Want too respond to each comment individually

Going to spend time responding directly to the wonderful supportive comments left for me. Please know all are read and so much appreciated. Depending on how I am feeling, I read and take comfort from them but don’t always have the energy to reply individually. It is always my desire to respond, immediately, but how I am feeling determines that.
Been a tough week with lists of “heart action” and discomfort.
Last evening was the worst, ended up spending the evening in the ER. Resting heart rate was in the 180’s with big shortness of breath. Amazing the medications available. Fill me with drugs and feeling better within 1/2 hour or so.
Been having a lot of light headed ness and dizzy. Blood pressure has a lot to do with it. At one point blood pressure was 72/58want
Now on a new medication, hopefully that helps.

4 Responses to Want too respond to each comment individually

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Blimey Bill, sounds like you’ve had a pretty trying week. Hope the medication sorts it out. Thinking of you.



  2. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – I sure hope it helps too .. but it’s good to hear from you – all the very best – Hilary

  3. lypenner says:

    It’s your lucky day Bill. Saturday is the day I go down to the river and say a prayer for friends who are battling some kind of physical issues, so the Big Guy will hear about you soon down at the Assiniboine River! 🙂 By the way, I hope you feel free to respond or not respond to each comment, no pressure. I do know that you read and are strengthened by everyone’s support. Glad Vi finally convinced you to go to the ER, and glad they were able to help you. Many prayers for you today as you settle again and heal. Love, Lydia

    Thank you Lydia, prayers are always appreciated. You are so right in that I do read, am comforted and encouraged by each and every comment. Be the comment long or short, I treasure each and everyone.
    I learned an important lesson from this last trip to the ER. The last thing I want to do is cause Vi extra worry and I know each and evert ER visit does that. Combine that with the fact I really don’t want to go and the norm is, it usually ends up with Vi grabbing me by the ear dragging me out of the house.
    Generally, I try my best not to whine and complain about the little issues that are my reality. She knows I have constant chest pain and hears my difficulty in breathing at times, she has seem me fall and is like on constant watch to rush me to the hospital.
    It caught her a little off guard when I suddenly said I needed to go to the ER. It has to be really bad if I with no prompting wanted to go. It obviously elevated her stress level. In hind site I could have just moaned or whined and she would have been on it like a flash suggesting the ER. I could have then quickly “reluctantly” agreed. Time wise it would have made likely about a minutes difference. In stress for Vi it made a huge difference. It went from one of our “routine” visits, to this has to be bad if I am flat saying we have to go. Lesson learned

  4. Mel says:

    OR….you could just tell her you’re going to TRY to be more responsible and cooperative so she’s not stressing? LOL. But …. letting her think it’s her idea can be the answer if that works!
    Thanks for checking in. In no way do I ever expect a direct comment. What I do appreciate, however, is a quick note here so this little community knows that you’re “okay” and getting what you need. It gives us the ability to pray with knowledge — well, it gives me the lowdown on what I want to talk with the Big Guy about….LOL. NOT like He doesn’t already know. I’m sure He’s happily listening though, given my “charge” is to love Him and love others! He wants to hear!


    *I* feel better knowing how you’re doing, plain and simple. I like to be able to rest knowing you’re as “okay as you can be given the circumstances”.
    So, just for ME (LOL) a simple one liner here, is appreciated.

    Knowing that you’re still reading our messages here, brightens my day.

    Sun’s out, it’s in the 50’s and I can exit the house without sunglasses, finally. I had some bacterial infection going on that went into my eye. THAT was great fun. I got to put on my “shades” and act “all that and a bag of chips” for a bit. Felt a bit like Men in Black so I was looking for aliens and zapping them from afar with a ray gun disguised as my mechanical pencil. ROFL. Gotta make your own lemonade from the lemons life hands you, right–leastwise that’s what I’ve heard you say. That and “go do kind things for others and maybe they’ll do the same–make someone else’s day”.
    So…I’m off to do a bit of raking. And I’ll include the front of my neighbors yard since he’s sick with pnemonia.
    And I’ll start putting together a welcome basket for the new family that’s moving in across the street.
    That’s all done cuz I stopped here and reminded myself.

    Hugs to you, and healing thoughts.
    I send prayers for you and Vi.

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