Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Not feeling so good

Last few days haven’t been feeling so good. A lot more chest discomfort. It is almost constant to one degree or another. Doctors always as the level of pain on a scale of 1 to 10. It seem discomfort at about a 1 level has become my norm. Just enough that you can feel it pretty good.
I go through 4 or 5 episodes a day when that level goes up to about a 4 on that scale. A couple of shots of nitro spray takes it back to that level 1. I am OK with that for who know? Maybe 3 or 4 hours and it happens again.
Have an appointment with the Heart Failure Clinic next week. They have in the past told me, there is nothing they can do other than help manage the pain. There is a surgical option that at best would alleviate some of the pain, but that is all it would do. I can easily live with it as it is so am not considering that option, at least at this time.
A good point to note is when doctors are talking or asking about chest pain. It is not just pain as we consider it to be. It can be a tightness, a squeezing, heaviness really any unusual or different feelings. I’m a little slow, I think, back at the beginning, if asked about my pain level, I thought pain was pain. I may have said I have no pain (by my definition) and I didn’t. I may well have had a heaviness or squeezing sensation and just didn’t associate that as been under their definition of pain. That is important.
Energy level is zero. Some of that could be do to the very and humid temperatures we are having, really affects my breathing.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Not feeling so good

  1. Jennie says:

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling so good Bill. I’m glad at least the pain is mostly a ‘one’ or relieved by the nitro. I seem to recall that August isn’t the best month for you health wise. You seem to feel better in the bitter cold of winter.

    Thanks for letting us know how you’re doing. My prayers are with you, dear friend.

    Thank you Jennie. Always nice to hear from you my friend. Pain is there but is manageable.
    I try mostly ignore it. If I think to much about where the pain is originating, that part of my body. It can get unnerving
    Please stay in touch

  2. M T McGuire says:

    Sorry to hear that Bill. I guess the humidity. Any be contributing, too. I hope the Drs have some suggestions that will help. Take care. Thinking of you.

    thank you

  3. Noel says:

    Hang in there, Bill. Stay in doors and do not hesitate to call 911 if you need to.

    Thanks Noel

  4. Mel says:

    Between the heat, humidity and the pollen count himself is better in the air conditioning. I, on the other hand, don a sweatshirt if I’m inside. LOL….gimme heat and humidity and, just like the corn, I thrive. But notsomuch you, sir. Which means air conditioning and dehumidifiers if you must. Do what you need to do to take care of you, yes?
    And I struggle with rating my pain on a 1-10 scale. I know what the objective is, but I get stuck in that thinking that it’s all good until it’s a 8 or 9–and by then I’m too busy crying and the objective is long gone. You’re wise to recognize each malady comes with its own kind of pain.
    *sending hugs* Rest, stay out of the humidity, eh!

    air conditioner on. Two dehumidifies sucking the moisture out of the air.
    It is important to realize when doctors ask about pain, it is not just pain as we think of it. Their definition or what they are referring to as pain is any sort of different feeling in your chest be it heaviness, squeezing or any feelings out of the ordinary

  5. NSC says:

    I am sorry to now this also, but I appreciate the update. Take care of yourself! You are in our thoughts and prayers…

    I thank you so much

  6. lypenner says:

    Sending a prayer your way, actually God’s way for you today Bill. Good you posted, no doubt everyone’s kind words and thoughts will remind you you’re not alone, I know how that can help the pain seem more tolerable.

    Thank you Lydia. One of the life lessons I have learned through this blogging experience is that kind words of encouragement and loving support can go a long way in both boosting your moral and making even pain or discomfort more bare able. Prayers offered up mean so much.
    Thank you

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