Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Rememberance Day – Day to Show Appreciation

Here in Canada, November 11th is marked on the calendar as Remembrance Day. Now, I say marked on the calendar because it seems more and more that is what it is becoming just a day marked on a calendar. I imagine some other countries share November 11th as a day of remembrance, while others may have a different day for that same purpose. The date on the calendar doesn’t really matter, it is the significance of that day that is important and matters and more and more each year we do seem to be forgetting that.

Look at the lives we have today. We have the life we do, thanks to the sacrifice of so many veterans. Stop and think for just a moment a try to realize in your mind how different our lives would be today, had not so many brave young men and women stepped up when called upon by their countries. Think about it many sacrificed their own lives so we can live as we do today. Think about it, that is an absolute statement of fact. Many sacrificed their own lives so I can live the life I do today. How can I not but be grateful, how selfish of me would it be not to be grateful. At the very minimum, could I not observe 2 minutes of silence at 11:00am on November 11th.. There is so much more we could be doing to thank and honor our veterans but at minimum is 2 minutes out of our year to much to ask for.

I think backand am embarrassed to admit to the times that I was somewhere and the 2 minutes of silence was requested. Thankfully, I was always respectful enough to observe this time and sat or stood quietly for that period. How grateful or how respectful was I really being. I stood still and kept my mouth shut for 2 minutes because that was what was expected of me. How often during that period though did my mind just bounce around thinking of my day at the time. The past few years have brought about a change in me and I realize how much I do own to so many. Is 2 minutes of my day once a year to much for me to “sacrifice” to show respect and gratitude to the many that in turn sacrificed their lives for me, I think not.

I need on occasion to remind myself, that this debt of gratitude is not just owned to veterans of years gone by. There are young men and women today, putting their lives on the line so that I may continue to live the life I do. This same gratitude has to extend to them.

I hate war or violence of any type and pray it could all be ended. But, let’s not loose sight of the fact that our military is where ever they are because our country sent them there. Agree with a war, or disagree with it as you choose but never loose the respect for the individuals, that we as a country send into harms way. They are there willing to pay the ultimate price in the service of their country. Individually, the so deserve our respect and gratitude.

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Rememberance Day – Day to Show Appreciation

  1. Mel says:

    I’m so proud of the wee town I live in. The flags were lining the main road into town for better than half a mile. It makes my heart swell every time, brings me to thoughts of who gave/gives us this ‘home of the free’, and leaves me humble and grateful.
    It was Veteran’s Day in the U.S. as well, Bill. And while not every tow lines their streets, I know there are many services, presentations, many means of observance in honour of the past and present military personnel. The 2 minutes at 11 on the 11th is a wonderful tradition I hope we hang on to.

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