Adrenaline pumping

Had something very unusual happen the other day.

Vi and I were both down for a nap. As we both wear CPAP masks, I am sure we make quite the sight. Two of Vi’s sisters were visiting, they were coming and going shopping. We had left the front door unlocked to allow them to come and go as they pleased.

we have wonderful neighbours, a very nice family. They have 3 children that know us well, it is nice having kids in the neighbourhood.

OK, we are sleeping and it came as quite a shock gave me a real start when I am awoken by Niko (the son who is 10 or 11 years old). He had come right into the bedroom. Certainly wasn’t expecting that. But, I am very glad he did. He was obviously very scared. He and his younger sister had arrived home from school and could hear someone in their basement. “Could I Please come over and help them?”.

Now their 16 year old sister (attends a different school) would be arriving home within minutes but that is not something to leave for her to face. Without even thinking I put on my pants, grabbed my baseball bat and went running. I am expecting it is creaky floor boards or something. Once in the house though I realize I can hear someone down the basement, whoa.

I have the bat at the ready and start yelling. I hear foot steps coming up the stairs and I am ready.

Phew, it was the kid’s uncle. Apparently he comes over to do his laundry but at a set time and this was not the time now was his car parked out front to give the kids any idea it might be him. That got the adrenaline pumping.

I have to commend the kids for being wise enough to reach out for help when the perceive the need. Plus, I am glad they feel comfortable enough with Vi and I to just run into our home when scared.

it has been asked of me, why didn’t you call 911. Straight up, thought never even entered my head, I just grabbed the bat and ran. Not sure if what I did would actually qualify as running.

4 Responses to Adrenaline pumping

  1. M T McGuire says:

    If you still had the CPAP machine on, I bet you’d have scared anyone! Nice to hear the hero is still going strong there. 🙂



    We both had on our CPAP masks. I an sure a real surprise or even shock for the young guy. The hero part I am not so sure about.
    It has me wondering. The brain tumour is located in an area that affects impulsiveness. Acting without really thinking about it. How much might that have played into it? I don’t know.

  2. thandilocks says:

    Ha ha ha. Your last line is hilarious. So glad they feel comfortable with you. And glad it wasn’t any criminal!

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – great to know the kids feel comfortable with you .. and glad all ended safely … and, apart from you both, that it was only his uncle .. hope that taught the uncle a lesson to let them know .. cheers to thankfully a happy ending – Hilary

    Thank you, all is well that ends well. It did give me a start when I realized there actually was someone in there. Glad the kids came to me

  4. Betty says:

    Oh Bill, you and that bat to the rescue again. Thank goodness everything worked out safely. I know you don’t do these things to be a hero, so if the need arises again please do a quick count to ten, deep breath, dial 911. However, I must add what a wonderful and caring person you are. The children are so lucky to have neighbours like you & Vi. They knew your home was a safe place to go.

    I am glad the kids feel comfortable knowing they have a “safe haven” next door. I seem to get into a situation like that and I just react. Hero never enters my head. Kids are scared and needed help.
    I see the neurologist next month. My brain tumour is situated in the right frontal lobe. One of the functions of that area of the brain controls impulsivity, act without thinking. We shall see

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