Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Our Life is in our minds

At different times I have been asked about “life Lessons”I have learned on this blogging journey. I have stated that learning these lessons is one of my goals in doing all of this.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about this and have put up a post or two about what I have learned. Here we go again:

I believe this physical body of ours is but a shelter to house our spiritual being while on this earthly journey. This is hard to explain. We dwell in our bodies but our existence is in our minds. Our minds control our thinking, our feelings and how we see or perceive our world and the world in general. That which is contained within my mind becomes my own little world, my reality. It is where I “live” in that this is where all my thoughts and feelings are experienced. Does that make sense?

We are human living in a very imperfect world. The more we live life the more our brain is impacted by what we see and experience in the world around us. Every experience can leave a permanent mark or lasting impression. Those lasting impressions can settle so deep down in our minds aren’t even aware they are there. Life experience affects us, changes us, be it for the good or the bad.

I am not sure why but it seems negative experiences impact us or our thinking more than do the positive or at least have a much longer affect. Even unknowingly we begin to view the world differently. Our eyes see it the same but our minds can interpret what we are seeing differently. Even unconsciously those deep buried past experiences surface just enough to alter our clear thinking of that moment.

Life lesson for me have been doing a deep self probe. I know I have a lot of useless negative garbage buried way down in my mind. I need to deal with it get rid of it, let it go.

In your physical home on this earth, if it was filled with useless garbage causing you nothing but problems. What would you do with it, well throw it out naturally. If our mind is our Spiritual Home should we pay any less attention to cleaning it out?


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Our Life is in our minds

  1. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Busy summer…really busy! We’re landscaping and trying to so as much of it as possible ourselves. Sorry for not checking in more often. Gotta run!!
    Thinking of you often and praying for you always Wiseman.

    Always nice to hear from you Irene. Good for you getting that work done, doing some of it yourself. As soon as Vi’s flowers are finished we need to be doing a lot of that. Take time to enjoy the summer.

  2. Mel says:

    Boy, Some times I wish I was a computer. Aside from lack of feelings (which get in the way of human thinking), there’s the ability to ‘delete’ and empty the contents in the ‘trash’. Talk about a sweet deal! No need to “process” or “work through” stuff….just analyze the data to determine if it has a positive impact on the functioning whole….if not, ‘delete, delete, delete’!! Love it!! I’m not so sure the end result wouldn’t be worth it.
    But we’re talking every emotion….the pleasing ones along with the not so pleasing ones. No more joy. No more happiness. No love.

    I think those are the top three that would make it a deal breaker for me. I cannot envision a life void of those.

    What I heard when I read this was “we can only know what we know, when we come to know it”. Experiential learner that I am, I had to have that experience in order for the “dots to connect”. But sometimes those experiences didn’t come until I was in my 30’s…..40’s even. I’ve come to trust they happened when I was “ready”….not a minute too soon or too late, yaknow? And some of those horrid experiences were a gift in disguise, even though I never would have believed that could be possible.

    hey Mel. There are times when that delete button would sure make things easier in many ways. But, you are right with that we would loose a lot of what makes us human. All of our experiences the good and the bad bring us to be the people we are today. Life is a journey of learning we “CAN” learn from each and every experience, each and every person we encounter.
    I am about 80% satisfied with the person I am today. But am a work in progress. I am trying to learn from the past and let go of what I have to. No easy matter when you are a slow learner as am I.
    How is the leg?

    • Mel says:

      You are such a sweetheart for asking. It’s attatched and getting me around. Most days the pain is manageable, some days notsomuch. But it’s better than it was this time last year! Gotta keep it in perspective and count the lucky stars, eh! 🙂

      Happy to hear it seems to be on the mend be it a slow mend. Hang in there my friend

  3. Cat says:

    I like this post, Bill. Thank you for writing it.

    And Mel, i think I need one of those “delete” buttons not only for my mind but also for my house! What a great way to get rid of clutter that would be! 🙂

    Hey Cat nice to hear from you, you have been missed

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