Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Venting – dead babies – warning graphic

I really need to vent. I am upset, discussed, plain mad…..

It was on the news yesterday and in the newspaper today. Right here in Winnipeg, actually less than a mile from our home, a terrible discovery was made in a storage locker.
I can’t believe it. The decomposing bodies of 3-4 newborn babies. I am appalled just don’t know what to say. To say I find it disgusting is such an understatement.
They say everyone involved in the discovery from the employees of the storage unit business, police, EMT’s are traumatized. I can’t even imagine, this is all just beyond belief.
Police say more information will be released today. I am torn. I want to hear more but at the same time I don’t. Even thinking about it is just to disturbing.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Venting – dead babies – warning graphic

  1. rangewriter says:

    The depths of human depravity can only be eclipsed by the heights of humanity’s compassion. It’s a weird world we live in.

    You are so right. There is evil in this world but we can never forget the big picture. Love, kindness and compassion far out weigh all

  2. gratia17 says:

    This sounds like it’s just come straight out of a horror story!

    That it is, apparently it is now up to 6.

  3. Hilary says:

    Hi Bill .. this is appalling news – and to think who on earth could do that sort of thing … where is humanity in this life. I don’t want to know more either … dreadful – Hilary

    I was so upset when I read that. I was venting and am actually sorry I up up that post

  4. Mel says:

    “The depths of human depravity can only be eclipsed by the heights of humanity’s compassion. ” Now wasn’t that a very wise thing to say. And I rejoice at the eclipses. Just as I pray for my fellow journeyers.
    We all have moments of being purely human, Bill.
    Be kind to yourself when those happen, it’s a part of what endears you to me.

    Mel as always you are right, love and compassion eclipse all. I was venting when I put up that post. Not a lot really upsets me these days, this DID, in a big way.
    I want this site to be full of love and support for anyone and everyone. I thought of just deleting this post all together as it just doesn’t fit with that theme, in fact I still might.
    You are so right about as all being human. My outrage and need to vent was a very “human” moment for me.
    I write about don’t let things get to you that are beyond your control. I am getting pretty good at that but there are just some things……

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