Create a bucket list

The more I think about it the more I believe everyone irregardless of age, health or anything else should have a bucket list. What is a bucket list? Well, it is a list of things I/you want to do before you die. Speaking for myself and from generally what I see around me, few if any seem to even think of such a list until their time is limited and health compromised. By that time it is often to late to realistically be able to do many of these things. Here I can speak from experience.

The very term bucket list seems to have a negative feel to it. Maybe a name change to say “life accomplishment list” would be more appealing. A list of things we would like to do at sometime in our lives. Now just having the list is but the start. We also need to be working towards achieving it. If we are not at least doing something, even taking little baby steps towards it, it will fall by the wayside and remain but a fantasy.

That is where I find myself with a fantasy bucket list together with another list. This one being the list of “if only’s” and the “why did I wait so long’s”.

Here is my list from about a year ago. Progress is being made. I will try and get an update up soon


I have long had a bucket list. I have been able to empty it at least twice. I am content with that as I have reached the point where I am struggling to come up with realist wishes to put into it. That leaves me with my fantasy bucket list. Now I have been thinking and realize these items are pretty much beyond my control which is why they are on the fantasy list. I realize though there are a few that I can at least take a shot at it, like nothing ventured nothing gained.

My fantasy bucket list:

1. Regain health and live another 25 years. Well I have to accept that one is beyond my control. I am comfortable knowing that is in the hands of our Heavenly Father, I can still hope.

2. Win the lottery. Now I do know I could help my chances out here by at least buying a ticket now and again.

The next few relate right here to my dear blog. Are they attainable, I don’t know. Are they a stretch, for sure or they wouldn’t be on the fantasy attainable ??????

3.Reach 500,000 hits.

4. Reach the 10,000 comments mark.

5. The annal report sent out by the web site showed in 2012 the blog had been read in 145 different countries. Apparently there are 195 different countries or independent states in the world. How would i reach that other 50 I don’t know but wouldn’t that be fantastic to know it had been read in every country in the world.

6. Have at least one comment left by at least one member of all of the different faiths and religions of the world. Dying is not just a Christian thing, this site is not intended to be strictly a Christian site. I think for this one I would have to be satisfied with someone from the major Faiths.

7. Meet in person for coffee of something at least 10 of you my blogging friends.

Obviously I am going to need a lot of your help with this. Suggestions, thoughts please.
I came across a saying it was something like this: “If we wait until the time is right to do things, we will spend the rest of our lives waiting”

2 Responses to Create a bucket list

  1. Dan says:

    Don’t make a list of If Only or why I waited for so long, Let them go, you can’t change anything by listing them. Don’t make a wish list of things you cannot reach , Do have a goal but be realistic. It will save you allot of worry and worry is unproductive. You don’t need it. Go for the small things you can do each day and be happy when you go a little further then you thought you could. Choose to walk a road that is smooth with few bumps.

  2. Mel says:

    482,037 hits

    Just sayin………

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