speak truth to me and point out what’s obvious to them but oblivious to me. They truly are ‘lifesavers’ and help me stay the course. Living with a chronic condition wears on a person. It’s required grieving and acceptance and establishing support in numerous places for me. And it’s required humility–I get to ask for help. And I get to decide, on a daily basis, what I’m going to allow to ‘define’ me that day.
    I’ll continue to pray.
    You, me, Bill– we’re all precious children of G-d. Don’t ever forget that.
    *sending hugs and prayers*

    Mel, hugs and prayers right back to you. “Accepting hardship, the pathway to peace”. What a powerful statement. A statement that applies to everyone in our day to day lives and not just those with chronic health conditions. I almost have to laugh at myself as I think back over my life. How much my thinking my reality has changed. In the past I perceived many hardships in my life. These perceived hardships set me to fretting, worrying generally just myself my life miserable. Today, I have a different perception as do you as to what a hardship truly is. You my friend, by anyone’s definition know what it is like dealing with a real hardship.
    How do you deal with that? If things are totally beyond our control, coming to acceptance of our new reality is the only way to bring peace of mind. Easier said than done I know. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind.
    We can all learn yet another lesson from you. Surround yourself with loving supportive people. People that love you enough to be there for you in a supportive way. But, also show that love by being willing to tell it to you as it is. I know I can rationalize things out in my own head to the point of justifying anything that suits my needs or wants. It is so wonderful you have people in your life that loves you enough to call you on some of the rationalizations. Help us maybe look at things from a different point of view of even right down to the point of telling us we are plain acting like an idiot.
    Take care my friend and please check your email.

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