Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What makes me more special than you!

What makes me more special than you? Absolutely nothing.

What makes me more important than you? Absolutely nothing.

What makes my thoughts or feelings more valid or important than yours? Absolutely nothing.

What gives me the right to believe that God would love me any more than you? Absolutely nothing.

Because of my culture, ethnic background or even gender, what makes me more important than you? Absolutely nothing.

To honestly be able to feel in my heart has proven to be a big life lesson for me. I have always known those answers in my mind but knowing it in your mind and knowing it/feeling it in your heart are completely different.

How to explain this. I have never out right though of myself as being either more or less important or special than anyone else. All people irregardless of anything are equal, people are people. All should be shown the same respect as we would hope to be treated ourselves. OK, pretty straight forward so far and hey, I am a nice guy. I would not intentionally mistreat anyone. I am sure most reading this would say the same about themselves. But, are we always as nice as we like to think we are? How to explain?

We don’t like having anyone butt into or interfere with our own little worlds. A prime example that comes to mind is telemarketers. They call interrupting our planned time. I have heard people talk about how ignorant or rude they were to that caller. Laughing, I don’t think they will be calling back after what I said to them. I have heard numerous comedians telling jokes about how they treated these callers. Haha.

I have come to think of the telemarketer at the other end of the line being subjected to this abuse. Here you have a person doing a job that I imagine they don’t enjoy that much because of this abuse but it is the job they have and are just trying to do it in the best way they can. Just trying to earn a pay cheque and feed their families. Am I so important or special I can be so rude. I don’t think so. We are all just trying to get by. Earn a living and raise our families.

I came up with a whole list of things here. Getting frustrated in a slow moving store check out line. (My time is obviously more important than those ahead of me). Avoiding eye contact with a street person……. Back to topic.

Reading the paper, watching the news it seems like there is more and more war and conflicts happening virtually all over the world. So many deaths so much suffering and why?

It seems to me there is a lot of the I am better than you thought process going on out there. Or my beliefs/culture/nationality/ancestory is better than yours. So sad. People are people above anything else, no exceptions period.

In all my years as a banker, I would imagine I dealt at some point with some one from every cultural background, every Religious background, the rich, the famous, the powerful and the homeless. Irregardless of any of all that. When you are sitting across the desk from any of them, what do you really have. Just another person sitting there. Circumstances may vary but it is just another person sitting there, no different than me.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What makes me more special than you!

  1. Noel says:

    A very thought provoking post. We all tend to think that we are better that the other people. We deny it, but we live as if the world revolves around us. I am a better lifestyle, my country is better than yours, I have a better philosophy or religion, I have better opinions, etc. It sometimes helps to look at the big picture and consider how minute we really our in this humongous universe. We are almost insignificant, but at the same time important. By the way, How have you been feeling Bill ?

    Noel my friend, you got it, exactly what I was trying to say. I think most of us are like that at least about some part of our lives and to varying levels for each of us. But it is there. We might not even realize it or had given any thought to it. We don’t realize it is there so we deny it. If we truly search our hearts we will find it hidden away deep inside.
    Having a pretty good day today, thanks for asking.

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Absolutely! In the sermon a week or two ago at church the priest talked about contempt. His view that it is when we feel contempt for others, dismiss them that we are able to give in to evil. I think he had a real point. If someone harms us: steals our things, vandalises our property it’s easy to feel contempt, to see them as something below human. Once we feel that it’s easy to wish them (and down the line, perhaps do them) harm. His view was that this is where wars and racial prejudice start, with something simple, even understandable, that doesn’t feel like a sin.


    MTM Right on, my point exactly. Life experiences can change our perception of our own reality. We begin to see the world through our own personalized set of filters. We can begin to see things the way we want to see them or expect to see them. This creates our own reality.
    I want to see the beauty in the world as it truly is, see the truth as it is and not through filtered eyes that can so often distort my perception beyond my own expectations of reality. Does that even make sense?

  3. Mel says:

    Ya know…I’m a selfish, self centered human being who hasn’t yet obtained Sainthood…..YET…. *sigh* Dangit….
    If we examine our fears and motives, honestlt, we’re bound to recognize truth inwhat you, and others are saying,here….bless their honesty. Fear, ego…whichever drives the behavior, it’s there….leastwise it’s there in me. Even in my “smaller”, more humble moments, there’s still a bit of that “better than” residing in me. I am a whole lot less egocentric than I was, but dang….*sigh* It’s still there. Fear of not “getting mine” maybe…dunno….and I’m not convinced that I need to know WHY….it’s enough to know it’s still there, even if it’s not as flagrant as it once was.
    Onceuponatime a wisened person asked me “what if I told you Hitler was in heaven”….and I gotta tell you, it got a huge reaction. Today, I can almost be at peace with that. Almost. LOL Hey,that’s growth. I did say I hadn’t obtained Sainthood, yes? :-/
    Am I AS “at peace” with Bin Laden being there along side the victims of his actions? *sigh* More growth required, obviously.
    Is that a case of “better than”–of course. Leastwise in my world it is.

    I’ve become more tolerant, more patient, more loving….and still there exists in me, that bit that clings to “better than” in some form.

    One of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that we don’t think we’re better than anyone else….and we cannpt change what we deny is there.
    I laugh when I tell others I’m prejudiced. They seem to feel a need to defend me. And I’m aware of others reactions when I offer that I’m prejudiced against the prejudiced, which puts us in the same boat–so now what?!
    See what I mean about that great lie??

  4. Cat says:

    Great post, Bill! Yes; I try very, very hard to be polite and friendly to everyone, but I know sometimes I fail and let a little annoyance slip through, and then I feel very bad about it. I get particularly annoyed on the phone because I don’t like talking on the phone to anyone, even people I like, LOL. I really, really hate being called by telemarketers, but I can’t bring myself to be deliberately rude to them. I just say “No thank you, I’m not interested,” and if they keep talking, I say again, “No thank you. I’m hanging up now. Have a good day.”

    to constantly friendly to everyone an admirable goal, one that I have for myself. So much depends on how I am doing and feeling. I try my best. I am able to control being rude to others. I can easily control that.

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