Individual Privacy

Haven’t been on line much of late. Energy level is near zero. Spend virtually my entire day in or on the bed. Thank goodness for TV in the bedroom. Constant rapid heart beat causes extreme fatigue. Low blood pressure, light headed, dizziness. The ablation, designed to improve quality of life seemed to have had the opposite affect. It was done on the right side of the heart which some how seems to have made the left side act up. Breathing has been an issue for years but that difficulty seems to have been ramped up considerably.
I am tired of my health issues being the many focus of everything. Struggling to come to acceptance of my new level of physical activity. Been in this situation before and know I can deal with it.
Hey, I am a hockey fan. Have cheered for the Black Hawks since I was a kid. Last night they won the Stanley Cup. Now that makes me happy.
One of my greatest enjoyment is early in the morning just sitting at the table sipping my coffee and reading the paper. After I read an article, I often like to sit back and think about it. I know there are 2 sides to every story. I try to imagine myself being on the other side of the story. I look to see if I can get even a glimmer of understanding of the rational or thinking of who ever committed the crime or what ever the story is about. Can I imagine a set of circumstances that would lead me to do the same. It is just a silly game I play. The vast majority of the time I just end up shaking my head, nope can’t get my head anywhere close to even the slightest understanding.
Here is an example of what is banging around in my head today.
There seems to be a big issue about personal privacy. By this I mean what the Goverment is entitled to know about us. In the war on terror, it has apparently been made easier for the security agencies to “spy” on us, by tapping our phones, reading email etc.. Bluntly, I don’t care. I can’t imagine why any police or government agency would ever want or see the need to listen to our phone conversations. But, go for it, just don’t care. If you have nothing to hide why would you care.
I would go as far as saying, so much of this is just designed to protect the bad guys. I would even be in favour of setting up some sort of national DNA data bank, containing the DNA of absolutely everyone. If that was available to police how many more bad guys would be caught. Why would the average person care if their DNA was on file?
That’s in my head today. Let me know what you think.
I find playing these mind games is a good distraction from other thoughts that can creep into my head

6 Responses to Individual Privacy

  1. M T McGuire says:

    I pity the poor person at MI6 who gets lumbered with reading my emails! I agree in principle, unless the state decides to use my information against me or if ISIL hacked the mainframe. Otherwise and a bank seems quite a good idea to me.



    Very nice to hear from you my friend. You get my point. In the war on terror and just crime in general wouldn’t it be easier for the authorities and harder for the bad guys if everyone’s DNA was on file. If you are an innocent person you have nothing to worry about. Why would or should I care if my NNA was on file?

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Or even a dna bank. Blummin auto correct! 🙂

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – I can’t even keep up with all the things I have to do on line .. so good luck to them if they really want to check out all my ‘stuff’ … waste of their time.

    But I like your idea of cogitating a story from the paper … each paper has its biases …

    I hope you can get some relief … all the best – Hilary

  4. Martha says:

    Take care Bill! Martha

    Thank you Martha, it has been a while. Please stay in touch.

  5. lypenner says:

    Morning Bill. I love how you imagine the stories in the paper, it seems like a wise thing. I would consider that prayer. I’m sure many people would just write off the bad news instead of trying to imagine the bigger picture. I remember reading that the Dalai Lama said if we could enter the life of a hardened criminal, and go way back to his/her origins and all the life events, we would weep with compassion and love for what they have gone through to harden their hearts. And you’re so right, as imperfect as our upbringings were, we have had lives of privilege and love, and it helps us remember, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

    As far as the government “knowing” my information, I’m with you, I really don’t care. Maybe the idea of a DNA bank will get out there and that will be one of your legacies!

    Glad you have distractions to keep your focus off the zero energy situation. Maybe it’s time that newspaper carrier got another random act of gratitude tomorrow morning for such faithful delivery 😉

    Thinking of you today. Glad it’s not too hot or humid for you today.

    Hi Lydia, so nice to hear from you mt friend. My little newspaper exercise is good in a couple of ways. It is a good distraction but it also causes me to really think as I try to put myself on the other side.
    I love the Dali Lama quote it is so true. How can we ever know what brought another person to where they are in their lives.
    I realize I am just playing a mind game with myself. By trying to open my mind to at least try to get a glimmer of understanding is helping me to be less judgemental. At least to the point of accepting there are 2 sides to every story and I only know one.
    Yes, there are stories that I know are beyond my ability to understand in the slightest and I don’t even try.
    It is just a fun thing but I am learning from it

  6. Mel says:

    How wise is that Dali Lama…and how true, if we open our minds and our hearts. I think it’s a exercise in strengthening compassion. I often challenge others to stretch themselves in that direction. I think it’s part of the gift, getting to do what I’ve been blessed to do for 35+ years. I work with folks who’ve made some desperate choices. I don’t condone the choice, but I do try to stay away from judgement. I haven’t walked where another has walked and I don’t know their life story…I’m sure if I did, I’d weep. I can only imagine the horror and traumas some folks have survived. But I can steer clear from judging, even if I could never justify doing as they’ve done in my own life. It’s a good exercise, this ‘game’ you play. Yes, it’s a diversion from the health issues (I know even I tire from how much airtime I give my health issues–thank G-d for diversions!), but it’s a push to develop compassion even if you can’t ever imagine yourself doing the actions another chose.

    So keep reading that newspaper, keep stretching your mind, keep helping me stretch mine!
    And any time you need a diversion feel free to come here and share those awesome tales of your growing up years! They make me smile!

    Oh–and as for my privacy and ‘right’ to privacy…I don’t mind one way or another. I was taught lonnngggg ago to always act as if some one is watching my every move.
    Cuz The Big Guy IS. LOL.
    And if that ain’t enough for me and “Big Brother” is MORE of a deterrent….wow….guess I’d know what I need to be working on!
    Just sayin’! 😉

    *hugs and prayers*

    Mel, great to have you back. The wisdom you share is so very often greater than anything I might share.
    Being judgemental, so wrong to do, while so easy to do. I think we all do it daily to some extent. I am just blow away by the extremes some take it to. Beyond my comprehension .
    If use to keep us safe, I am in favour of authorities doing virtually anything and everything they need to. I can’t image why they would ever want to listen in to my calls but if they should feel the need, go for it. They will sure be pretty bored listening me to blow kisses to my granddaughters. It is only the bad guys that need to worry.

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