Life is to be lived not endured

I have said it many times. Life is to be lived and not endured. How is it we so often don’t see the beauty, the wonders of our own lives until we realize we will soon loose it.

i certainly wish no harm to anyone but I have to believe a near death experience would/could be the very best experience of our lives. It being assumed full health is restored after. You do see things differently, you appreciate all that you have so much more. It takes work, effort on our part. Life really is one of those things that the more you put into it the more you get back. 

Life is a journey. A journey in which we get to choose our own path on a day by day basis. Every day we wake up is a new beginning. The first day if the rest of our lives. Ultimately all our individual paths end up at the same end, the same destination.

while on the journey how we choose to live us up to us. Every morning as we face a new day we have a very real choice to make. Am I going to live this day to the fullest. Make the best I can out of what is before me and be happy.

Or, am I going to waste the day feeling stressed, neglected, up upon……….

my days are very limited, I don’t want to waste any part of anyone of them

One Response to Life is to be lived not endured

  1. osomann says:

    Thank you for timeless reminder that everyone needs now and again. Today for me is again.

    thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share your comment.
    Live each moment to the fullest. Really it is all we have.

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