Me: Stubborn as a Mule

Every once in a while a though will hit me. I will hear or read something that inspires a thought for a post. I come on here and start a post but only type a sentence or two with the gist of the idea. I save it as a draft with the idea I will come back later and complete the post. It may be weeks, months or years before I do get back to it and usually by then “memory guy” lives up to the title and what ever idea I had is gone.
Looking through them last evening and I can across a couple that I do have some memory of. Possibly I remember as they sort of stroke the male ego a little.
Some time back I was in the hospital, possibly a heart attack, I don’t remember.
From the note I left myself here, I remember the gist of a conversation I had with a nurse. Now I can’t remember the lead in, but, Our conversation went something like this:
Nurse: you have the courage of a lion.
Me: huh?
Nurse: a lion has the curiosity to know what is going on around him. Then fearlessly faces it head on. Much like how you are dealing with your whole situation.
Me: (surprised but flattered) huh, thank you. I am sure my chest puffed out a little.
Nurse: you have the internal and external strength of that lion, no matter what you just power your way through it moving ahead.
Me: feeling really flattered, well thank you. I am sure my chest was puffed out to the almost bursting level.
Nurse: and you are like a mule.
Me: a mule?????
Nurse: too determined or to stubborn to give in to anything thrown at you.
Me: a mule, ahh, hmm, well thank you. Chest deflating a little.

I know there was more to the conversation that I just don’t remember. I read the note I had left myself and got a chuckle out of the mule thing.


One Response to Me: Stubborn as a Mule

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – it’s funny how we adjust to what life throws at us … the mule connotation is also such a good one too … way too stubborn to give in, yet courageous as a lion facing what he needs to do … so I think your chest should inflate some more …

    Yet – the moral perhaps could be a fable … your chest needs to inflate, deflate, reflate … a good story to think about as exercise and the breath … take care – love this post …

    Laughter too is such a great exercise and happiness bringer … have a good weekend – Hilary

    Thank you Hilary and I hope you have a great weekend.
    I’m glad I left myself that reminder I the draft post. I got a good chuckle out of it and had to share.
    It brings to mind the power of words. I really don’t remember the circumstances other than I was in the hospital. Possibly I was going through a bit of a tough patch and it was said to boost my moral, which it most certainly did. Very possibly such things are said to all patient. I just know the affect it had on me.
    It serves to remind me of the power of words.
    I am just laying here thinking. I do remember those words can from a Lady, a doctor, a nurse I don’t remember. I am trying to figure out in my mind, if they would have had the same impact coming from a male. I am not sure but I don’t think so. Have to think about that.

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