Danger in rationalizing what we want

The past couple of weeks really haven’t been much fun. Diabetes has been acting up. Blood sugar levels have been a struggle to control for years. Then to be honest I haven’t really been as strict with the diet as I could/should have been.
I have been taking 3 different medications (pills) with varying degrees of success in controlling the numbers. I understand I was pretty much maxed out on the oral medication so now insulin injections have been thrown into the mix. Started with same oral meds plus the insulin. Checking blood sugars 5 times a day monitoring it. This level caused my numbers to bottom out (really no fun). Doctors are tinkering with dosage levels looking for that just right balance.
I am struggling to find the right words here. I really don’t mean this as a poor me but know it could end up sounding that way.
I realize the diabetes is but one more issue I haven’t paid nearly enough attention to most particularly in the diet area.
Now this is the hard part. For over 10 years now I have lived with this “you are dying thing”. It must be close to a couple of years ago now. I was flatly told, I had reached the point of it being down to days, maybe weeks but not months and there is nothing further that can be done. That cheered me right down. But, yet here I am still plugging away. Maybe slowed down but not stopped.
If I have a philosophy I suppose it would be live life, enjoy life to the fullest. That I am doing to the very best I can. I believe that is the only way to live. I do realize you do have to use a little restraint with that, enjoying life to the fullest every moment of every day.
Here I am thinking about the diabetic diet. Sugar is a big one to avoid and I really do work at that (well usually).
Now this is where my own philosophy can work against me. Enjoy life to the fullest. I seem to be able to rationalize and use that thought process to justify almost anything if I put my mind to it. Go for the gusto, enjoy life.
Now back to the diet thing. There are times I seem to get very specific cravings, let’s say cherry pie. Now I know I shouldn’t but then I can start to rationalize to justify it.
It goes like this, “oh that would be good but I shouldn’t. But, oh that would be good. This will run around a few times in my head until I have convinced myself I really want it. But maybe to ease my conscience I have to justify it to myself.
Which goes like this. Hey, I might be in my last few days, I am going to enjoy them, screw the diet.
OK,I just used cherry pie as an example. I think so often all if us find ways to rationalize what ever it takes to get what ever it is we want. Thoughts anyone and I am thinking of life issues.

4 Responses to Danger in rationalizing what we want

  1. M T McGuire says:

    I do have a tendency to tell myself I’ll only live once and stuff my face with cheese. Cheese is my downfall.



    I am so with you on that. The love of cheese

  2. methenandnow says:

    The spell checked version:

    I want comfort when I die. I don’t want promises or guarantees. I want memories and I want to use the vessel and the experience of food to remember. Food gives you these things like nothing else can. It’s not just the taste and the experince of eating it – it’s the ritual of it’s preparation, the common experience of the evening when it was shared and the way the earth moved when the people I’ve loved who’ve shared it with me. When I have that dish again it transports me – it makes my life a better place because of the sheer power of reflection and the appreciation tha that it brings. Food is everything.

    great points, thank you for sharing. A comfortable, pain free passing is what we all want

  3. methenandnow says:

    i’m a terrible typist

    never a problem. You should see my posts at times. Thank goodness for spell check. I know that is not an option when leaving a comment. Don’t give it a second thought.
    I appreciate hearing from people. That you left a comment is all that matters to me. Thank you

  4. NSC says:

    “Have the pie.” It’s a great metaphor for living life to its fullest. Recently, a nurse tried to tell me to limit my 92 year old mother-in-law’s diet. My mother-in-law overheard and said, “Excuse me, how old are you?” The nurse answered 37. ” You watch your diet, girl, I’m 92.”

    Hi, you got it. I believe in living life to the fullest. Suck every minute of living you can out of everyday. That is what I have been trying my best to do. I used the cherry pie just of an example of how we can give into temptation and rationalize it in our minds.
    When I leave this world, I want to do it with a body that is battered, bruised and totally worn out all from the great ride I have had in this life.
    Nice to hear from you

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