WordPress help needed

I post the blog on the wordpress site. I am running into a problem. Over the past month or so I have started numerous posts. As I love to ramble, posts can sometimes be a little longer than needed but hey that is me. I often write take a break and come back a little while later.

this is causing a problem as when I return, my draft or what I had written is gone. System has gone through an update. It used to auto save ever minute or so. It doesn’t do that anymore. Nor can I see a save button. Can anyone help? Numerous partially completed posts have disappeared 

3 Responses to WordPress help needed

  1. Mary says:

    Bill, the only thing I can suggest is Ctrl S for a Save…it may work..not sure. Try it & let me know. Take care

  2. Mel says:

    Awwwww……….that’s not cool! WordPress has worked so well for you for so long. *sigh* I’m not a member of the WP group. I’ll just hope someone who is can be of help. Hang in there!

  3. I use WordPress, but I have only use my site as a self hosted and have not encountered that problem. I would suggest going to the WordPress help forum.

    Thank you

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