Dying Man’s Daily Journal – in memory of dear Aunt Isabel

Today is a sad day in the Howdle family. Today a large portion of the family has gathered in Swan River to say good bye, to honour and celebrate the life of Isabel Howdle. Sadly, I can’t be there in person to celebrate a life well spent during her 87 years on this earth but know I am there in spirit.
Any that have followed the blog may remember, I have written about my Dear Aunt Isabel on many occasions. Visits were wonderful and so often spent facing each other down over a crib board. Between we even created our own little special tournament, “The Championship of the World”. In this Auntie proved to be a very worthy opponent, so worthy, I believe she took that title with her every time we played. Now to be sure while playing we were both playing to win but the final score or who actually won wasn’t at all important. What was important was the time we shared. That is time for which I will always be grateful. Special memories will be carried in my mind and heart forever.
Aunt Isabel had a very kind and unassuming nature but was a very strong lady. Through what can only be called very difficult financial times she raised 11 children. Each of whome I am proud to claim as a cousin. Carol, John, Joe, Jim, Shirley, Gloria, Ken, Doug, Garry, Sherry and Clifford. All of whom loved and respected her deeply. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you.
Aunt Isabel often leading by example raised a family that I admire each as individuals but also as a family unit. That family “unit”, the bond they all have together is one that I envy and admire very much. Good job auntie. This may sound a little corny even, but their family unity I would describe a being something like that of the Walton’s as seen on TV.
There is a saying you can’t choose your relatives, only your friends. Well if somehow, I could choose my relatives. I know who would be my very first pick to have a an Aunt.
Aunt Isabel, you have filled my heart and mind with memories, I will treasure forever. I am sure you have a crib game organized up there in Heaven. Please hold a chair open for me in the tournament and we will play again

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – in memory of dear Aunt Isabel

  1. M T McGuire says:

    That’s a lovely tribute. Aunt Isabel sounds unbelievably cool.

    Thank you

  2. mark lowe says:

    So sorry to hear that Bill sounded like an amazing lady thinking of you all

    Thank you, Mark

  3. hilarymb says:

    Ho Wonderful Bill to read about Aunt Isabel – but I am sorry to hear of her death … but she had a long life and you have very happy memories of her … I’m sure that crib game will be on hand when you get there …

    Eleven children .. incredible … cheers and with thoughts on this time – Hilary

  4. Mel says:

    Eleven children in our day and age…..what an amazing woman. And what a tribute and honor to “pick” Aunt Isabel. Seems to me she chose you, too sir. I doubt everyone got to play her for the championship of the WORLD, yaknow.
    And I seem to recall you held the title for less than 24 hours….once….until she skunked you silly. LOL
    I always felt like I was at the table with the two of you, I think because of how joyfully you wrote of the friendly competition, how much your love for her shined through….and how clear it was that you were well loved by her, too. Still are, no doubt.
    A heart big enough for 11 children…..one you could get wrapped snuggly in.
    My prayers and healing thoughts to you and the cousins. There’s a neverending love still present, of that you can be certain. It lives in all of YOU.

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