Having a bad day, think about this

I just read the most heart breaking story in today’s Winnipeg Free Press. If I have been carrying any element of poor me, reading that article certainly slapped it right out of my head.

There is a couple in Toronto currently facing an impossible choice. The article shows a picture of two little girls. They appear to be about 4 or 5 years old. They look healthy and happy. But, as we know looks can be deceiving.
Both little girls are dying from an incurable liver disease. The liver is an amazing organ. I believe it is the only one in the body that can regenerate itself. Now that means it is possible to take a portion of a healthy person’s liver, transplant it into someone in need of a transplant and both can be fine. For this to happen both donor and recipient have to be a medical match.

Here is the catch with this story. The father is a perfect match for both girls and is more than willing to donate a portion of his liver. He can only donate enough to save one of his daughters. How can you possibly decide which of your daughters to donate the liver to. Deciding which will live and which will die. What a position to be in. I can’t even begin to imagine. They can’t make that decision and are leaving that choice in the doctors hands. My heart breaks for them.

Think you are having a bad day. Try imagine yourself in their place. I bet suddenly your day doesn’t seem so bad does it. For mr it puts things into a different prospective and suddenly my situation pales in comparison


15 Responses to Having a bad day, think about this

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Jeez, that’s awful. Poor things. Surely there must be a match somewhere. Someone must be able to help them.

    I certainly hope someone can help. What I gather from the story is there are no compatable organs available. The family has come forward with their story to encourage organ donations. This in the hope it will increase the chances of one becoming available

  2. Mel says:

    Holy cow….how do you decide and be free from guilt/anger. Even if the choice is to have another decide, there’s the guilt that you let that be the decision. *sigh* What an awful situation to be in…what joy that there’s hope for one. Pray for time for the other, livers do wonder rejuvenation. Pray, pray, pray…..and pray some more…
    And yeah….it does give some perspective. My decision-making today don’t include anything CLOSE to this….

  3. rangewriter says:

    I remember watching a heartbreaking movie on that very topic: Sophie’s Choice.

    I remember watching that movie. It was back when my kids were small. It actually gave me night mares

  4. Riverwatch says:

    Sometimes the troubles of our fellow travelers help us shoulder our own burdens better because our load seems light in comparison. Thanks for sharing this circumstance with me.
    I rejoice that the dad can save one of his daughters and I like his decision to let the medical team decide which. He sounds like the best kind of dad.

  5. Mel says:

    Checking in….and checing up on you, sir.
    Hoping you’re finding joyfilled moments by the fist full.

  6. lypenner says:

    Hi Bill. You’re still in my prayers. Hope you and Vi are both well in these cold cold days of winter.

  7. Helene says:

    How are you doing? Haven’t seen any posts lately. Hope you are hanging in there.

  8. Betty says:

    Hi Bill…..Thinking of you. Wishing you and Vi well. Spring is around the corner and your front step awaits you Bill.

  9. Rosita says:

    Bill, hope you are you doing okay. I’ve been reading your posts for sometime now. It’s amazing to me every time I think of how many people you have touched and helped with your story. I feel as if I know you. ‘m sure I’m not the only one who comes here to check on you. Hoping to see you back soon.

  10. Mel says:

    Okay….don’t make me start fretting, Bill. I don’t like to fret.
    Check in, please. People start to worry. (Not mentioning any names!) :-/

  11. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    OK!! I’m with Mel…please don’t make me fret either! Is all OK? Thinking of you often and praying for you always, Wiseman.

    • lypenner says:

      Hi Mel and Irene. I left a phone message with our favorite blogger last weekend that I was thinking of him. He then left me a message too. He says he’s getting by, going through a “bit of a stumble” lately, but hoping to get back on the blog soon. He was very appreciative of the thoughts and I’m sure continued prayers for him are welcomed, as always. I hope Bill doesn’t mind me sharing that with you all.

      • Betty says:

        Thank you for sharing. I have also been concerned, I’m sure Bill is fine with you sharing as we are his blogging family and families stick together in good times and not so good, or at least they should,

      • Mel says:

        Thanks so much. I read this but couldn’t comment to thank you.

  12. Rosita says:

    Thank you lypenner for the update. Will continue to send thoughts and prayers for him.

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