Rules for comments

Lots of things been going on, keeping busy. It is amazing how days can go by. It so often seems I was busy all day long but then at night when I look back on the day I realize I was busy doing nothing.

I realize every so often I must post what I consider the rules of the blog when it comes to comments. I read all comments, I always appreciate anyone taking the time to leave a comment. All comments whether they be long or short, full of feelings, wisdom or even just a simple hello are read and treasured.

if you disagree with something I say, far enough. As long as that comment doesn’t contain foul language I will let it stand. What I will not allow to remain are any comments that I perceive as being in any way negative towards anyone else that has taken the time to write a comment. This is a safe haven for all to share thoughts, feelings, emotions or what ever. 

This morning I deleted a comment. OK, this is based on my perception of the words written but this is my blog. The words “brain dead” have a negative connotation in my mind anyway and that comment is gone.

Please let’s keep this a safe haven for all. I would never want anyone to be hesitant to post their thoughts or feeling out of fear they may be ridiculed, it will not happen


3 Responses to Rules for comments

  1. hilarymb says:

    Hi Bill – it is important to remember the situation of the blogger and not type in where fools fear to tread .. so I think you were right and it’s absolutely your right what appears here ..

    You’ve a very wonderful blog which helps us all understand your situation and how you are coping, and how you see yourself coping – I’ve learnt a lot .. thank you .. Hilary

    I thank you so much, Hilary for the kind words. It gives me the boost I seem to need these days. As for that comment, well if you disagree with something I say, fair enough. Many people such as yourself share thoughts and feelings. I want everyone to consider this a safe place to do so. I will not tolerate what I consider disrespectful comments to any that do share.
    Again thank you for the kind words of encouragement

  2. Mel says:

    This has always been a ‘safe place’, and I’ve appreciated you working to keep it that way for the folks that visit here. And I also appreciate the ‘you can say what you mean without saying it mean’ boundary. I’ve been one that didn’t play by that rule and I was simply “telling the truth”. And in truth, there were motives that were far from loving. It’s pretty easy to be kind nowadays….but there were times… I’m glad I’ve grown in this lifetime.

    Thanks for taking such good care of us.

    Hey Mel. It has been suggested I am being hypocritical with this. I say all are welcome to leave any comments they wish without fear of being judged. Then I turn around and delete a comment I deem to be inappropriate. Am I not being judgemental.
    Now I had not actually thought of it in that way. Well so be it. It has only happened a few times over the years but it is my blog and my rules. Comments are always welcome and very appreciated that is as long as they do not contain anything derogatory directed at others that have left their thoughts or feelings. If that means I am being judgemental well so be it

    • Mel says:

      We all ‘judge’. We all come to conclusions and have a sense of what’s ‘right’or ‘wrong’. And we make judgements. You, me, everyone…we get to make decisions. We were gifted that responsibility. Can we make decisions and still be loving….of course. Can you disapprove of a comment and still love the person. Of course. You can judge the behavior and not the person. You’re gifted like that. We all are. It’s a question of using the gift. Food for thought. 😉

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