Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Still plugging away

Start with a big thank you to both Vi’s daughter Lynelle and son Rob. Both traveled long distances to come and provide help and support. It is very much appreciated a big thank you to both. Vi’s progress definitely much slower than she would like. She is having some better days and some not very good at all days. It was very major surgery with numerous serious complications. It is understandable healing will take time. It is just when you are in pain or just really uncomfortable continuously for over 2 weeks it can wear on you. Even knowing it is/will get better seems of little matter in the moment.

I thank all the have donated blood. Vi required blood during her hospitalization as I, myself just a couple of days ago. I ended up in the ER getting a 3 bag blood transfusion. Seems my hemoglobin levels were low. Tests coming up to possibly learn if there is a particular cause. Feeling a lot better after receiving it
Both Vi and I appreciate all the kind loving comments being left by all.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Still plugging away

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill and Vi .. I’m so pleased for you … and appreciate your thanks – though it does go to Vi’s children and to the hospitals and doctors, while those who give blood are amazing. People are just wonderful … all the best with the ongoing recoveries … take care – Hilary

    Hilary, I so totally agree. People are wonderful. People are people irregardless of any “surface” differences we may have.

  2. Mel says:

    Earth angels, those ones. I’m glad they’ve kept watch over the both of you, though I can’t imagine them doing less.
    Gosh, Bill, it’s been a long haul for the both of you. Physically it’s been a scary time. A taxing, disappointing time for Vi and you both. Emotionally it’s been just as taxing. She’s had to contend with the cost of this to her body and the emotional let down from the first procedure. I can’t believe it left her any better, bodily, to have that first experience. It’s just been tougher than tough.
    Toss in her worry for you and yours for her….and getting to deal with your own physical difficulties, some tough losses of people you both loved hugely…
    Well, gosh….what “fun” has this last while been! I hope you can read my dripping sarcasm….(That’s not to say there’s not been fun “moments”.)
    The two of you could stand some time to just catch your breath and wiggle your toes a little bit. But what you get is more trauma to deal with. More physical and emotional heaviness. HOW you manage to keep a decent attitude during these times….(yes, I know…you choose it cuz you know the alternative brings more hardships and life is too precious)

    I’d be okay with you having a bit of a tantrum. LOL. Ya know, a couple minutes of rip snorting, fist shaking, raspberry blowing, jumping up and down, telling the Big Guy how it needs to be N.O.W. tantrumming! But just a couple minutes….so I’d be in good company. LOL
    (((((((( Bill and Vi ))))))))
    Pain S.U.C.K.S.!!
    (In case ya didn’t know….)
    Thinking of you both and sending prayers and positive thoughts.

    Dear Mel, I always appreciate you wise words. I am struggling to maintain that attitude. There is just so much going on.
    Life got turned upside down this past week. I have written many times in the past of my dear and much loved Aunt Isabel. She truly blessed this world with her presence for 87 years. This past week Our Heavenly Father called her home to Heaven. She will be greatly missed by so many. It is a sad time.

  3. lypenner says:

    Prayers to both you and Vi in Vi’s continuing recovery and healing. Tell her don’t worry if it’s taking longer than she thinks it should – I don’t think there are any should’s in recovery. Glad the blood transfusion helped give you more energy Bill. And that reminds me…gotta make an appt to donate blood. You reminded me of the importance. Blessings.

    Thank you Lydia, prayers are always appreciated. It seems when you are in the midst of this recovery is always slower and more painful than we would hope or like. She is getting there. It is one day at a time

  4. Jennie says:

    Glad to hear you are both plugging away and feeling at least a bit better.

    Hey Bill, my calendar says your birthday is coming up and I’m wondering if you want your usual presents? I’m on the lookout random kindness opportunities.

    Hi Jennie, I thank you for the reminder. There has just so much going on the calendar days have just slipped by. Yes indeed, I would love to receive many birthday presents and you got it. The presents I would like would be hearing about those wonderful acts of kindness.

  5. Mel says:

    Thinking of thr two of you…just wanted you to know.

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