Continued prayers for Vi please

The past few days have been long and exhausting. Vi had her surgery on Thursday morning. It was scheduled for 4 hours took closer to 5 1/2. Finally surgeon came out and said everything went well. That was about 5:00 but it would be about 3 hours before we could see her as they had to settle her in the PACU.
Relief settles in. I was with Vi’s daughter Lynelle and sister Debbie.
OK, 3 hours to wait. The ladies decide to get something to eat. I was more exhausted and decided to head home for a bit of a nap. That was pointless as I was so wired up I couldn’t sleep at all.
About 1 1/2 later I get a panicked call from Lynelle. They had returned and learned Vi had been rushed back into surgery. A blood clot had formed in one of the new arteries. Not only could it break free and travel to who knows where, but it was blocking blood flow to the foot to the point the foot was purple. Amputation was becoming a real possibility. Back to the worried waiting. Possible loss of the foot obviously not good but I was more worried about that clot breaking free.
About 1100 pm the surgeon came back to say the clot had been dealt with. She knew we had been there waiting all day and maybe bent the rules a little and allowed us in to see her for a few minutes. She was awake but heavily drugged. It was such a relief to see her but her foot was still purple. Surgeon stated a further surgery would be planned for the next day or two. She would be cut from the groin all the way to the ankle to insert a new vein to get blood to that foot. It would have to be delayed for a few days as at that time she wasn’t strong enough to go through that procedure.
That was Thursday. Yesterday, wasn’t allowed in to see her until 4:00. What a difference. Her foot had “pinked up”, looked normal but was very cold to the touch. They are unable to detect a pulse down in the ankle. The urgency for that next surgery is gone but it is still expected it will have to be done.
Got to spend about an hour with her. Ansthetic was wearing off and she was in a lot of pain. She said she just felt too miserable for company an politely told me to go home and let her sleep. So I did but an heading back this morning.
Next post I will get into my adventures at the heart clinic. Right now the focus is on Vi

7 Responses to Continued prayers for Vi please

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – this is obviously taking its toll .. the best bit of news Vi is hanging in, and they are looking after her … do what you can to rest, de-stress (impossible I know … but …. ) for a short time … and be peaceful with Vi and with her two girls …

    My thoughts – and when you’re ready … we’ll be here – all the very best – Hilary

  2. Betty says:

    Bill, so sorry to hear what Vi has had and is going through. We must be thankful that the clot was discovered and dealt with asap. Hoping you found her with better pain control in place this morning. I am very concerned for you also Bill….this stress can even take its toll on a loved one with no major health issues. Please take care of yourself. My prayers are there for Vi, and also you and Vi’s family. May God give you strength as you all band together for better tomorrows. Thank you for sharing the status on Vi. Am anxious to hear about your experience at the heart clinic……hope things are okay…..more prayers.

  3. lypenner says:

    You have both been in my prayers these last 3 days Bill, and will continue to be. God, and the wise doctors, knows what you need and will see you both through. Hope you’re feeling carried during this trying time.

  4. M T McGuire says:

    Ooo, rocky road. Sounds as if it’s going in the right direction. Still thinking of you guys.


    MTM xxx

  5. Jennie says:

    I’m still praying for you both.

  6. Mel says:

    Still praying over here ss well. I’m so grateful the both of you aee being well taken care of.
    Update us when you can, but first and foremost….you and Vi.
    *sending hugs and prayers*

  7. Mel says:

    Still thinking about you and Vi. Sending up prayers and peace-filled thoughts.
    I’m going to think no news is good news. And with all of us praying–there’s a whole lotta power in that.
    Make sure you’re taking care of you in all this, Bill…..for a whole lotta reasons.

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