Trip to the hospital

I have written about my episodes. Had a particularly hard one. Chest pain much worse. Got a sharp pain in left arm, which turned to numbness with total loss of strength in hand.
With a little coaxing and ear pulling Vi got me to the hospital. By the time we got there I could already tell the session/episode was ending. They did monitor my heart rate in the 130’s. Blood pressure I think was 72/50. I guess it is good they got that on file as within minutes everything was back to normal and I felt fine.
I was obviously not any sort of priority and understandably. We sat there for well over 3 hours and were still told by front desk they had no idea how much longer wait would be.
I could tell cardiologists were very busy just seeing the people around me and hearing the numbers of times EKG was being paged. I have had enough of my episodes that when it ends, it is over and I am fine until the next one hits and that could be minutes, hours or days. Did I think I needed to take up the time of the Docs in the ERwhen there were those that needed there attention. Don’t think so.
Went to the triage desk. Told them I was fine and going home. They weren’t thrilled but removed the IV and home we came.

2 Responses to Trip to the hospital

  1. Dan Cee says:

    Good for you to decide not to wait around in the ER. My Mother had heart trouble with two MRIs and four strokes. They told her she was terminal. In the time she had left she would get chest pain and her care giver would call the ambulance and she would go to the ER. The last time she went she sat in a wheel chair all night and when I got a call telling me she was in the ER and ready to go back home I went to pick her up. I took her back home and she told me that she did not want to ever go back to the Hospital again. There was nothing they could do for her. I then told her care taker not to ever call for a ambulance again but she could call me. Mom lived another three Months. One Morning went I went to check on her she was sleeping peacefully then she took one deep breath and died, never woke up. This was what she wanted.

    Hi Dan, nice to hear from you again. I am sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. I am glad you were able to follow through with what you knew to be her wishes, good job.
    Working on a post which I hope to have up today or tomorrow actually discouraging people from leaving the ER. I most cases it is not a good idea but there are exceptions as we both know

  2. Mel says:

    Three hours is a chunk of time–and knowing what the history has been, I understand the decision. I don’t know that, if I were Vi, I would endorse it or feel at peace with it. And I know I’ve said it before, but I’m feeling inclined to say it again (LOL)–if the ‘here’s when you need to get in the car and get your rear to the ER’ had the seal of approval from your cardiology team….maybe that would provide Vi with some peace of mind. As is, given the new symptoms, I think she did the right thing by grabbing you by the ear. She was scared and concerned. And, as you’ve noted so many times here, it’s tough for the family. Tough for you, too…I know.

    I’m concerned, too. This last while has been such a physical struggle. Things have changed dramatically for you. You’ve done well to emotionally wrap your head around the huge changes. I’ve struggled doing that with the (small in comparison) changes in my life–accepting limitations isn’t high on my list of “fun things to do”. LOL
    I continue to learn through you/from you…and I’m grateful for the difference you continue to make in my life.
    *sending hugs and peaceful thoughts*

    Mel, my fear friend. It is so very good to see you back. You have been greatly missed. Many, myself included are greatly worried about you.
    Don’t minimize all that you are going through. Put great physical pain into the mix and I cry like a baby. OK, maybe I don’t actually cry, Howdle men don’t do that. But it certainly changes the way I am able to face or deal with things.
    Accepting new physical limitations. I can easily understand your struggle with that. Through this whole thing that has been my greatest struggle.
    My mind like to play tricks on me. Often I still seem to think I am 20 years old, strong as an ox and bullet proof. It is very humbling when the body doesn’t/can’t live up to the minds expectations.
    So good to see you back my friend.

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