Plan B, surgery for Vi

May 8, 2014

Life has been pretty quiet as we have been “patiently” waiting for Vi’s appointment with the vascular surgeon. Well that appointment was yesterday. There is good news and not so good news. Plan B is being put into play, which involves a much more invasive surgery with a longer and harder recovery time for the patient. After the surgery she will be hospitalized for at least a week. The first 6 weeks at home will be limited to little more than bed rest. Full recovery will be months, it is that big a deal. Her leg pain has become so severe, her mobility so limited she just jumped at the chance to get it done and the sooner the better. Right now we don’t have a date beyond late May to early June. Prayers please.

it has been heart breaking to watch her slow but steady decline. It is all related to the pain in her legs. It must be about 2 years ago it started. When it started she could be on her feet for maybe 20 minutes before her legs began to ache. She discovered by just sitting down for a few minutes the pain disappeared and she was off and running again. Over time that 20 minute period of activity steadily decreased. Now it is down to a minute or two and the pain level has steadily increased.

A simple trip to the store became a test of endurance. As the situation changed it went from the suggestion of a wheel chair getting you nothing but a dirty look to well maybe for a little on bad days, to a grudging OK to now which has become go find a wheel chair. Here I am talking about in stores, most of which provide wheel chairs.

Appreciate the gift if life

May 6, 2014

Was poking around in the blog and came across this post. Not even sure when it was from. It really expresses my thoughts on living life. Obviously it was written around Thanksgiving. The date, the upcoming event is not important. Apply it today, tomorrow, everyday

Every day we life is a gift, not a given. It is something we should realize and appreciate everyday. The the human body, the human mind is such an intricate design it is beyond belief. It is so durable, so reliable we take it for granted. It is so durable, yet life can be so fragile and can be gone in a second.

Daily we hear of people killed in automobile accidents or in hundreds of bizarre or unexpected ways. When those people awoke those days, do you think anyone of them could have imagined what was instore for them that day? I some how don’t think so, instead I imagine they just took it for granted they were taking life for granted.

As we rush through our busy lives we take so very much for granted. what I think is the most sad of all is taking health and family for granted and we are all guilty of that. There are thousands of other things in our daily lives. I could go on with an almost endless list, but instead will give just one example that I hope will illustrate the point I am trying to make. If you are realing this you are on a computer. I am not even going to get into how amazing computers or this whole internet thing are. I am going right to the basic, you have electricity. It is an essential to our lives, it heats our homes, lights our homes, allows us to cook our food……. We have it and take it for granted and not appreciate it for one of the gifts we have in our lives, we are the lucky ones, a large portion of the world’s population don’t heve what we take for granted.

Now, as I see it, Thanksgiving is a day set aside to appreciate the wonders in our lives. Now I am speaking only for myself here. For me in the past usually Thanksgiving was nothing more than a gathering of family and sometimes friends. Now that in itself is wonderful. As I think back I realize for me, it was more a party with family and again that is wonderful. But, the “thanks” part, the gratitude part was missing at least in my heart. Often someone would say a prayer giving thanks just before the big meal. Usually, even during that my thoughts were elsewhere, on the meal itself or things I had to or wanted to do while we were all together. Why did I have to hear the words, “you are dying” before my heart was seemingly able to be truly grateful or for my mind to appreciate all that is in my life.

I remember a few times when someone would call on us all to say something that we were grateful for on that day. I think most if not all responded with it being family and again I think that is wonderful. That was always my answer and I meant it. Why is it that so very often it seems that recognition and gratitude of family seems to only last for those few short moments?

In my ususal rambling way I have finally reached the main point I am trying to make in all of this.

I am a very lucky man and I know it. The Good Lord smiled down on me when He gave me the family I have and all the people I have in my life, that most certainly includes all of my dear blogging friends. I am so very grateful for and do appreciate eveyone and every thing. (even electricity).

Let’s for a moment assume you are aware of and do appreciate everything you do have in you life. Again, let’s take it back to the most basic thing of all. Everything I have talked about are things in your life, they are not your life. Have you ever given any thought of gratitude for the basic fact that there is life in your body. Without that spark of life, you simply would not be here to enjoy or appreciate all of the rest.

On a daily basis life is a gift not a given.It is the most wonderful gift of all for without it nothing else matters. Again, it took hearing the words, you are dying before I could come anywhere near realizing or appreciating that.

If we could somehow come to realize and appreciate the value of this wonderful gift, the gift of our own lives, would we live it differently?

The ideal is obviously to be able to appreciate life while in good health. Poor health cam make things so much more difficult but does not mean we have to stop living or appreciating life. As long as there is a spark of life left in this body of mine, I will appreciate it and live it to the fullest.

My beliefs

May 3, 2014

Another redo from back in 06. My thoughts on what makes sense to me. Very sort version of my believes, much more to it.

I often speak of my strong Christian beliefs. I was recently asked what exactly are my beliefs as I have never mentioned any particular Church. It seems at times as if my beliefs are my own as I have never found a particular Church that exactly reflects them. I am sure there is one out there, I have just never found it. I believe all Churches, all Religions and all of the Faiths are good. We were given free will to chose our path in life, so would that not also carry over to our manner of worship. God is always with us supporting and helping us through every step of life. As long as in our hearts we are worshiping , glorifying God and striving to become better people how could any particular format we choose be wrong or bad. My particular beliefs didn’t seem to come from any one source at any one time. But instead slowly developed in my being. All coming from teachings of my mother, reading the Bible and the teachings of many different ministers or pastors etc..

I believe in a loving supportive God. A God that wants all of his children to return to Heaven. We were put on this earth to help us grow spiritually and emotionally. Helping to prepare us for our ultimate return home, to Heaven. I believe we are provided with Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides to help us on our way. Through their innocence small childred are more easily able to see and communicate with these Spiritual Beings. As we grow we loose that pure innocence, all becoming somewhat “jaded” or “tainted” by the world around us. As we loose more and more of the pure innocence we become less and less able to see them. Finally, they are lost to our mind and memory altogether. But that doesn’t mean they are gone, they are just on a different level we are no longer able to see.

They will often speak to us through what we have come to consider, intuition or even gut instinct. If we were able to regain that pure innocence of the young child, we too could talk to them. But so sadly it seems innocence lost, is lost. By putting our hearts and love to God, we can be moving back towards that.

I believe in reincarnation. We go through a series of physical lives, each specifically designed to provide situations where we are presented with opportunities to grow spiritually. Learning something even like patience could be an example. If it is something we need to learn, we could be put in a life setting were we must accept and learn it.

A very rough comparison could be that of a child going throught the school system. Using just grades 1 to 12. Each year the child enters school with a predesigned set of lessons to learn. Each year an evaluation of the childs progress is made and the child either graduates or must repeat the year and the lessons, until they have been learned.

I believe this to be similar to our successive lives. Our spiritual essence is place in a physical body. That physical body is place in an earthly environment that will provide us with the opportunities to grow that each of us individually need. On death, we leave that physical body to face an evaluation day. This evaluation before God, the Heavenly Angels together with you own Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides is a very loving review of your progress. If it is felt you have learned the lessons needed you will move to the next level “grade” and begin again this time with a new set of lessons to be learned. If you have not learned the required lessons you will “fail the grade” and have to repeat it.

Either way you return to this earth in a new physical form. The difference being, either in a much different setting to learn the new more advanced lessons or back to much the same situation you were in previously to learn what we missed the last time around.

I do not know how many different levels of lessons we must past through until we “graduate” to Heaven. I just know God and his appointed Angels are there to help us every step of the way.

This belief possible explains why I do not fear death. I wish I could say I feel I have learned all the lessons. I know I have learned some but not all, I am sure.