Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday Gifts Please

Another milestone reached. Today is my birthday. So many things have happened over the past years, I have been told so many different things by doctors that to have actually reached this point, in my mind seems almost miraculous. I give thanks.
This year there has been so much going on, I sort of lost track of the calendar. Big thank you to Jennie for the reminder and do I want gifts. Absolutely, I want gifts, the more the better.

I am asking for random acts of kindness.
Now the size of the act doesn’t matter, for whom the act is done doesn’t matter. All that matters is that purely from the goodness, the love contained with in our hearts we reach out to another. Now there are a few rules here. It can’t something that is already expected of us, it can’t be something we do out of a sense of obligation nor can it be an act for which we are expecting some sort of reward or recognition. It has to be an act of love and kindness straight from the heart. Ideally the acts will be done anonymously if by chance the act is noticed we accept no thanks, instead ask the kindness be passed on.
Now please scroll to the top of this page. Spread across the top you will see a row of names. Each being the title of a separate page I have created to go along as part of the blog. Please check them out and let me know what you think. Today, I specifically ask you click on to open the page titled: “spirit within me”. Please read it and I invite all to join with me in my “everyone is welcome club”. Please leave me a message telling me you have signed on board.
Please leave me a separate message right hear telling me of your kind act. That is your gift to me, hearing of these acts of kindness.
I believe when we come into this world, we do so with an expiry date stamped on our butts. Statistically, I am likely years past that date. Doctors have told me I am at or very close to that date, but I have been hearing things like that for years. Only Our Heavenly Father knows when that date will be. I am more than content to carry on until that Heavenly appointed dated arrives.

9 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday Gifts Please

  1. hilarymb says:

    Happy Birthday Bill – I hope you have one of your good days … and can enjoy yourselves … with Vi and whomever of your friends and family might be around.

    I re-signed to Your Spirit … and do do those things … now I’m off to visit someone who is bed-ridden … have a very happy time – Hilary

    Thank you Hilary

  2. rangewriter says:

    I’m off to start my pay-it-forward deed of the week. May your birthday be a great, happy day for you.

    Thank you

  3. M T McGuire says:

    I keep forgetting the things I do when I’m randomly kind. But if it helps, I try to be randomly kind all the time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY big man. I hope you’re having a lovely day.



    Thank you BC

  4. Sherry Howdle says:

    Happy Birthday my wonderful cousin! I hope you have a wonderful day and like the present I got for you! I ordered sunshine and beautiful weather for you today. I am a preferred customer, so ‘management’ offered to throw in some extra sparkle and twinkle in the star show tonight. I hope you are able to catch even a small glimpse of them. Don’t worry if there is cloud cover. That is the environmentally friendly wrapping paper I ordered. It helps to build the suspense too. The great part is that you don’t have to do anything, just keep looking up, and wait for the clouds to part and the big reveal. The view will be worth it! It is supposed to instantly reboot the “spirit within” (see what I did there?)
    Now, you are probably worried that you may not be able to take in all this fabulousness in one day, or maybe Winterpeg is not cooperating weather-wise. No worries, I am WAY ahead of you. I got you the extended warranty. I am told that as long as you keep your head up, and your spirit up, and think positive thoughts, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the gift. I was reminded that sometimes in order to truly appreciate the beauty around us, we have to go through some dark times. It has to be dark in order for you to truly see the beauty of the stars (and the Northern Lights). I know you are not feel well now, and you are definitely getting older (Congrats again), but just keep your head up and carry on. You need to know that you are a wonderful man and are loved by so many!!
    One last thing, if you do manage to see the stars, you may notice a new one shining brightly. That would be my Momma (your Aunt Isabel) twinkling and shining down on you. She loved you a lot and shared many, many good times with you. No doubt, she is watching over you, and patiently waiting to take you on again for the “Championship of the World”!!!! Happy Birthday Cousin! Enjoy your day!! I will definitely try to squeeze a few random acts of kindness in for you today as well!! All the best to you and Vi. Love you!!
    Cousin Sherry xoxoxoxo

    Hi Sherry, what a beautifully written piece containing such a nice message. As you know I phoned to see where you got such a beautiful message from. Hey, it is a Sherry original, good job.
    As for the stars, I am not sure if ironic is the right word here or not. A couple of nights before I read your message, I was outside and did see a star shining a little more brightly. (OK, it may have been a satellite or something, who knows) But the thought that first popped to mind was, there is Auntie still watching over her family from above. It really struck me when I read your comment about the stars.
    I think you all know I loved your mother very much. I enjoyed and appreciated every moment we had together. Those times gave me memories I will treasure and carry forward with me forever.
    We were unable to attend the formal celebration of her life, but Vi and I did have our own little celebration of her life right here. Part of which was a prayer that when I get there, Auntie is waiting with the crib board and cards in hand.
    Love you cousin

    • Mel says:

      What a brilliant woman. What a testimony of a mother (and father) that gifted her with such loving ways.
      Why wouldn’t Aunt Isabel be glowing, shining brightly on the both of you.
      I’m sorry for your loss…but both of you were so graced, so privileged to be the recipient of such great love.
      (((((( Cousin Sherry ))))))
      (((((( Bill and Vi ))))))

      Thank you Mel

  5. Jennie says:

    Happy Birthday Bill. We are so blessed to have you on the planet.

    I saw a chance for a present yesterday. Some work is being done on the sewer lines at the four-plex where I rent an apartment. Yesterday a young man was in the yard digging and digging, til he nearly disappeared in the big hole. It was sort of a gray day and he seemed kind of glum.

    I went outside and asked if he would like a cup of coffee. He smiled enthusiastically and said yes, please. I took him some fresh coffee and a cookie. I told him how much I appreciate the hard work he was doing because keeping the sewer lines clear is really important work. It’s the type of thing you don’t think much about until they stop working. He seemed pleased. I think it brightened his day a little.

    Okay, so this was no big deal and it is the sort of thing I should be doing all the time. Simply because “Bill’s birthday present” was on my to-do list, I was more aware of the people around me and opportunities to help.

    Thank you Bill for the gifts you give to all of us.



    Hi Jennie, good for you and thank you very much. This is exactly the sort of thing I am hoping for, simple acts of kindness, from the heart. I am sure you brightened his day. With the butter fly, ripple effect who can know how far and wide your kindness may have spread.
    Good for you, I am proud of you. If you have a moment please send me an email to bring me up to date on your life, today

  6. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday Bill. Ya made it another year. You are a very strong man and thank you for looking after Vi.

    Thank you Mary

  7. Mel says:

    Happy Birthday, sir…..belated, but none the less heartfelt. I’m hopeful you glimpsed up. The skies have been filled with moonlight, meteors and sunbeams. I just need to make the time to simply breathe, look up and thank My Creator that I get to receive those gifts.
    I wish I had great tales to share, stories of wondrous deeds, unselfish acts I’d made the effort to make.
    I can only report the small kindnesses I’ve tried to extend. The holding of doors cuz it’s the polite and respectful thing to do, the giving of my spot in line cuz I’m just not that hurried, the offering of change required of another at a register cuz I have it in my pocket and I’ll only send it through my washmachine….. So you see, they’re not genuinely selfless, there’s some ‘payoff’ in it for me. Still….my small acts
    But what I can report is each of those things were met with an overwhelmingly, genuine gratitude…as if I’d done something spectacular and…..almost unheard of or unthinkable. Simple kindnesses, everyday courtesies that got a reaction I just didn’t see coming.
    And each time I’d note it, stand amazed and humbled….and joyful.
    Simple things, like offering up a cup of coffee to a working fella are easy enough to do and yet equally easy enough to miss. Not tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I’ll convert my JOYS list into a Paying it Forward list. Tomorrow I’ll keep tabs on Random Acts.
    What a great JOY that will be…..for everone involved, eh? 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Bill!!

    Ah, Mel my friend. You understand what I am trying to encourage, what I am asking for in gifts. Those small acts that are right in front of us every day. We just have to open our eyes to see them. If we could but see them and act on them we can change the world.
    You said it best when you talked of the joy, wonder and gratitude shown for your acts. You saw them as trivial maybe even inconsequential but look how they were received. Good job. The ripple effect is amazing.

  8. Betty says:

    Belated Birthday Greetings Bill. Wishing you many good deeds on behalf of your special day. I love to help out and do things for others, but still working on something really worthy of being a gift for you. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Wishing you and Vi all the best during and after this festive season.

    Hi Betty and thank you for the good wishes. I hope you will let me know what you come up with for your act of kindness. Any act be it big or small, as long as it comes from the heart is all that matters

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