Vi’s update

Vi is struggling with her greatly decreased physical abilities. Not knowing what is happening adds to that stress.

about 2 months ago, she had procedures done to alleviate pain in both of her legs. Now it helped with the right leg but definitely made it worse for the left leg. Any that know Vi, know she is like the energizer bunny constantly on the run. That running has been changed to a slow and short walk. The pain becomes such she as to stop and rest.

Now she is not the type to let this stop her. Things like trips to the store are only made when necessary no longer the trips made on a whim. I can go but there are times when she gets cabin fever and just wants to get out. It has been very humbling and even embarrassing  for her to accept that a wheel chair is now needed. A lot of stores now have motorized wheel chair shopping carts.

as humbling as it may have been accepting the fact a wheel chair is required. I has also been liberating for her. Vi and I are different shoppers. I go in with a list of 10 things, I pick those 10 things am in and out in minutes. Vi on the other hand loves to stroll/ride through the isles for seemingly hours looking for specials, new products and I don’t know what. I go with a list of 10 things and come home with 10 things. She goes in with that same list and comes home with 50 things. By accepting the need for the motorized wheel chair she is back to leisurely rolling the isles. I think shopping is linked to female DNA. Lol. I guess it proves you can’t keep a good woman down and where there is a will, there is a way.

Awaiting C scan results. She sees the vascular surgeon on May 7th, who we hope by now has a plan B. It is one thing to go into a surgery and not have it work. That has happened to me. But, it is a totally different situation when you go into a surgery and come out worse.

3 Responses to Vi’s update

  1. M T McGuire says:

    Very glad Vi is enjoying browsing at the store and here’s hoping the surgeon has good news for her. Fingers and toes crossed.



    we both thank you

  2. Mel says:

    I know the humility and the liberation! I did NOT want a wheelchair with this broken leg. I could get around on crutches just fine, thankyouverymuch! The problem was I could get around just fine in small quarters….but not in the world. It took me going stir crazy nutz before I surrendered to a wheelchair and let myself be pushed around. LOL…true! I never did try the motorized carts. I valued other people’s lives too much. LOL! And since I’m a ‘get in, get it, get out’ kinda shopper, I feared I would be held captive in the store by he-who-shops-like-Vi. ROFL…NO way!! It was torture enough to have the broken leg without that thrown into the mix! Hahaha…but I’m very glad for Vi. And I’m gonna hope for good things. I know a bit about getting one thing fixed only to ‘break’ something else. So I do feel for her.

    thank you Mel. There is a huge difference between navigating around the house and then venturing into the big world.
    Vi likes an element of independence. I have one of those handicap parking things so can usually park close to the door of any store. Now she is OK to walk that distance car to store just not wander the isles. She ventured out on her own after promising to use the motor wheel chair.
    She says it took a little getting used to for sure, a little embarrassing to start but then fine. It was the loud beeping noise it made when backing up that got to her the most.
    I think I will go with her next time, we can race up and down the isles.

  3. Betty says:

    Hi Bill, I haven’t posted in a long while because for some reason I couldn’t get the “Leave a Reply” to work. However, I was still able to view your wonderful posts. As luck would have it, I’M BACK!

    My sincere best wishes to Vi and a positive Plan “B”.

    Thank you Betty, so very glad to have you back, you have been missed

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